La Marque jaune

Les murs de la City ne r sonnent plus que des incroyables exploits de la Marque Jaune Ce myst rieux criminel multiplie les actions spectaculaires raid contre la banque d Angleterre, vol du Gainsborough de la National Galery, et m me vol de la couronne royale d Angleterre Rien ne semble pouvoir l arr ter Son audace va jusqu pr venir l avance la police du lieu deLes murs de la City ne r sonnent plus que des incroyables exploits de la Marque Jaune Ce myst rieux criminel multiplie les actions spectaculaires raid contre la banque d Angleterre, vol du Gainsborough de la National Galery, et m me vol de la couronne royale d Angleterre Rien ne semble pouvoir l arr ter Son audace va jusqu pr venir l avance la police du lieu de l accomplissement de ses forfaits, ridiculisant chaque fois un peu plus Scotland Yard L apparente facilit avec laquelle il se d joue des dispositifs policiers finit par inqui ter les plus hautes instances du pays Le capitaine Francis Blake est d p ch par le Home Office aupr s de Scotland Yard pour lucider l affaire et d couvrir l identit de l homme qui se cache derri re la Marque Jaune.Le capitaine s adjoint tout de suite les services de son vieil ami, le professeur Philip Mortimer, dont les connaissances scientifiques s av reront pr cieuses dans cette affaire extr mement complexe Mais voici qu aux vols succ dent les enl vements Un m decin r put , un ditorialiste fameux, un juge minent, disparaissent tour tour, enlev s sous les yeux impuissants de la police Les trois hommes se connaissaient Ils faisaient tous trois partis du Centaur Club et taient amis, ainsi que le professeur Septimus Ce dernier, psychiatre de renom, est persuad que la Marque Jaune est un g nie du mal et qu il sera le prochain de la liste Qui se cache derri re la Marque Jaune Quels sont ses mobiles, ses motivations Blake et Mortimer auront fort faire pour venir bout de l inqui tant individu aux pouvoirs quasi surnaturels
La Marque jaune Les murs de la City ne r sonnent plus que des incroyables exploits de la Marque Jaune Ce myst rieux criminel multiplie les actions spectaculaires raid contre la banque d Angleterre vol du Gainsboroug

  • Title: La Marque jaune
  • Author: Edgar P. Jacobs
  • ISBN: 9782870970102
  • Page: 428
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. The Yellow “M” is the sixth book in Blake and Mortimer series from Edgar P. Jacobs and is a classic mystery-adventure and action graphic novel with ‘Captain Francis Blake’, the dashing head of MI5 and his friend ‘Professor Philip Mortimer’, a nuclear physicist as the lead protagonists.Jacobs drawings are clean and stylish and the cartoon panels have a strong visual resemblance to ‘Tintin’. This is easily explained by the fact that Jacobs has collaborated with the master Hergé hi [...]

    2. Edgar P. Jacobs was a contemporary and colleague of his fellow countryman, Hergé, assisting the latter with some of his Tintin stories. Comparison is therefore inevitable, and it is to Jacobs' credit.Jacobs' artwork has the same clean lines as Hergé's, but his figures are drawn more realistically, without the elements of caricature found in the adventures of Tintin. Having only read The Yellow 'M' at the time of writing this review, I found the narrative style somewhat denser; there is none of [...]

    3. Het is een goede Blake & Mortimer strip in die typische strakke tekenstijl van Jacobs. Het minpunt is dat het verhaal te lang is voor 1 strip en dat er veel met tekst moet uitgelegd worden. Het gevolg: een overdaad aan tekstballonnetjes en tekstkaders.

    4. The Blake and Mortimer graphic novels are finally being published again in English! A mysterious crime wave is sweeping London and nothing, from the Bank of England to the Crown Jewels, is safe. The identity of the criminal is unknown but Londoners are beginning to fear the symbol that is left at each crime scene, the Yellow "M". Even the famous detectives of Scotland Yard seem unable to stop the crimes and so the Home Office turns to Captain Francis Blake to solve the mystery and identify the m [...]

    5. Picked this up because the cover art reminds me of TintinA: Finished. The art style is very similar to Tintin but the story has none of the humour that made Tintin so appealing. The mystery is typical 40s/50s mad scientist gubbins which could do easily have appeared in Saturday Morning Serials of the time. Some of the panels are very wordy for a graphic novel, and I think some of the translation was a tad too literal. And I was concerned at the number of London Bobbies toting guns.Fun and I'd de [...]

    6. I just re-read this splendid Graphic Novel--first published in 1956. It is a great blend of mid-20th century London life where scientists develop new technology with the potential for megalomaniacal schemes in the context of a very conservative and skeptical establishment. Into this the combined duo of Professor Mortimer and the dashing Captain Blake team to do some superior sleuthing, and in Sherlock Holmes fashion, do what Scotland Yard cannot. A great read to keep one's French up.

    7. Stark illustrierte KurzgeschichteEin raffinierter Dieb macht London unsicher - immer unglaublicher werden seine Unternehmungen. Als Markenzeichen hinterlässt er immer ein gelbes Zeichen. Blake und Mortimer sollen Aufklärung leisten, ehe der immer selbstsicherer agierende geheimnisvolle Bösewicht zu schlimmeren Verbrechen als Diebstahl übergeht. Doch der geheimnisvolle Verbrecher ist ihnen immer einen Schritt voraus, und die Verwirrung zieht immer größere KreiseIch gebe zu, ich habe bereits [...]

    8. A good, fun adventure story written and drawn by Edgar P. Jacobs, an understudy to fellow Belgian Herge (creator of Tin Tin). Like Herge, Jacobs draws in a very clean and elegant style. The Yellow M involves an evil villain who is terrorizing London, announcing his crimes before they are committed, and leaving the mark of a Yellow M wherever he goes. Scotland Yard is mystified, and the tag team of Captain Francis Blake and Professor Philip Mortimer are called in to help out with the investigatio [...]

    9. The artwork is magnificent and if you didn't know better you'd swear it was drawn by Herge (of Tintin fame). However, I found the story a little too dated to enjoy that much and the 'antique' feel is not helped by the author's cliched view of life in England (it was written in the 1950s but could easily have been set 20 years earlier).The plot, while interesting, plods along predictably. It might have been a lucky guess, but I spotted who the villain was on his first appearance. Unlike the Herge [...]

    10. Reseña: fabulantes/2014/05/la-"El desarrollo del argumento recoge varias de las características más recurrentes de los medios de entretenimiento del momento, con sus referencias cinematográficas (la M que nos recuerda la cara psicótica de Peter Lorre en M, El vampiro de Düsseldorf [M, Frizt Lang, 1931]) y literarias (la más evidente, la novela El cerebro de Donovan, del escritor y guionista Curt Sidomak) y una mezcla de intriga detectivesca, dosis de misterio y una fuerte carga de ciencia [...]

    11. I really, really wanted to love this book. It's written by an understudy to Tintin's Herge, it's a mystery/adventure story, and the art is beautiful. BUT. The type runs out of space in the word balloons, which were created for the original french text, and the word balloons often take up a distracting amount of space. The story is odd. There are some interesting developments to the plot, but the science is ludicrous. I'm not sure why I can't forgive it. Plus I don't find any of the characters ch [...]

    12. Na komiksu se bohužel podepsal zub času, kdy francouzská "klasika" padesátých let bohužel není tak nadčasová jako Tintin nebo Asterix. Příběh se točí kolem záhadného nepolapitelného zloděje jménem "Yellow M", který se od série loupeží přesunul k únosům členům jednoho klubu. Po stopě mu vyráží Blake & Mortimer - jeden je profesor, druhej velitel tajné služby či co. A tady je hlavní problém - hrdinové jsou nijací a strašně pasivní. Děj plyne nezávisl [...]

    13. For the first few pages, I was worried that this would be little more than a detective story, and a bit of a let-down from the usual Blake and Mortimer adventure. I was wrong. Instead, the story contains some rather surprising (and surprisingly violent) turns of events, breathless chases across a fog-bound London, a good dose of the paranormal (sort of), and clever (and not contrived) tie-ins to the previous adventure in Egypt. Just an all-around fun read. If you only ever read one Blake and Mor [...]

    14. What ho chaps? A rather dashing tale of skulduggery with Blake and Mortimer investigating the dastardly Yellow 'M' who is terrorizing post-war 1940's London, kidnapping people all over the place and even stealing the crown jewels! Well we can't put up with that, and luckily neither can our heroes, but they have a jolly hard time sorting things out. All's put right in the end though, so we can rest safe in our beds.(Published recently as number 1 in series, but is out of sequence, as it contains [...]

    15. I figured out whodunnit about a third of the way into The Yellow "M" but still enjoyed the story, which is one of the marks of a good mystery for me. I loved the artwork and the feel of this comic. I can't help thinking of Blake and Mortimer as a sophisticated Scooby Gang, which is a comparison that doesn't really make sense. It's not a negative, though -- I'd definitely read more of their adventures.

    16. Absolutely brilliant stuff. There's good reason this ranks #1 in the adventure category on Gene Kannenberg's list of 500 essential graphic novels. This is very nearly as good (if not better in parts) than The Seven Crystal Balls, and that is quite some benchmark t0 match up to. Read it if you can, this book is a veritable classic.

    17. bien fait mais quelqu'un aurait du faire remarque a le créateur comment étaiient les policiers anglais qui dans cette série sont simplement des cops americains! Et je n'ais jamais de ma vie entendu un anglais qui s'ecrit simplement "damned!" A part de ca le sadisme c'est un peu trop leger pour mon gout mais touis et comme même bien reussi.

    18. Accidentally read this first instead of the First Volume. Nevertheless, it's a great story. It would seem outdated at first glance but its fine if you like comic books but then too it is not for everyone. The story reminded me of the adventures of Johnny Quest. Its a little fantastical but it works.

    19. 5 stelle meritatissime e posto d'onore nello scaffale dei preferiti. Senza dubbio il miglior fumetto mai letto, un thriller che tiene sempre sulle spine in una Londra tanto affascinante quanto misteriosa. Il monito finale del Capitano Blake poi è la ciliegina sulla torta. Unica pecca averlo letto ora e non sotto Natale quando è ambientata la storia, pazienza.

    20. This book in the series, as a good flow and mix of action and plot development. For a 50's comic book And without the need for a world covering plots and trips. All the action takes place in London.But yo get the feeling that the real hero (in physical prowess and IQ levels) is Mortimer. Blake doesn't get has much drawing space as Mortimer, and the character itself, is not very bright.

    21. نشان زرد . اولین کتابی بود که از این مجموعه خوندم . خوب بود.کمیک های بلیک و مورتیمر بهترین کمیک هایی هست که تا حالا خوندم .همیشه حسرت میخورم که چرا همه مجموعه اش ترجمه نشد .حسرتم وقتی بیشتر میشه که گشتم و دیدم حتی نسخه انگلیسیش هم توی نت نیست‎:(‎‏ همش فرانسوی و اسپانیولی بودن ‎:( [...]

    22. Après avoir lu le Mystère de la Pyramide, j'étais resté un peu dubitatif sur la qualité de Blake et Mortimer, mais après avoir lu 'La Marque Jaune' j'ai changé d'avis. Cet épisode est très prenant, un suspens jusqu'à la fin, et surtout une histoire très bien écrite. A lire et relire.

    23. Das cachimbadas dentro de portas à ciência tremenda com que se auto-fundamenta a linha narrativa: um clássico =)

    24. Lu toute la collection mais s'il ne faut en lire qu'un ou 2 albums de B&M, il faut opter pour la Marque jaune et l'Affaire du collier.

    25. really great. wonderful art, clever story-telling. for those who love tintin will probably love this.

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