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  1. Master of the Temple is one of those rare books, a properly researched occult fiction. Not really horror or fantasy but a book which looks at some of the occult practices which some organisations carry out, framed in a story.It tells the tale of Jonathan Rawlings, a successful sales man who is framed by his boss. Jonathan retaliates by magicaly cursing his manager and begins a slide over to the darker side of occult practices. The author, Eric Ericson has weaved many historical facts into this g [...]

  2. Recommended to me by one of my teachers - I read it and it was compelling enough. Lots of stuff that rang true.

  3. Great book that can serve as an introduction (in a fictional way) to Western Qabalistic magic (Golden Dawn) with touches of Witchcraft and plenty of sex.The protaganist is a successful businessman and initiate of a secret Qabalistic Magickal Order. The group follow certain spiritual traditions that incorporate aspects of the Knights Templar and the Golden Dawn: grade rituals, invocations and pathworkings, crossing the abyss.It is essentially an occult morality tale, based in the duality of Qabal [...]

  4. Quite a good read, but I didn't think it was a good as some of Ericson's other books, well worth a read all the same.

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