The Stolen Throne

The thrilling prequel to Dragon Age Origins, the hit role playing video game from award winning developer BioWare Dragon Age The Stolen ThroneAfter his mother, the beloved Rebel Queen, is betrayed and murdered by her own faithless lords, young Maric becomes the leader of a rebel army attempting to free his nation from the control of a foreign tyrant.His countrymen live iThe thrilling prequel to Dragon Age Origins, the hit role playing video game from award winning developer BioWare Dragon Age The Stolen ThroneAfter his mother, the beloved Rebel Queen, is betrayed and murdered by her own faithless lords, young Maric becomes the leader of a rebel army attempting to free his nation from the control of a foreign tyrant.His countrymen live in fear his commanders consider him untested and his only allies are Loghain, a brash young outlaw who saved his life, and Rowan, the beautiful warrior maiden promised to him since birth Surrounded by spies and traitors, Maric must find a way to not only survive but achieve his ultimate destiny Ferelden s freedom and the return of his line to the stolen throne.
The Stolen Throne The thrilling prequel to Dragon Age Origins the hit role playing video game from award winning developer BioWare Dragon Age The Stolen ThroneAfter his mother the beloved Rebel Queen is betrayed and

  • Title: The Stolen Throne
  • Author: David Gaider
  • ISBN: 9780765324085
  • Page: 218
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. They howled again, and Loghain raised his voice even further. "Your prince is not here! But when he returns to us, we shall hand to him his stolen throne! Here at the River Dane is where the Dragon Age begins, my friends! Today they will hear us roar!"The old and strong Kingdom of Ferelden have suffered under the oppression of the Orlesian Empire for almost a century. The relentless conquerors are bent upon destroying the last remnants of resistance and putting the ancient line of Fereldan kings [...]

    2. Imagine yourself strolling through the woods one day. The weather’s nice, you’ve got nothing but catching your dinner on your mind. Everything’s quite peaceful. You’re poaching with your mates. Suddenly, a young prince comes stumbling through the undergrowth. He’s unarmed, exhausted and being chased by your hated enemy. What would you do? Well, you don’t know he’s a prince. So you take him home to your father’s camp. A day or so later you find your land surrounded by an army of e [...]

    3. David Gaider once wrote the following on Bioware's blog about The Stolen Throne:I decided on a prequel. We had identified years ago that there was an excellent untold story to be found in the Ferelden rebellion against Orlais. It’s referred to many times in the course of the game, but there was a lot more that could be said about it. It was a great tale. Check one mistress, right? This was before Drew had even written his (most excellent) Mass Effect prequel, so we thought we were being all in [...]

    4. Initially I had rather high hopes for this novel. For those who don't know, this is a prequel novel to the video game: Dragon Age: Origins. The novel was written by the writer of the game, so having enjoyed the writing there I assumed I was in for a treat. Unfortunately I did not enjoy reading this novel. I did not enjoy the writing style and I never managed to forget the text and just enjoy the story. The manner in which the story was told felt inconsistent and never settled into a comfortable [...]

    5. 3½ rounding up to 4 because of the feels!- It feels good to fight, to stand up to those Orlesian bastards and tell them NO MORE! Your prince is not here! But when he returns to us, we shall hand him his stolen throne! Here at the River Dane is where the Dragon Age begins, my friends! TODAY THEY WILL HEAR US ROAR!Stolen Throne kicks off from the very beginning giving us a good amount of action. The Rebel Queen Moira has just been set up and murdered, and Prince Maric is on the run for his own li [...]

    6. I'll admit out front that I am a big Dragon Age fan. I've played and beaten both the main two entries in this video game series as well as the first flash game, and am steadily pecking away at the second. Even now, as I write this, there's a miniature Grey Warden replica sword on my desk that functions as a letter opener.That said, I was cautiously optimistic to read The Stolen Throne by David Gaider, who was the lead writer for the Dragon Age games and has worked on a few other classic favorite [...]

    7. This is going to sound really nerdy, but I do love game lore. I love it a lot. Books based on video games aren’t always all that good, but I’m not reading them for the award-winning writing. I pick them up for what they bring to the table in terms of the back story and character development. It’s why I choose to read them in the first place, and not just some brief article on the game’s wiki page.And I do get pleasantly surprised every once in a while. I just finished reading Dragon Age: [...]

    8. It is very hard to write an objective review about a story that had engrossed you even before you read the novel. The Stolen Throne was written as a prequel to BioWare Dragon Age: Origins. To people who love the games it almost functions as a manual - containing all the information necessary to understand the relationship between Loghain and Maric. To others - I believe it is not detailed enough. Here we have a book which functions as an introduction to the world of Ferelden - crowded with Elven [...]

    9. This is the official prequel tie-in for the upcoming Bioware RPG Dragon Age: Origins, which I read out of excitement for the game. In short, the novel features a handful of cardboard characters who are being pushed through plot number 17a of the fantasy novel cookbook. There are many tedious sword fights, and amazingly little magic.The story is about Prince Maric, who is heir to the throne of Ferelden. But currently the evil usurper Meghren sits there, reigning as the extended arm of the Orlaisi [...]

    10. First off, I have to say I'm retarded for Dragon Age and I'm sure it had influenced my opinion of this book. I was so happy to get to be in Ferelden again!The premise of The Stolen Throne is the story of how King Maric, father of Cailin and grand-father of Alistair (your fellow Grey Warden in DAO), drives the tyrannical Orlesian invaders from Ferelden and takes back his ancestral throne. He's assisted, reluctantly at first, by Loghain, who you'll know well if you played Origins. Both Maric and L [...]

    11. What do you get when a video game writer tries his hand at writing a novel? In all honesty, a novel overflowing with horrid plot pacing and unrealistic characterization.Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne serves as a prequel to the video game Dragon Age Origins. The Stolen Throne intrigued me mostly because it was written by David Gaider. Gaider has been a blessing to the video game community for his work on Baldur’s Gate and Knights of the Old Republic. Sadly, Gaider does not understand that writin [...]

    12. Unless you've played and pretty much loved Dragon Age: Origins, the video game this book is a prequel to, then don't read it. The writing is rather subpar, even so far as finding "Qnueen" instead of Queen. Seriously? I spent much of this book skimming past all the extra descriptives. There was a lot of telling and not nearly enough showing, which overall kept me on the surface of the story.There was a lot lacking in this book, starting with character and relationship development. I laughed when [...]

    13. "A dragon had taken to the air From a distance it seemed almost small, gliding slowly in the air with the snowcapped mountain range behind it The Chantry had taken it as an omen. The Divine in Val Royeaux had declared the next age was to be called the Dragon Age."Buddy read with Layla at Buddies Books and Baubles!First thing first: this was so much better than I expect it to be. In fact, it was great. And not just as a book that is based on a video game. It was a really good fantasy book. It was [...]

    14. It is so hard to find good fantasy. So many stories are chock full of stereotypes and so quickly forgotten. Although I like the genre, I tend to approach it with caution because when it's good it's great but when it's bad it runs the gamut from mediocre regurgitation to some of the silliest nonsense you'll ever see. Thank goodness for David Gaider.The author has excellent story credits behind him, so you would expect him to produce a tale of quality, and for my money he didn't let me down. I wil [...]

    15. I’ve recently finished two playthroughs of Dragon Age: Origins and in both, my Warden permitted the same fate for Loghain Mac Tir. It was the fate deserving of his crime, but I never could appreciate the reasoning given for that crime as there seemed to be much more to Loghain. Hence my need to read the books that precede the game.I had the same desire with Mass Effect’s books in reference to Saren and The Illusive Man, but was disappointed that Drew Karphsyn’s writing was not as spectacul [...]

    16. Muuuuuch better than I thought it would be, having read some of Bioware's Mass Effect books. A little slow in places but eh, it was nice to get a good background story on some of the characters. The only thing is, I'm now conflicted over how I feel about Loghain Mac Tir. Meeting this determined, decent young man after meeting the older version in-game, I'm all:And seeing as I let Alistair behead him at the end of Dragon Age: Origins, I now feel very strange. He had so much potential!(And Maric o [...]

    17. 5 stars I cannot with this book. I'm sobbing. SOBBING. I'm not stupid, I knew this book was going to be tragic, because as a prequel to a game I must have played at least half a dozen times, I knew the events that happen in this book, and more. But still, the intricate details of how Maric, Rowan and Loghain got the stolen throne back is tragic as fuck (and if anything, it would made me hate Loghain more than I did).Excellent EXCELLENT book. Recommend, but also recommend you play Dragon Age Orig [...]

    18. i can't believe that david gaider - lead writer of dragonage - WROTE THIS PIECE OF SHIT. i honestly have never read anything like this before. he made a fan fiction of his own masterpiece, but that's not all.if you can't tell, i'm a huge fan of dragonage origins. there would be no other reason for me to pick this up unless i thought otherwise. i actually bought the calling and asunder long before i bought stolen throne, but i decided to go in order despite my undying love for duncan. before i go [...]

    19. The Dragon Age universe is one of my favorite D&D inspired fantasy settings. It has a direct developer link to Baldur's Gate, which means it's linked to Forgotten Realms, which means it's plugged directly into my childhood. Dragon Age takes itself very seriously despite being game-fiction, which I enjoy a great deal. As a thirty-three-year-old man who reviews video games as well as books, I need to pretend I'm not still the big kid at heart I am. Anyway, to understand this novel I should len [...]

    20. 4.25/5“Sometimes that which is most precious can be found where you would least expect to.”Wow. I remember liking it, but I don't remember it being so tragic. Gaider, damn you, were the games not enough?!But I'm obviously joking, it seemed fitting if a bit (or a lot) sad. The book itself is quite gripping, every time I sat down and read a bit it inspired me to get to know the world better, even if I've played the games multiple times by now.I love the characters in here, I especially loved t [...]

    21. This is a media tie in book for the videogame Dragon Age. A prelude to the events of the game. So first thing out of the way. A disclaimer, I used to be a RPG junkie. There was a time when I played more games than I read. Today not as much. But I still make time for Bioware the creators of Dragon Age. Although the last few weeks have tested that fandom >_< Okay, so as a admitted fangirl, take my review in two parts.Never heard of Dragon Age? No interest? Haven't played a game since Atari? [...]

    22. This book was useful with regard to learning some of the history and lore of DA, but the writing was atrocious. Like totally ridiculous. All telling and little showing. Out of place phrases. And convoluted sentence structure. This book could have done with massive editing. Sometimes the characters behaved in completely unrealistic unnatural ways and made childish decisions. I'm conflicted about this book. The I formation was good and thus it served it's purpose for me, but the poor writing zappe [...]

    23. I think I'm giving this four stars instead of three because I love Dragon Age. This book is a prequel to the first Dragon Age game and the reason I picked it up. I feel like my hopes for it were too high, but I enjoyed it as it was a fairly quick for me once I sat down to read it.

    24. Anyone who knows me well will know that I’ve an insatiable appetite for lore. They’ll also know that I’m an incorrigible addict when it comes to fantasy that involves dragons, elves and magic. So needless to say, now that I’ve fallen into the black hole that is BioWare’s Dragon Age franchise, there is no hope for this Middle-earth veteran.My main motivation for picking up The Stolen Throne *was* for the lore, as well as the backstory for characters and events. When you’re looking at [...]

    25. For anyone wishing to gain more knowledge of the Dragon Age universe and also make your video game decisions even more challenging this book is a great start! David Gaider set the stage perfectly.

    26. If you enjoyed the Dragon Age series of games, this is an acceptable read. It provides a back story to the kingdom of Feredlen, and little more. There were a few good moments, and I did think a bit about a couple of the characters after concluding the book, but overall I can't recommend it to anyone who isn't just thirsting for more Dragon Age story.As the lead writer for Origins, the Stolen Throne reads just like the game. I can see Maric choosing the 'witty' dialogue choice throughout the book [...]

    27. Secondo me per leggere questo libro bisogna aver giocato a Dragon Age: Origins. Certo, non è obbligatorio, ma alcune cose si capiscono meglio ed è più facile dare un volto a personaggi ben noti nel gioco come Flemmeth o Loghain (anche se Loghain è molto più giovane in questo libro!). Il libro non è scritto male e la storia tutto sommato non è neanche da buttar via, anche se alcune delle cose che mi sono piaciute di più sono appunto capibili solo da chi ha giocato al gioco: Cailan alla fi [...]

    28. It's not awful, but it's definitely not good. The first chapter consists almost entirely of straight-up description. The rest is littered with anachronistic cliches, typos (e.g. "you're" for "your". Seriously!), redundant description, poor word choices, and weak metaphors.Everything about the book is on-the-nose. The reader is left with nothing to ponder or imagine.What's good? The plot, I guess. It's a prelude novel to the Dragon Age video game, by the lead writer, David Gaider. Bioware should [...]

    29. Hmm. More like 4,5 stars. I looove the video games and this book gave me more insight in what happened to for example, Loghain. Didn’t like him in DA Origins but I think he was my favorite character in this book. Weird how that can happen. Anyway, liked this a lot better than Asunder and some day I look forward to reading the other books. Sure, some times it was slow and a bit repetetive (I probably wrote that wrong) but all in all, a good story. Enjoyable.

    30. While there weren't any big surprises or twists, this was an interesting story well-told. I appreciated the additional background for Loghain, but found it a little difficult to reconcile the book's sympathetic version with the video game's harsher presentation. It has been some time since I played the game, however, perhaps my memory is faulty. I look forward to reading David Gaider's subsequent Dragon Age novels.

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