The Dopeman's Wife

Nautica was raised by the streets and forced to grow up fast The allure of the fast like pulled her into a world of scandal, schemes, and hustling After Nautica comes up on a big scam and her biggest payday ever, she decided to move to the East Coast in search of a new beginning What she thinks will be a new start turns out to be a nightmare She meets Manny, a well knoNautica was raised by the streets and forced to grow up fast The allure of the fast like pulled her into a world of scandal, schemes, and hustling After Nautica comes up on a big scam and her biggest payday ever, she decided to move to the East Coast in search of a new beginning What she thinks will be a new start turns out to be a nightmare She meets Manny, a well known millionaire druglord who is planning his exit from the streets Manny is ready to settle down and marry the woman of his dreams He sweeps Nautica off her feet and introduces her to the good life, promoting her from an ex hood chick to the queen of the streets But when the past comes back to surface, it causes their whole world to fall to pieces Nautica and Manny have skeletons in their closest that intertwine and cause a dilemma that turns them against each other.This story takes you through the life of a dopeman s wife and her fall from grace Look through her eyes and prepare for a sexy, page turning classic that has an ending so unpredictable, not even Nautica can see it coming.
The Dopeman s Wife Nautica was raised by the streets and forced to grow up fast The allure of the fast like pulled her into a world of scandal schemes and hustling After Nautica comes up on a big scam and her biggest

  • Title: The Dopeman's Wife
  • Author: JaQuavis Coleman
  • ISBN: 9781601621597
  • Page: 278
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Spoilers All I can do is shake my head at Tical stupidity, I always said females always have the upper hand when it comes to men because we can do a lot of things that have them blinded, and men got the nerve to say females are stupid "I think not" smh. I was so glad that Loon and Nautica or whatever how you spell their names got killed and died. I was waiting patiently for it to happen while listening to this book on audible I was begging for it to happen well Antarctica (yes I said Antarctica) [...]

    2. My review about to have so spoiler's like man I'm glad Nautica or whatever how you spell her nameC but I'm was wishing for her to die lmao. But it's crazy how much I wanted Tical to live but in the end, he got killed! Smh, I liked that dude. Good book, though.

    3. I don't get the title but the book was awesome! Sex, stripping, pregnancy, anger, love, plotting, lying, stealing, drugs, liquor, jealousy, rape, abuse, murder, and backstabbing. With all that I couldn't put this book down. I was actually mad that I had to go to work because I didn't want to stop reading! My only wish is that this book was longer. . . and maybe that it had a happy ending. I noticed a few inconsistencies. One in the beginning when Khia and her man where having sex and it said he [...]

    4. I agree with some of the other reviewers. The title isn't even accurate, because Nautica wasn't even married to Tical (who I believe I've been pronouncing wrong -_- lol). Overall I thought the story was okay, another story about females trying to come up and falling in love with another drug dealer and she "changes" but the past comes back to haunt them w/e etc However I did like the little twist with Loon And Millie, made it a little more interesting. I'm curious to see where the story is going [...]

    5. Whew 4.5 Stars, this was a REALLY GOOD read guys!!! I stuck my nose in this one and had a hard time pulling it out. I was trying hard to read straight thru the night but I couldn't keep my eyes open. This author, JaQuavis Coleman, is only in his mid 20's and it just blows my mind that he's such a seasoned Urban writer. He writes as if he has many years of experience under his belt! His stories flow, the character development is on point and he has a way of just pulling you right in, so much so t [...]

    6. Just finished the The Dopeman's Wife it was really good book the first Ive read with JaQuavis work by himself. I was with Nautica for a minute there at the beginning but instead of her being a woman and being up front with her man she got everybody killed Other than that the book was the bomb!!!

    7. It's settled for me. Ashley Antoinette was most definitely riding the coattails of JaQuavis Coleman. If Coleman's debut The Dopeman's Wife and Antoinette's debut The Prada Plan show anything- it's that. While I struggled to get through TPP because of how amatuer the entire thing was, this was entirely the opposite. This is actually more like two books in one in my opinion and after reading the "first" story I was scared that he'd ended it far too quickly and what else would he do with the rest o [...]

    8. Spoilers here and there. I don't read urban/street lit. If I do someone I know recommend it to me to read. So this one, got sent to me through Audible. I listen to it. I liked it. But I will say, the book left me feeling piss off by the end especially the ending. I lean my head to the side like damn Tical how could you be that stupid. I've always been told men controls the women. But nah, the things Ive been seeing it goes both ways. Women can have the upper hand when it comes to us men who actu [...]

    9. I've been reading a good bit of urban lit lately and I love it. It's not a genre you read for anything life altering or philosophical, but it's fast-paced, sexy, and entertaining.This book tries really hard to fit that mold but falls a little short. My main complaint was all the sex. I am far, far from a prude, but oh my god it seemed like every single chapter contained a sex scene, and it was the least attractive sounding sex ever. If I hear one more genital described as a "pipe" or "tool," I t [...]

    10. The Dope man’s WifeJaQuavis Coleman for writing The Dope man’s wife was to let his readers know about the everyday life of some people who get money illegally. Learning the tricks and treats of the streets where you don’t always have to work for what you want, you just take it. The Dope man’s wife is a very exciting, outrageous book. This book could be inspirational to some people who like learning about things that happen in the streets or just overall like books that are very capti [...]

    11. My first gripe about this novel is the title, it totally baffles me. Part two of this book, is named The Dopeman's Wife. So the book is titled The Dopeman's Wife, AND the last third (part 2) of the book? After all of that Nautica was never officially a "wife" in the entire book. Before you read my review, I want to add a disclaimer that this could be a spoiler for you. I had a tough time, trying to write a review for this novel it was just so average to me, and nothing really exciting to write a [...]

    12. I gave this book 5 days and 5 chapters, more than enough to get interesting. And it just fails. I cannot finish it and I won't invest any additional time into it when I have other great novels I want to read this year. My biggest problem with The Dopeman's Wife is that the novel is so erratic. It's all over the place. For example, in Chapter 4, Zion gets mad at Nautica (who he saw dancing at a strip club) for wanting to celebrate her cousin's birthday, which happens to be at a strip club, becaus [...]

    13. sooo this book has me in awe.i love love love jaqavis and his wife ashley books.nce reading girls from da hood and murder mamas.i was very depressed about tical dying however and i didnt really want nautica to die either because despite what she did she had some good reasonings behind all of it she didnt want to lose tical tical completely turned her into a different person and she didnt want to lose him due to her past.LOON . i was damn happy when he got killed finally his unloyalness and snea [...]

    14. My reviews about this storyline was hard to follow at times throughout the book. There were so many lead characters in the story that didn't make sense to even be in the story such as Khia and her man why were they eliminated. Nautica only owned a car that was never put in her name nor did she really buy are legitimately work for it. She stole the money from Zyia and she wasn't so bright. Manny wasn't so bright either when it came to women. The thing he hated about stripper's he end up being wit [...]

    15. This was def. a Page Turner , Karma is real and this book showed ! It kind of put me in the mindset of the Belly era which made me love this book even more . I related to Nautica in certain aspects but I hated Loon for the life of me ! That's how you know a book is good when you are emotionally attached to the characters and Tical and Nautica was like my Family reading this Book.

    16. Narrator, Nicole Small, is hard to understand, doesn't articulate enough and drawls. This may be to indicate the story takes place in the US South, but IMHO it could have been better reserved for just the dialogue and not used for all the prose.

    17. This book was good, it held my interest. i don't think i'll be reading the sequels but if you like urban fiction, it's worth the read.

    18. Losing SleepThis was a good page turner. A little slow at times but really picked up towards the end. I honestly never knew what to expect next.

    19. All I can say would be that JaQuavis and Ashley are our Michelle and Barak, the Ultimate power couple when it comes to Urban literature.

    20. Yooooo, this was good. I love "Love Stories". This ended so good but so sad. I wish it was a happier ending but I still felt like love won *Happy Face*

    21. The Dopeman’s Wife by JaQuavis Coleman , Nautica And Khia are both cousins working at the strip club. They share a small apartment. Once Nautica meets Zion they decided to move in together , but Nautica soon learns he overprotective and Abusive . Nautica don’t like this side of Zion , and soon it get worst . Nautica didn't want a baby by Zion Knowing , knowing he was a abusive , so she let her cousin khia talk her into not keeping the baby , which made Zion mad . So Zion had Khia Boyfriend k [...]

    22. The Dopeman’s Wife is a good and interest book to read because it’s well-written and well characteristics. The Dopeman’s Wife is my first book reading from JaQuavis Coleman. JaQuavis Coleman introduced to Nautica in this book. I am trying to understand Nautica’s characteristic for this book. I was taking my time to read this book because I want to get know who is Nautica. The street raised Nautica but she was forced to grow up fast. Nautica and Khia were wrong for stealing the money from [...]

    23. The Dopeman's Wife was a interesting book. This book is good for young adults as well as adults. JaQuavis Coleman went into detail about drugs, sex, scandal and money. It's readers will like how realistic the story is. This novel is interesting from the beginning to the end. Coleman started this book off very bold and amazingly. I read this book over and over.I think Coleman's purpose for writing this book was to entertain it's readers. Coleman makes the main character, Nautica, a young very att [...]

    24. I have to say I so wanted to read this book. I never read JaQuavis as a stand along author and he did ok so what.This book kept me wondering at times but, in away I kind of predicted most of what I thought would happened before it happend.Nautica and her cousin Khia mainly was women that lie and steal from men. They use there body and wits to get what they want and that is money men with money.Nautica started getting involved with at man name Zion that was a robber that robbed from drug dealers [...]

    25. Not that great. Although Jaquavis has gotten better as a writer, the protagonist in this book was a pretty lame central character, Nautica. Was she supposed to be some sort of anti-hero? If the book were written from anyone else's point of view Nautica would seem like the villain. She has the typical 'came up hard, will do anything for money' attitude of the women in these books, but she's grimier and more malicious than you'd expect. And her romance has elements of Twilight in that you, the rea [...]

    26. The word that pops into my head to describe this book is colourful. I am not sure why, but the characters were certainly larger than life.I felt that the book created a shift in my thinking and realized that the characters in the book had "standards" they used as a measure of who was a good person, and who was not. In my estimation, I would have branded all of these characters as unsavoury, but as young women who had grown up surrounded by drug dealing and gangs, Nautica and Khia wanted to do be [...]

    27. This book had a lot of potential so I read the whole thing. It was definitely rough around the edges and needed some smoothing out. Small things like a few spelling mistakes and some parts of the plot that didn't line up, like the story was making itself up as it went along. But it did have a lot of different stories going on. I jokingly described it to a friend as "a broke man's Coldest Winter Ever". I was frustrated at times because it just didn't follow smoothly, a lot of the sex seemed gratu [...]

    28. I've been on an Ashley an JaQuavis run lately, and this book was good but I didn't love it. Yes the story was interesting, but it was just all over the place. First Nautica and Zion with their relationship, then five minutes later Nautica is with Tical. Don't get me wrong, I couldn't put the book down it had lots of suspense, but something was just missing. I didn't care enough about Millie's character to pick up the second book. She didnt leave a good impression and was not memorable so I think [...]

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