Death by Cliché

To Sartre, Hell was other people To the game designer, Hell is the game.Damico writes games for a living When called in to rescue a local roleplaying game demo, Damico is shot in the head by a loony fan.He awakens in a game A game full of hackney s tropes and clich d plots A game he was there to save, run by the man who murdered him just moments ago A game that has juTo Sartre, Hell was other people To the game designer, Hell is the game.Damico writes games for a living When called in to rescue a local roleplaying game demo, Damico is shot in the head by a loony fan.He awakens in a game A game full of hackney s tropes and clich d plots A game he was there to save, run by the man who murdered him just moments ago A game that has just become world swap fantasy Damico, to his horror, has become the heart of the clich Set on their quest in a scene that would make Ed Wood blush, Damico discovers a new wrinkle As a game designer, he is a creative force in this broken place His presence touches the two dimensional inhabitants First a peasant, then a barmaid, then his character s own father all come alive.But the central question remains Can Damico escape, or is he trapped in this nightmare Forever.Wait, what This is a comedy Ignore all that Death by Clich is a heartwarming tale of catastrophic brain damage Share it with someone you love Or like Or anyone at all Buy the book Based on a true story.
Death by Clich To Sartre Hell was other people To the game designer Hell is the game Damico writes games for a living When called in to rescue a local roleplaying game demo Damico is shot in the head by a loony f

  • Title: Death by Cliché
  • Author: Bob Defendi Robert J. Defendi
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 371
  • Format: Audio podcast.
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    1. Bob Defendi appears in this book as the source of its epigrammatic chapter headings (“Please. Not another chapter quote.” — Bob Defendi) and also as its protagonist, Bob Damico. For good measure, Death by Cliché features his character sheet and thumbnail drawing as an annex. Bob also appears in every humor-soaked line.The point of this book is not the story, which throws Shakespeare into convulsive fits in his grave by beginning with the protagonist’s death and ending with the same prot [...]

    2. 2.5 Stars Read all my reviews on urlphantomhiveoklikes Damico is a game designer who gets shot in the head for disagreeing to publish the worst game ever. To his annoyance he doesn't end up dead but instead wakes inside said game. It is worse than Hell, especially since it's filled with every trope ever.Of course, the title kind of gave it away, if you don't want to read clichés stay far away from this book. However, from time to time, this book offered a nice view to this clichés. At other ti [...]

    3. [I received a copy of this book from the publisher.] I'm on the fence regarding this novel, as some parts were fun, but some others made fun of gamers in a way that I would expect from someone who doesn't play—as in, clichés that weren't so funny as demeaning. Damico, game designer, finds himself trapped in a tabletop RPG scenario, as a non-player character, after he got shot in the head by a loony Dungeon Master. (Which in itself is a bad cliché already, but that may be me being a wee bit s [...]

    4. It has been a very long time since I laughed out loud at a book. Defendi writes with an easy, lighthearted style that reminds me of my first experience with Douglas Adams: ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances, surrounded by satire, in-jokes and some howlingly funny analogies.As an old RPGer that has been out of the game for too long, this took me back to those heady days of dice-rolling, made me laugh at the silliness of my youth, and at the same time appreciate it for what it was. Thi [...]

    5. This book was recommended to me. I'm not taking book recommendations from that individual anymore. This book is a never-ending string of insults aimed at it's target demographic, and it's author. Which I'm glad he lumped himself in this mess? I barely made it through, and I kept hoping to see something get even a little bit better, and itally didn't.

    6. Admittedly, I am a nerd. Not just a book nerd, but the kind of nerd that would dress up and go to renaissance faires, [I was a pretty pretty princess. Don't believe me?]I enjoy video games, and even roleplaying [writing! unless you count me as a pretty pretty princess.d that one time I was an elf for Halloween. Ears included.]That aside! I can relate to the nerdisms and the cliches that are strewn throughout this book.Damico is a Video Game creator and is approached by a crazed and not so nice f [...]

    7. Bob Damico has been shot in the head. When he wakes he is not in the hospital as one would expect, but a room that looks suspiciously like the room one imagines when starting an adventure in a stereotypical RPG. For Damico, as a writer and publisher of such games, the cliche nature of the room and the poor world building are impossible to miss, but boy - he ain't seen nothing yet.Prepare to laugh your ass off, particularly if you're a table-top gamer or a writer of fantasy. LARPers may feel slig [...]

    8. Surprisingly LayeredThis started out as a fun and funny sendup of games, gaming and gamers, which isn't surprising given Defendi's background as a game writer. But, somewhere along the way the book became a lot more rewarding and entertaining than I expected.The setup is that our hero, Damico, is shot by a deranged Game Master and finds his consciousness in a poorly designed table top game. Is our hero dead, and this is Hell? Is he in a coma and this is an extended dream sequence in which he wil [...]

    9. Humor is difficult to write; there are very few ways to succeed and a multitude of different ways to screw it up. Defendi gets full points for trying.The story he's telling is supposed to be a satire. It's a typical "real person shoved into fantastical scenario" tale, except he's actually playing a character in the fantastical scenario, rather than simply appearing as himself. For those elements of the story he does well, touching on the different engagements and playstyles that tabletop RPG gam [...]

    10. I did not know what to expect with this book. I bought it at Salt Lake City Comic Con because I had seen the author in a few panels and happened to wander by his booth out on the floor. He is a funny guy and was happy to answer questions about writing or whatever else you may want to talk about.On to the book itself. The book is an indictment of ridiculous tabletop gaming shortcomings, mostly in being realistic. The main character is murdered and become a character in his own game that is being [...]

    11. Meh. Probably more like 2.5 stars. Death by Cliche has an incredibly small reading demigrafic, and while I do consider myself as part of that demigrafic, I had a very hard time getting through this short book. I have heard that if you started with the podcast the book is a bit more enjoyable, but I didn't, I didn't even know it was one, and I don't think listening to the post cast should be required to enjoy the book. I can see how there are some who would get a kick out of this, but I was not o [...]

    12. This book had an interesting concept. I had a hard time understanding parts of it because I don't play the types of games the book mentions. I was able to understand the gist of it, but I'm sure there are finer details that I did not catch. This is definitely a book for adults. Maybe older teenagers, but it is not YA. The beginning of the book was hilarious, but it didn't keep up for the whole story. I have the second book in the series to read. We will see if I understand more of what is going [...]

    13. It wasn't awful. Parts of it were genuinely funny and enjoyable, and he did a good job of subverting cliches and typical writing advice. But the treatment of the only female character was awful and honestly that seemed like the only cliche he wasn't mocking? The last line in particular nearly ruined the book for me. It's an awful joke to end on. But it's a quick read and most of it is fun, even if some of the 'humor' makes you cringe sometimes. I did think the idea of his interactions slowly fle [...]

    14. A great fun read While this book was hilarious and fun to read I actually found myself learning about the effects of cliches and why they are bad. What a two dimensional character and world looks like and how it looks as the third dimension is added and grows. Very clever and entertaining.

    15. Dancing on the knife edge of "problematic," this D&D romp pokes fun at tropes left and right. Dismantling offensive or just plain lazy fan-boy thinking with clever prose, I found this to be a fun, fast read. I quite enjoyed the premise of this particular hero's creative power, which I won't spoil here.

    16. Another book I started because it was on the kindle when I finished a kindle book and hadn't thought to have a paper book nearby. About what the title says; except missing the word "slowly". Minor amusement value.

    17. found myself skipping hole pages, even chapters to finish it not in the good way, like' I need to read the ending, more like oh god oh GOD make it END! the only good part? was that the chapter naming was kinda fun, for the rest' it was from boring, passing trough insulting into depressing

    18. Very funny and witty. Some parts were a bit difficult to push through, but there are so many great jokes and references.

    19. This book was funny!I "read" the audio version, and I cannot recommend that enough. Defendi's delivery is absolute fantastic. There was so much in this that made me smile, from the chapter headings to the antagonist's malapropisms, to the character sheet at the end.If you know anything about table top role playing games, you will probably get a kick out of this book.I really enjoyed it. It's a pleasant couple of hours read full of giggles and sometimes a lot of loud laughter.

    20. cover1000-676x1024Humor is hard.Seriously hard. Telling a joke is hard. Writing a joke is harder. Writing a book with lots of jokes seems to be hardest. So, it should be no great shock that this book is, as all of the genre are, uneven. Funny, then not.Well, mostly funny then not, then funny again. With not much in the way of other emotions on display.Death by Cliche is a bit of a hard one to describe without any spoilers - this being the logical result of putting a major plot point in the very [...]

    21. Bob Defendi’s Death by Cliché gives the reader a humorous opportunity to see how such a world looks to the people in the game. And Defendi has inside knowledge of the gaming world as he is a game designer and troubleshooter.Bob Defendi’s hero is an RPG game designer and troubleshooter named Bob Damico. (And yes, it is that obvious who the character is supposed to be). Damico is asked to check on a new game being play tested when he is shot in the head by the game creator and the next thing [...]

    22. The jokes come fast. The fourth wall is constantly getting pulverized, then papered over just enough to get smashed through again. Instead of Narnia or Wonderland or The Territories, poor Bob Damico gets stuck in the most stupid of all fantasy worlds the game-world dreamed up by his killer. As a free-willed non-player-character (NPC), his only contact with the "real world" is in-character conversation with the Player Characters, who believe that he's just a surprisingly interesting character pla [...]

    23. They say you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover. A less well known corollary is that you should never judge a book by it’s cliches. In Death by Cliche, Bob Defendi delivers the best of the worst cliches that Role Playing Games (RPGs) have to offer and turns them on their heads for the reader’s amusement. Anyone who’s ever played an RPG has found themselves in some version of The Worst Game Ever. The Worst Game Ever starts in a tavern, mysteriously built and flourishing in the middle [...]

    24. Okay, so I am going to start off by saying that choosing this book had been a bad decision on my part. I am NOT a gamer; I am not good at games and I don't particularly like them. Ready Player One had been a flop for me but I really, REALLY enjoyed The Unfortunate Decisions of Dahlia Moss. So really these kinds of books are a hit or miss with me.I chose Death By Cliche mainly for its humor. Which really fell flat for me. It felt very much like an insider joke that I 'had to have been there' for. [...]

    25. I will admit that the first 5% of this book had me rolling my eyes and wondering if I would continue reading but after that I was hooked and kept reading more and more each night until I finished the book.There is so much in here for RPG and D&D fans, for people who like a certain type of humor and 'get' all of the geeky stuff that comes from being of a certain generation. As such this all just hit for me.There is loads of nod & wink, the fourth wall barely exists, the tropes keep flyin [...]

    26. The story begins with a bang with the main character Damico getting shot in the head by Carl a disgruntled writer of D & D games. Damico wakes up inside of a D & D game and the proceeds to try figure out if he is dead or not. He team up with a band of people intent on stopping Hraldolf from destroying the world. Omar, Gorthander, Arithian, Jurkand and Lotianna who seems to be love interest although she keeps changing personalities depending on who is playing her in real life. The story g [...]

    27. This review is based on the ARC from NetGalley:Death by Cliche has an interesting premise of a man being shot and waking to find himself a character in his shooter's pencil and paper RPG. Unfortunately, things go downhill rapidly after the shocking opening. Every cliche real and imagined about the players of d20 role playing games makes an appearance in a mocking fashion. Occasionally, this is funny, but more often it's trite. The characters were cliches in themselves and not fleshed out well at [...]

    28. If you've ever done tabletop gaming, you've got the background to truly appreciate this story at every level. If you haven't you'll still enjoy a fun romp. Bob Damico is a game designer who is shot (no, that's not a spoiler, it happens in the first few lines of the book) and ends up inside a game. Now he must figure out how to escape this gaming reality before he dies in the real world. It's full of silly clichés (hence the title), gaming jokes and chapter quotes that are a thing of beauty.I re [...]

    29. Abandon All Liquids While ReadingA game designer finds himself inside a game run by the world's worst Game Master. The players are the sort who wouldn't abandon the kind of game where cliches multiply. Then something happens- The NPCs (the characters that fill a game so the players have someone to kiss or kill) start to come to life and question their cliche existence. I laughed all the way through. Seriously, trying to take a drink while reading this book is extremely dangerous.

    30. I laughed, which is the most important thing about a comedy book. Unfortunately the joke had been stretched for too long. Would prefer this as a short story. It goes all serious at the end and suggests a possible sequel but I think I'm done.This has been done several times before - idea behind the book is almost identical to Critical Failures by Robert Bevan. What Critical Failure has going for it is more plot (although the humour is cruder). This book is a great joke that instead of going for t [...]

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