Children of the Living God

Children of The Living God shows how the Spirit of sonship, Christian freedom, divine discipline, prayer, and the sacraments all contribute to our experience of the love the Father has for his children.
Children of the Living God Children of The Living God shows how the Spirit of sonship Christian freedom divine discipline prayer and the sacraments all contribute to our experience of the love the Father has for his childre

  • Title: Children of the Living God
  • Author: Sinclair B. Ferguson
  • ISBN: 9780851515366
  • Page: 267
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. An admirably succinct yet rich introduction to the biblical doctrine of adoption. Ferguson brings out jewel after jewel.

    2. Sinclair Ferguson is difficult to read, not because his writing is complicated, but maybe because it is so smooth. It just flows into my head and right back ought again with nothing of which to grasp hold. However, Chapter 8 on "Fatherly Discipline" was a great chapter to which I would give 4 stars. It illuminated some of the rhyme and reason behind the Father's discipline of us and even featured a passage from Isaiah 28:24-29 that I would never have thought to apply. But the passage reveals tha [...]

    3. Buku ini bikin tertarik, karena dia bilang manusia terkadang penuh dengan pemikiran akan "Ordo Keselamatan" yang membuat kita berpikir apakah masih ada yang kurang dalam kehidupan kekristenan kita. Padahal kekristenan harus diawali dengan kesadaran bahwa kita adalah anak-anak Allah.Tapiii terjemahannya susah banget hiks, jadinya kalimatnya "indonesia" banget, ampe2 susah ngertinyangkin ini kelemahan generasi gue, dimana bahasa indonesia menjadi bahasa yg kalau dituliskan sulit untuk dimengerti : [...]

    4. A fine devotional book. He is almost academic enough to satisfy me. There are a few minor errors, but none so bad as he falling into the same trap as Calvin and completely misstating the differences between the Ancient and the Post-Christ Epochs. It is a short book, but even given that I found his treatment on Christian Liberty too brief, given how broadly this is abused in Presbyterian and Reformed circles. Nevertheless, I would recommend the book.

    5. Rare that I read two 5-star books in one weekend, but this book is deserving. From the title you might think it's merely on the theological concept of adoption, but it is broader than that. It is almost a primer on the Christian faith at large, touching on most of the topics foundational to our walk as believers. I think this is possible because to be saved is to become a child of God. I would consider using this book with new believers seeking to learn how to grow in the faith.

    6. I really enjoyed this book when I read it last year. Not coming from a Reformed context, this was an exciting read. It's a dense book, despite its brevity, but it is worth the effort. The chapter on fatherly discipline is worth the price of the book. For a fuller interaction with the impact this book made, see here.

    7. A basic theology for Adoption and Sonship. Not a bad read, just more a foundation if you hadn't read anything of it before. Ferguson writes in plain English, very understandable, mostly short chapters, good for people new to the theology.

    8. A whole book on the doctrine of adoption that in itself makes it a good book. There has not been a whole book written on this subject in probably the last 100 yrs! The doctrine of adoption is what we as christians live from.I would recommend reading this book.

    9. I Love Sinclair Ferguson, his warm writing style is very inviting and is not at all hard to understand. This is a great work on the doctrine of adoption. I would highly recommend this book, it will benefit your soul greatly!

    10. Great book that hits on the aspects of our "sonship" to God as believers. Would recommend it to anyone. A gem that I'm very glad a pastor pointed me to.

    11. A simple little book reminding us of our incredible identity as sons and daughters of God--I pulled out lots of great quotes (it was required reading for my biblical counseling class).

    12. Good book. Not especially easy prose to work your way through but excellent at explaining the significance of God the Father's adoption of believers as sons and daughters.

    13. Reading for the second time. Most encouraging, and helpful book I have read in years. I don't like saying any book is a must readbut this book may qualify.

    14. Maybe because it simply met me where I am currently, or for other reasons perhaps, this is probably the best book I've read in seminary. So enjoyed it.

    15. A very uplifting and encouraging book that puts Christian sonship in its proper perspective. It's definitely worth a read if you are not feeling as close to God as you would like to be.

    16. So simple and fundamental, yet presented with such care and eloquence. An easy and quick read that I would recommend to any believer.

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