The Italian's Revenge

Catherine knows Vito Giordani, her soon to be ex husband, has never forgiven her for ending their marriage and leaving Italy with their little son Now, when she confronts Vito about his plans to remarry, he doesn t give anything away Instead, seizing the advantage, he demands that Catherine return to Naples to resume her role as wife and mother Their son, whom they bothCatherine knows Vito Giordani, her soon to be ex husband, has never forgiven her for ending their marriage and leaving Italy with their little son Now, when she confronts Vito about his plans to remarry, he doesn t give anything away Instead, seizing the advantage, he demands that Catherine return to Naples to resume her role as wife and mother Their son, whom they both adore, will have his parents back together again and Vito will finally have the revenge he s been waiting for.
The Italian s Revenge Catherine knows Vito Giordani her soon to be ex husband has never forgiven her for ending their marriage and leaving Italy with their little son Now when she confronts Vito about his plans to remar

  • Title: The Italian's Revenge
  • Author: Michelle Reid
  • ISBN: 9780263820126
  • Page: 388
  • Format: None
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    1. WONDERFUL HEART-WRENCHING!intense emotional second chance at love story,one of my favourite books now,enjoyed it very much,adored Catherine-Vito both were strong headed yet stubborn & stupid at the same time,their relationship lacked trust and keeping things from each other which created such a havoc and that Bit*h Marietta took advantage of it Vito made me really angry with his loyalty towards that Bit*h and after losing their second child and big misunderstanding Catherine walks out with h [...]

    2. Re-read on Dec. 2, 2017Still a four star. The angst is still delicious.Their son is just the cutest thing and he was brave to stand up to the scary OW when it seemed like every adult in the room was against him. I want to read *his* next generation story.Original review:A second chance story that begins because of the H/h's son's distress over the OW. This is the OW, goddaughter of her mother-in-law and friend of the family's, that the h was convinced was with the H on the day of her miscarriage [...]

    3. Pretty angsty read. This time the break up of their marriage was mostly her fault. Although of course he wasn't blameless. Their marriage troubles were pretty heavily influenced by the other woman though. I liked how their son stuck to his guns about disliking the other woman. Here was another man who grabbed his chance to get his wife back at any cost. Another good MR read for me.

    4. Damn! I usually LOVE a Michelle Reid. this one had great potential and perhaps I'm judging it too harshly on gut reaction because it made me so angry. That tends to happen.I'd have loved this if the grovel had been better or even existed at all. Okay, I can hang with the fact that the H was smart yet blind to a wicked OW's manipulations. Guys can be dense when it comes to seeing through a mean girl's crap. But, this took it too far to the point that I wanted to beat him to death with a blunt obj [...]

    5. I so love a book by Michelle Reid and this one does not disappoint. The Italian's Revenge is about second chances at love between two people ripped apart after a devastating loss and the manipulations of a truly evil woman. Both Vito and Catherine are wonderful and strong protagonists that you will cheer on to their HEA. The angst is high, but it is tolerable because both are so strong. Vito claims their reconciliation is about revengeNOT!!! Catherine claims this is for her son's peace of mind. [...]

    6. This is one of those endlessly annoying books, where the heroine turns into an over-cooked noodle when the hero's lips touches hers because he's just so hot!Even when she *thinks* he's been cheating on her, with someone who works with him while she was losing their baby alone in the hospital, she can't resist him (because OMG he's just SOOO hot!) We know that he wasnt cheating - but she doesnt know this, so of course, reading numerous scenes like this in this book, I felt like she was a one giga [...]

    7. Kept from being 5 star because H does tell a major lie (view spoiler)[ that he never slept with OW when he did before he met h. OW knows things only a lover would know(hide spoiler)]. This lie causes h to rightfully mistrust him. He never really gets punished for it, he got off pretty easily. Second read:'The Italian's Revenge was a 4 star on first read, but drops to a 3 star on second read. why? Writing is still great, heroine is still strong and a protective mom, one of the few HP heroines int [...]

    8. I loved it! Michelle Reid's The Italian's Revenge had me captivated till the end. I am not really a fan of angsty romance,but the characters truly enthralled me.There were lots of mistrust and misunderstandings in their relationship which resulted in their separation and neverending scuffles.Most of the time, I tend to miss the hero's POV because I always feel that I can't really get their true feelings.However, even without the hero's POV, his feelings came through to me. Vito's desperation was [...]

    9. Being Italian and living in Italy I usually stay very far from titles which contains the word Italy so many stereotypes not to mention about really bad local language words, often more Spanish than Italian but I was curious and so I read it.The story is a classical separation-after-marriage but those two had a child and they love him very much and are ready to compromise for their child. Good! A very good point!And so they're back in Naples, where he lives and where the usual OW lives. But this [...]

    10. ***FOUR STARS***This story had all the elements that I love, broken marriage over husband cheating with another woman (view spoiler)[or so it seems (hide spoiler)], and the evil other woman getting what she deserves in the end, then a HEA. Good stuff!

    11. 4.5 stars. it's a very angsty and great booksever i found it difficult to believe that Vito was a smart-ass genius. Vito was blindly believe in that b***h OW, that he couldn't believe in his own son! i mean it's okay if he didn't immediately trust his son, because of course the OW was a long-time friend. but hey, NO, he didn't even begun to DOUBT her! everybody knows that if someone call you ugly then they are mean, if children call you ugly, then you are ugly. beside it's just ridiculous to thi [...]

    12. I did wish for that virtual hammer few times to knock it over Vito's head. I loved Catherine, she was strong and sensitive at the same time. I adored their son, such a lion cub. I liked the MIL. I blame Vito for everything that happened because of his lie and closing his eyes to the faults of the OW for many, many years. I thought the view about the morning after pill was very strong and it felt like a lecture.

    13. Decent book for a HP, it got a bit preachy with the pregnancy bit which I found a bit annoying, but overall I really enjoyed it. (Lynne Graham another favorite of mine is guilty of the same)

    14. 4.5 stars. Normally, I like to read the hero's POV because I always feel that without it, I can never read into their feelings and see the romance build up between the main couple. However, there was no need for the hero's POV in this book. His feelings were expressed well even without it. I felt how possessive he became regarding Catherine and how jealous he felt with that Marcus guy. Although it got annoying how he kept defending Marietta, she really was amanipulative two-faced bitch, so I don [...]

    15. Argh! I don't know why I even finish reading this book. I had this urge to cause the hero physical pain for being so dense regarding the OW and for lying to heroine repeatedly. And for accusing his wife of just being paranoid, delusional and obsessed with the OW. And when the truth resurfaced he didn't even have the decency to say sorry. The only redeeming quality he has was when he kicked the OW out of their home, and out of their family. But honestly, I didn't enjoyed it. I just forced myself [...]

    16. I liked this one, BUTif you spend the whole book building up this incredibly bitchy OW, I want a super satisfying scene where karma bites her in the arse. This one was sort of a let-down.Grade: B

    17. I'm conflicted about this one Almost 3 stars?!!??The H is a lying jerk and the h poor her was miserable 98% of the book.

    18. Trigger: : (view spoiler)[miscarriage (hide spoiler)]Not gonna lie, the halfway point really upset me and basically ruined the whole book for me.I really love the h here. Oh goodness she is one yough cookie. We kept seeing harlequin h having to do H's bidding because they are totally helpless and without recourse usually, you just have to cheer this h on for putting one over him so smartly he has to be the one to scramble to untie all the knots. Splendid, finally a gal that has some braincells a [...]

    19. A amazing story about an acrimonious separation, a vicious other woman and a child caught in the middle. Catherine left her husband Vito when she believed that he was cheating on her with Marietta, his best friend's wife and long time family friend. She walked away taking their son and causing a vicious custody battle. They hadn't spoken in years until Santo, their son refuses to go to Italy to see his father because of Marietta. This causes Vito to violate a court order and show up at Catherine [...]

    20. im soooo liking this one. it has a heroine that as feisty as the ussual alphamale hero. anyone that dream to have a strong, non-doormat heroine, is going to love this book. i guarantee that. and those who get bored to the ussual heroine that goes weak and brainless whenever the hero oozes his sex appeal just by standing there fully clothes, is soo going to enjoy this book. the heroine can turn the table w/her boldness way about that sex plaything. the hero took control, ofc, but she also can fli [...]

    21. This was a good read. The one part I didn't like was him lying about having had sex with the OW in their past when younger. He tried to explain that his wife didn't need to know because it was before her but he straight up lied to her numerous times that he had never slept with the OW. This lie came out at the end and it was glossed over.

    22. Catherine is my heroine. Loved her. Loved Vito, too! It feels like he was completely in love to her wife despite of the separation.The only thing I missed about this was a good epilogue. Sure, there is an epilogue but I need one that says Catherine had successfully delivered her baby. But still, loved a lot on this book. And the angst, though.

    23. I did like it but was disappointed that Catherine didn't at least smack Mariette for what she did. no confrontation scene or anything!

    24. I'll give this 4.5 stars.Really well written, great story line, great plot, great characters and character growth, great sex scenes, great chemistry (actually some of the best I've read or brought into), great angst but not as much as I was expecting after reading some reviews and blogs, but still enough to keep me entertained. Great OW drama. Very well done. Some of the most convincing I've read yet (even though a little OTT - but i do love a bit of that). I much prefer this type of angst where [...]

    25. The Italian's RevengeI have the paperback copy of this story. And have re-read this many times. The story is about a couple who are in the midst of a divorce. And they have a son who must travel back and forth between them. When it becomes clear that he is already contemplating a second marriage she lets him know that marriage will not take place. We learn many things are not clear, except that the other woman is evil and vindictive. Will they reconnect or will the divorce proceed?

    26. I read this story in the paperback edition years ago. Still like reading it now. This story involves Catherine and Vito who marriage broke when after the loss of their second child. She found out he was with another woman while she was in the hospital. Now several years later their divorce is almost finished. But their first child is having problems with his fathers new/old girlfriend. And Catherine is out for blood. This story is one that I enjoy the ignorance of the lead male. And the repercus [...]

    27. Catherine knows Vito Giordani has never forgiven her for ending their marriage and leaving Italy with their child. Now to reassure her son, she must confront the Italian tycoon about his rumored plans to remarry.

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