House Name

The brilliant new novel in The House War series The House War series centers on the most popular character in The Sun Sword series a young woman named Jewel, who survives both the everyday perils of being an orphan in the slums of the city of Averalaan, and the demonic dangers of the Undercity, and who rises to become a key figure in House Terafin, the most important ofThe brilliant new novel in The House War series The House War series centers on the most popular character in The Sun Sword series a young woman named Jewel, who survives both the everyday perils of being an orphan in the slums of the city of Averalaan, and the demonic dangers of the Undercity, and who rises to become a key figure in House Terafin, the most important of the Ten Houses of the Essalieyan Empire At the close of The Sun Sword series, the House War is about to begin Now, at last, that story can be told.
House Name The brilliant new novel in The House War series The House War series centers on the most popular character in The Sun Sword series a young woman named Jewel who survives both the everyday perils of b

  • Title: House Name
  • Author: Michelle West
  • ISBN: 9780756406516
  • Page: 342
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. I felt compelled to buy this novel because I love the characters, but full warning to anyone who is foolish to follow in my footsteps. There is very little new in this novel except some back story about some of the people in Jay's crew and some re-writing of the end of the Hunter duology allowing the demon lord to feign death.As mentioned previously, West initially wrote a duology about a fight between the Hunter God Bredan and the Demon's God. Demons thought they could bring their Demon God ont [...]

    2. Basically, this book covers the events portrayed in Hunter's Death from the den's POV. Things are expanded and clarified and some gaps are filled in, but it's still the same story. Because I knew what was going to happen, there wasn't very much narrative tension. I still liked the book but I wouldn't call it an exciting read.Oh, and the actual page count is 640ish.

    3. Awesome, awesome conclusion to the House War trilogy (at least I assume it's the conclusion - if not, it actually ends really neatly, in a way that Michelle West's mid-series books rarely do) Loved seeing the Jewel we know from the Sun Sword set slowly take shape from the solitary street urchin we first meet her as in Book 1 of this series - watching her build her den around her, and seeing what happens in this book as she becomes the ATerafin we first met her as in The Broken Crown.I also loved [...]

    4. As much as I'd looked forward to this series, I'd found myself not liking it as well as the Sun Sword series. Part of it is that the language is less poetic and part of it is the tighter, more personal focus, with fewer PoV switches. I knew this series would be like that, but apparently, it's less my thing.But this book changes that. Yes, we've read entire sections of it before, but I loved it anyway. I loved the look at characters and events we didn't see before. I loved the new perspective and [...]

    5. I can only agree with Vernieda's review ^^. I actually think it would be better not to have re-read the Sacred Hunt series before, because if you haven't read that in a long while the action would also be pretty new (considering how long ago that duology came out).I like the more detail we get with the den interaction - I could have used even more of it, didn't need the epic fight from another perspective (but I did like the revelations we got about Meralonne here or Isladar and his role in all [...]

    6. This book closes the first half of the House War series. The second half will take place 16 years later, after the event that will take place in the Sun Sword series by the same author.For me it was the weakest book yet in the series.There is one thing many readers dislike in this book, it is the fact that it overlaps with the Hunter's series by the same author and retells what happens in those books from a different point of view. That was not an issue for me as I read the previous books 20 yea [...]

    7. I very much enjoy this series - and had a hard time putting this down - but there were some things about it that were odd.Firstly, the thing we have seemingly been building towards - the demons in the undercity, the coming of the Lord of the Hells which Rath sacrificed his life to give warning about - it is handled about 2/3 into the book, and oddly, none of our main characters are there.I'm aware that several other series tie into this one. The instructions on the series read order, though, wer [...]

    8. Here's something interesting for me. Michelle Sagara-West has three series set in the same world -- the Hunter duology, the Sun Sword series, and the House War series, which is ongoing. I just finished the third (and newest) book in the House War series, House Name.So, some background. The overall world is centered on the city of Averalaan, though House War is the only series that focuses on it alone*. The gods existed in the world, but most removed themselves -- with the most notable exceptions [...]

    9. This book it pulled together everything from the first 2 books in this trilogy and made it spectacular. I'm not giving spoilers, just to say that towards the end of this book I alternated between crying and saying 'Oh!' a lot.The character development was superb, the story line gripping and by the end of it I even liked Jay, which is a big change as I found her incredibly annoying in The Sun Sword series.

    10. made me cry, but also pulls me in to the characters so well. love her writing."it was more than just make-work; she understood that now. they were making sanity. they were trying to hold onto the emotions of everyday life because it mattered.""i feel helpless here. i dont feel safe. i dont feel that theres any such thing as safety, anymore.""i'm not sure i can be what you want me to be""you are young, and you measure yourself, always, by your failures. by your current failures. you do not see yo [...]

    11. Think about this a moment: Michelle West writes a 2-book series ("The Sacred Hunt") about an unusual happening in a fantasy world where humans, gods, and demons coexist. Then she writes an epic 6-book series ("The Sun Sword") set in the same world that partly overlaps in time with the 2-book series and incorporates several of the same characters and places. Then she writes another series ("The House Wars," of at least 6 books, with the sixth book probably due in late 2013/early 2014) set in the [...]

    12. I had a rocky start with this book; it had been too long since I finished the second that the finer nuances were lost to me, at least at first. There were many places that I wanted this book to go and many character interactions that I wanted to happen and also many parts that I just wanted to skim through because they were not what interested me so much about The House War series. I'm giving this a 4 anyway, even though I feel it more towards a 3.5 but because I liked the first two books so muc [...]

    13. My feelings are a bit mixed about House of Name because I love all the new characters and the whole saving the world from the demons plot, but I didn't like how the members of the den were portrayed. It was necessary that their actions tallied with what is written in the Sacred Hunt, but I don't think that they are all in characters with the previous books in the House War. The way Jewel behaves now that she is within the Terrafin manse annoys me. Besides, it was a bit annoying and boring to hav [...]

    14. I found House Name to be a bit of an odd duck, compared to West’s other books in this series. In many ways it is a return to form, due, I suspect, to the position that this book holds bridging so many series. The previous two books in this series (Hidden City, City of Night) felt different in tone than other West novels. They didn’t feel like Sagara novels, but they were clearly influenced by her experience writing those books. This novel, as I said, is more of a return to form, as the scope [...]

    15. I love Michelle West's books. She has created such a huge world to play about in. It's imaginative, unique, and contains all the elements of good fantasy without being cliched. I look forward to these when they come out and buy them in hardback. If you haven't read them, you really should. You won't be sorry. These, along with George R.R. Martin's Game of Thrones series are the ne plus ultra of current adult fantasy. If you haven't read George R.R. Martin, you should - he'll blow you away.This b [...]

    16. House War, I can't quit you. I read the first two books a few years ago, then got busy with life and never finished the series. Well, at this point I have mixed feelings about continuing the series.The Hidden City really drew me in. I loved Rath, his complicated past, and his even more complicated present with Jewel. Then came City of Night, which focused on Jewel and her ever-growing den. And that's where the author started to lose me. Still, the overall plot was decent, and between Rath and Si [...]

    17. I think 80 pages or more could have been clipped from this very good book. There were section I felt that were very repetitious, and muddied rather than clarified the plot. One consisitency in reading a Michelle West/Sagara novel is that several times there is no indication of who is speaking. Or she writes, "she" when discussing two or mor female characters. Or worse, two characters are having a conversation about THe Big Issue , or at least you think i's the big issue bec suddenly the conversa [...]

    18. Street kids attempt to get jobs. This is a *weird* book if you haven't read the author's other series in this setting. (The Hunter and Sun Sword series, not the Cast In ones.) And I haven't. You're cruising along with Jewel and her gang, trying to figure out what to do with their lives beyond starving in a gutter, having painful conversations (or silences) about responsibility and privilege. Then *wham* a bunch of characters show up from another series. Demons, magical catastrophes, tormented so [...]

    19. This one lost me a little bit. I love that Jewel/Jay made it to House Terafin with her den and now has to deal with fitting into a different social world--interesting and amusing. However, the conflict in this book was confusing and ultimately rather unsatisfying for me. Like "The Hidden City," I began to feel that this was just TOO LONG and the action did not warrant it. (Nothing is HAPPENING!!) I'm not saying you shouldn't read it. Obviously if you already read the first two books (approx. 150 [...]

    20. Final book in West's prequel trilogy about Jewel and her Den's journey to eventually become Terafin. The book starts off pretty much where City of Night ends. Jewel is working the Mages then with Devon ATerafin. The Den is trying to fit in and the Terafin is trying to survive.I really enjoyed the book, not a much as the two previous ones though.I missed the day to day interaction of the Den. Jewel was on her own for a large portion of the book. Working the Mellerone or Devon looking for an entra [...]

    21. Patience is rewarded. I have been anxious for more story on Isladar, and finally get it. I have been eagerly waiting for Avandar to make his appearance, knowing that this couldn't happen until the story progressed far enough.More lore regarding Essalieyan and world at large is provided, which always creates more curiousity. The den begins to create their own lives, independent of Jewel, and it's nice to see. I think one of the things that subconsciously bothered me about books 1 & 2 of House [...]

    22. This is the concluding volume to the first trilogy in the House wars series. It starts where book 2 left off: Jay's den is now living in the Terafin manse and are charged to help gather evidence that the Terafin can take to the twin Kings. Ultimately, this results in (view spoiler)[a war with the Kialli and Allasakar in the undercity.(hide spoiler)]Although on occasion I felt it would be nice if the book sped up a bit, overall this book was very satisfying. The characters are excellent: Jay of c [...]

    23. I have not read the Sun Sword series or the Sacred Hunt books, and, knowing that Jewel and her den are minor characters, I may never read them. Sagara's gift is writing a world that enthralls and envelopes the reader so thoroughly that hours pass without notice. I do not like multiple points of view, but I find I do not mind it as much in the House War. In House Name, there is some joy to mitigate the sorrow and loss that have been a constant melody in this series. I would read House Name again. [...]

    24. As some have commented before, this is a retelling of events from Hunter's Death. I've decide to read each day's event from both books (I switch back and forth between the 2). Some of the writing is exactly the same, but there is enough difference to give it a unique perspective.

    25. I really enjoyed this book! Much better then the second one, I thought. Very well balanced between informative dialog and action. The plot moved forward very nicely. I just wish there was a little more personality and significant involvement from some of these new characters and from some of the old. But I still love Jay and her strong interaction with other characters and always being true to who she is. Great book and excited for the fourth one!

    26. Before I started House Name, I re-read the entire series, and I do mean entire. I am amazed at how well everything flows from book to book - that is not common when doing a full 7-8K page read. I don't have the words to express how much I deeply enjoy Ms. West's books.

    27. Great storyThis author continues to deliver exciting stories. I have been reading most of her books for years and the stories continues to fascinate. The books are more about a young seer moving from poor to rich and from being insignificant to significant!

    28. I loved the different perspectives of events in this novel as well as the additional scenes that fleshed out supporting characters. It let me enjoy a familiar and well-liked universe more broadly. I am looking forward to more.

    29. I could not read this book! A few run on sentences is fine, but one after another gets annoying and hard to follow. I skipped the prologue, and got halfway through the first chapter before giving up. Long run on sentences but short and choppy dialog, not my cup of tea sorry.

    30. The House Wars are so much better than the Sun Sword series even if they are the same characters and world. There is too much pointless padding in the Sun Sword books. 600 pages could have read better as 300

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