A story of love and tragedy Jenny fell out of love from Eric Eric started a killing spree out of desperation for the love of his life.
Wasted A story of love and tragedy Jenny fell out of love from Eric Eric started a killing spree out of desperation for the love of his life

  • Title: Wasted
  • Author: Gerry Alanguilan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 148
  • Format: None
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    1. ___________________________________________“Why are you doing this to us? “, said the bride held hostage by Eric, along with her groom inside the car.“ Why ? Because I hate you.I hate weddings. I hate flowers. I hate dashing grooms and blushing brides.I hate birthdays and cakes, candies, choc-nut bars and pin the tail on the donkey games. I hate spaghetti.I hate Christmas and Christmas songs.I hate cupid. I hate red hearts and red shirts and red shoes.I hate ninja turtles and Archie and th [...]

    2. Love, madness, death. This komiks is devastatingly real and violent but puts a balance into beautiful and heartbreaking. So many feelings burst inside. The artwork is hands-down a 5, the story automatically is a given.

    3. Wasted is a pretty good book with a fair plot to go by. Any reader can relate to heartache and this book is all about that. Or to be more precise, it's obssession and insanity. The plot is similar to the movies, "falling down" and "wanted", where a man just had enough and went postal. However it differs as the reason for Eric's havoc is heart-related. Btw I can't help but notice Eric looks much alike Gerry in real life. Probably this book has a very personal root to Gerry's life.The premise was [...]

    4. I've read Gerry Alanguilan's Wasted before as a free downloadable e-comic. Now I got the chance to read his work in trade paperback, and I'm still amazed how brutal and wasted (yet beautifully written) this book is.Gerry A admitted that Wasted was created during a hard time of his life. So here you will see how really f*cked up his life was back then. The mindless violence in this book keeps you entertained as Eric (Wasted's certified heartbroken a-hole) heartlessly kills whoever annoys him. He [...]

    5. I read this book through the online edition, available here:webcomicsnation/komike(Interestingly, Alanguilan comments on the pages every so often on this online book.)WARNING: This is a very bloody (read: violent) book. (It's in black and white though, if that helps.)Simple story: girl and guy fall in love, girl breaks up with guy, guy contemplates on break-up & ends up pretty crazy-desperate.The scenes are pretty fast and almost too simplistic. The emotion seems to bleed through the pages. [...]

    6. I can see blood in black and white. I can feel pain and love in words. This comic is amazing, Eric reminds me of Leon from the movie Leon: the professional. How can one can get-away after doing a killing spree? This one is a very engaging read. And I liked the fact that the online version has captions from Gerry during the time he's doing the comics. Just awesome, man. Hope there will be printed copies in the future

    7. Jesus H. Christ that was some heavy shit! Disturbingly crazy, yet beautiful. The emotions are raw, the words are honest. I can safely say that Alanguilan is now one of my favorite writers ever. I never expected a black & white comic book could be so full of life and passion. It moved me, really. This shit is insane, but I assure you, you'll never forget it.

    8. Intense love story. Psychotic Eric loves Jen. However, Jen had the change of heart so she left Eric. When a lunatic is deeply in love but ditched by the subject of his amour he turns berserk. Eric holds a group of people caught with him inside the elevator. His demand is for Jen to come back to her. He asks Jenny to tell him that she still loves him. She refuses so he shoots two of his hostages.That's what this book is all about. Similar to the movie Fatal Attraction when love becomes obsession [...]

    9. "Madness is like gravity all you need is a little push", yan ang sabi ni Joker sa the Dark Knight. At yan ang unang quote na pumasok sa isip ko nung natapos kong basahin yung librong 'to. XD (comics palaXDD)Another "wow" comics from Mr. Gerry Alanguilan. Buti na lang hindi niya niredraw yung comics (well partly he did, buy the comics to know why) dahil nakadagdag yun sa intensity nung story. Natuwa ako, kasi, at one point of my life (where I was really really really down), I tried releasing ever [...]

    10. I've read the online version of this comic book but I promise myself to buy a copy in the near future. Everyone will love this book because it talked about, well, love. Eric, the protagonist, was left by her girlfriend for another guy. That's the most painful thing that could happen to a man! Leaving by someone you love is painful enough to make you lose hope but leaving you for a different guy is murder! This is what the story is all about: murder, blood and violence. You can say all of that in [...]

    11. Put*ngyna nito. Napaluha ako sa bwisit.May nagsabi dati na ((rephrased))"Love isn't love when it's not madness"Ang akin lang,"Love isn't love when it's only madness"Punyet*ngina mo, Eric. Buti wala akong ex na tulad mo.

    12. Hindi pa ako masyadong nakakabasa ng mga comics, pero 'yung mga nabasa ko na noon, hindi ko masyadong nagustuhan. Hindi ko sigurado kung dahil hindi maganda o baka hindi lang talaga ako marunong magbasa ng comics o baka hindi ko lang talaga naintindihan. O baka naman hindi talaga 'to 'yung klase ng libro na para sa akin o baka hindi pa ako nakakahanap ng comics na talagang magugustuhan ko. Kaso lang, nabasa ko 'tong "Wasted".Naupo ako, at binasa ito sa isang basahan lang dahil m a g a n d a. Hum [...]

    13. Man, that was intense! Bloody, violent, lawless. Oh yeah.Filipino comics written in English usually make me cringe because most, not all, seem to be a bad translation of the local dialect. To better illustrate this point, think of a movie where an American cast is speaking Chinese for 2 hours. It's just not the same.Though I felt this one started out that way, once you get past the first few pages, you forget the slight language nuisances and focus on the story. Inked in black and white (I'm gue [...]

    14. The no no topics for me are romantic relationships and religion, but this comic, Wasted was an exception for love story, aside from Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter. Truly a page-turner.

    15. This is So badass, one of the few filipino made comics/graphic novels i have read , brutally awesome in art, concept and story. I just wished more market for this. Sir GErry please make more of this!

    16. As a grown almost 25-year-old man, the next few words may sound a bit odd but it's true. I may or may have not cried while reading this book. "It's as if love can be transplanted like a plant. Like a God damned plant."Brilliant is something of an understatement in reviewing Wasted. This book speaks to you, to everyone - well technically, every single one of us had those love lost situations. It's real, eloquent, and poignant. For a guy who goes out shooting random people in the public, it's actu [...]

    17. I originally planned to read the start to just see if it was the sort of thing I would like to read, then ended up reading the whole thing instead.It was a super intense, hopefully extremely exaggerated, graphic novel/comic about heartbreak that I just flew through.

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