Alien: The Illustrated Story

A graphic novelization of the screenplay to the motion picture Alien, published at the time of the films release.
Alien The Illustrated Story A graphic novelization of the screenplay to the motion picture Alien published at the time of the films release

  • Title: Alien: The Illustrated Story
  • Author: Archie Goodwin Walter Simonson
  • ISBN: 0708815596
  • Page: 153
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. This is a book I wanted so much to own that I pre-ordered it which I rarely do for such a pricey tome. Sadly. it never arrived but I was fortunate enough to have borrowed a copy from a friend.The book is gorgeous. It is produced from the original art pages from the artist Walter Simonson and presented as is. No colors, no size reduction and showing all his corrections and stains of age. The lettering was added in order to present it as a graphic novel on which is essentially a coffee table art b [...]

    2. I am so happy to see this reprinted. It truly deserves its reputation as one of the best comic book adaptations of a movie ever made. On the script we've got the late Archie Goodwin, one of the more underrated writers of his time. Writing good comics isn't nearly as easy as he made it look. And on the art we've got Walter Simonson, who was a relative unknown at the time. While he's gone on to bigger and better things, his storytelling skills were still top notch. Put the both of them on the task [...]

    3. Let’s face it, most movie to book adaptations are usually a pile of boring cliches hurled together by a two-bit ghost writer trying to make a buck. They lack the energy of the original film and beg the question why bother adapting it as a book in the first place?Thankfully, Alien: The Illustrated Story has none of those issues. The comic book keeps the dynamism of the film in place with great illustrations and an adaptation that doesn’t slow the story down. Comics suit movie adaptations far [...]

    4. Alien: la historia ilustrada es una adaptación al cómic de la película Alien: el octavo pasajero. Es una adaptación tremendamente fiel a la película, y no encontrarás nada en este que no encontraras en aquella, aquí no hay ningún esbozo de mundo expandido como en los cómics de star wars. Encontraremos muy pocas diferencias con la película en escenas, diálogos por lo general todo es muy parecido: los personajes, los interiores de la nostromo, incluso el alien, que sin embargo aquí se [...]

    5. The art can be somewhat rough, and may even at times feel rushed, but it does seem to fit well with the "spirit" of the story.The story is pretty rushed as well, skipping key scenes from the movie, or zipping thru them at too quick a pace. This is a case of too much information trying to be crammed into too little of a space. Both story and art could have used a few more pages.Not to say that I didn't like, I actually liked it a lot. If it weren't for the movie, this would make a great graphic n [...]

    6. As far as movie adaptations go, this comic is probably pretty great. The art is nice, and it includes some scenes that were deleted from the final version of the film, which is interesting.But I really love the film for its ambiance - the blue light and beepy-boopy sounds of the computers are very appealing, and the slowly-building suspense is crucial to the film. The comic version has none of this - it's fast and it's full of action and shouted dialogue. And that's okay. It's a comic, it's supp [...]

    7. Adaptations are rarely as good as the original (in this case, Ridley Scott's horror/SF masterpiece), but I'm calling out this book (rare, OP, and published by Heavy Metal back in the day) because it's not just visually entertaining, especially if you're a fan of the film, but also a wonderful example of how to tell a story in picture form. This short books reads as if the artist, Walt Simonson, just sat down at his coffee table and banged it out one afternoon--by which I mean that it's disarming [...]

    8. The Good: Great artwork. Very recognizable characters. The entire movie boiled down to less than 65 pages without missing anything even vaguely noticeable. An impressive accomplishment.The Bad: I liked the movie enough. I'm not fanatical about it, but I think it was a good film. Good really isn't enough to fully enjoy the comic version. This really is solely for those who have an obsessive love of the film.

    9. Quality reissue of the 1979 comic adaptation. The entire film story is basically intact and the illustrations have a vintage cartoon vibe that captures plenty of both the SF appeal and the more terrifying elements.

    10. This review originally appeared on my blog,Shared Universe Reviews. Alien: The Illustrated Story is a comic book adaptation of the famous science fiction movie done by Archie Goodwin and Walt Simonson. It’s pretty damn good and I’m somewhat surprised because the movie is excellent. It’s one of my favourite science fiction movies and it works so well on so many levels. The comic adaptation isn’t as good as the movie but that was too be expected. The movie’s strength is the slow and cont [...]

    11. Nos encontramos ante una gran adaptación gráfica del clásico largometraje de Ridley Scott: Alien el octavo pasajero, proyectada en 1979; año también en el que Archie Goodwin y Walter Simonson realizaron esta magnífica novela gráfica, titulada: Alien. La historia ilustrada, publicada originariamente en la revista Heavy Metal.Esta obra fue publicada en nuestro idioma por la editorial Bruguera el mismo año de su lanzamiento y desde entonces no se volvió a reeditar; haciendo muy difícil su [...]

    12. Walter Simonson is one of my favorite comic artists, and this 1979 adaptation of "Alien" stands out from many of the mediocre movie-to-comic adaptations of the late 70's and early 80's. It tells the story well, while also standing on its own as a graphic novel. It was originally produced for Heavy Metal magazine, and I have the feeling that there was an editorial decision made to stress quality, rather than rushing the finished product. THe result was a high quality story, and a nice companion t [...]

    13. Not long ago we looked at Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, exploring the problems of adapting other media into comicbook narrative. While what is present there stands as a major example of issues to avoid, it only seems right to offer a counterpoint with an adaptation which works. One of a classic no less.Recently re-released by Titan Books, Alien: The Illustrated Story is quite simply that, an illustrated retelling of Ridley Scott’s science fiction horror classic. It keeps the same story, focu [...]

    14. If you aren't able to watch the movie because it's so damn terrifiying, this graphic novel is for you. Alien is one of the scariest movies I've ever seen, and this graphic novel does a great job putting the scare to paper.

    15. Short, 64 pages very easy to read. For fans that watched the movie long time ago. It acts as a fast resume of the movie with even the same characters.

    16. The ALIEN franchise is on my Top 5 All Time Favorite List of Movies, Books, Comics and, well, everything. I love every movie made within the franchise (both the ALIEN and PREDATOR series), every book published, and every comic created about them. I just can’t seem to get enough of those indestructible, hideous killing machines! Because of my obsession, the fine folks at Titan Books saw fit to send me a copy of their re-release of ALIEN: THE ILLUSTRATED STORY. I am beyond ecstatic that they did [...]

    17. Brought to you by OBS reviewer Albert*Beware of possible Spoilers*In 1979, the movie Alien was released. The premise was simple. A diverse crew answering what sounds like a distress beacon meets the ultimate predator. And, while the premise was simple, the effects that this one movie had was nothing short of phenomenal.After a total of 5 movies (the original plus 4 authorized sequels), any number of unauthorized sequels as well as books, comic books, video games, toys, etc it wouldn’t be a str [...]

    18. Alien, the Illustrated Story is quite an epic undertaking. It is even more impressive that it occurred 33 years ago. I am a big fan of the movie Alien and might be one of the few people reading this that actually saw it in the theater. It is a movie that has more than stood the test of time. The effects are just as powerful now as they were then and the gritty, dirty feel to the ship will always counter play the polished spacecraft fair of Star Wars and Star Trek. In my opinion, Alien will strik [...]

    19. The art can be somewhat rough, and may even at times feel rushed, but it does seem to fit well with the "spirit" of the story.The story is pretty rushed as well, skipping key scenes from the movie, or zipping thru them at too quick a pace. This is a case of too much information trying to be crammed into too little of a space. Both story and art could have used a few more pages.Not to say that I didn't like, I actually liked it a lot. If it weren't for the movie, this would make a great graphic n [...]

    20. Bit late in the day for this, but, wow. I had the colour version. This knocks coffee stain, masking tape mark spots off that! Original screenplay version (Jonesey!) Great!

    21. I was interested to see what the combination of a great science fiction movie and one of my favorite comic artists would produce. While I love the large size "original artist edition" format, I was a little let down by the artwork. There were some great images and pages, but too many felt a little rushed to me. The book was created in the late 1970's, and in retrospect, I'm not sure that Simonson had fully come in to his own by that point. Some of the distinctive style is there, but it's just no [...]

    22. A beautifully illustrated adaptation in the graphic album format. Originally published by Simon and Schuster and Heavy Metal Magazine, it's pretty much exactly the story of Ridley Scott's film "Alien." The only drawback is that this is an encapsulation of the film that is so short that it lacks a lot of detail, since it's only about sixty pages long. However, Goodwin's writing is solid and mostly focused on character dialog, and Simonson turns in some very unique and lush artwork. Worth a peek.

    23. Alien the Illustrated Story. Published in 1979 by Heavy Metal. Written by Archie Goodwin, art by Walt Simonson. Anyone whose known me very well for very long knows this is the one comic that had the biggest and longest lasting effect on me as an artist. Walt Simonson is the first artist I bothered to learn the name of when I realized different artists drew different books. His work, more than anyone else’s is the reason I still express myself in pictures to this day.

    24. This was fun, but the final lines that were used in the movie were actually better than what was in the comic book. On thing that I had never encountered before was a questioning of Ash's sexuality. Ripley and Lambert have a brief of whether he made a pass at either of them (the only women). Perhaps an attempt at foreshadowing of his true nature that never made it on screen. It was far too short to even speculate about alternative reasons for his disinterest, but interesting none-the-less.

    25. I wanted to love it for old time's sake, and I mostly did. The art is great, everyone's attitudes are there. But something about the dark quiet pacing of the film doesn't transfer. I even sat and examined all the tubing while imagining the quiet noise of the film, to fill it out. For the most part I really enjoyed it. LOVED so much of the art. The pacing, and the quiet terror of the end of the film, just don't translate well. I'm still going to see if the second exists in comic.

    26. I still have the original Heavy Metal published version from 35 years ago, And the original art edition is a Comic book fan's ultimate dream. I've been a fan of Walter's Simonson for years, and to see his art at the original size is a sight to behold. Frank Miller is right, Alien is one of the best adapted movies into comics form ever.

    27. A very good rendition of one of my favorite films. The art style feels very good for the tone of this story. The text of screens are a little difficult to read (I understand that this is because the artwork wasn't polished up from its original publication). In a way, this makes it even more moody and fun to read.

    28. Näin se pitäisi tehdä, nämä elokuvien sarjakuvasovitukset. Näin, että sarjakuva toimii itsenäisenäkin teoksena. Mikä tosin lienee mahdotonta Alienin kohdalla, sillä kuka ei ole Alienia nähnyt.Mutta todella hyvin toteutettu sovitus.Uskomattomat piirrokset loihittu.

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