The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady

A naturalist s delight, and a record breaking gift book, back in print In 1906, Edith Holden recorded in words and images the flora and fauna of the British countryside through the changing seasons For 70 years, her enchanting journal lay undiscovered until 1977, when it was first published with great success as any bookseller will recall Now, it is back in print, oA naturalist s delight, and a record breaking gift book, back in print In 1906, Edith Holden recorded in words and images the flora and fauna of the British countryside through the changing seasons For 70 years, her enchanting journal lay undiscovered until 1977, when it was first published with great success as any bookseller will recall Now, it is back in print, ours to treasure once again All the charm and beauty of the original remains intact in this facsimile, with Holden s carefully handwritten entries favorite poems, personal thoughts, observations of the wildlife she saw in her native Warwickshire and remarks on her travels throughout England and Scotland On every page, her exquisitely rendered paintings executed with a naturalist s eye for detail and an artist s sensitivity and skill capture birds perched on branches, their mouths open in song a tiny shrew mouse, sniffing the air delicate butterflies and slithering snakes fluttering leaves and an array of flowers, from pink foxgloves and trailing roses to yellow water lilies And, each spellbinding picture reflects her deep love of nature Surely a beloved classic for a new generation of book buyers.
The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady A naturalist s delight and a record breaking gift book back in print In Edith Holden recorded in words and images the flora and fauna of the British countryside through the changing seasons Fo

  • Title: The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady
  • Author: Edith Holden
  • ISBN: 9781846660153
  • Page: 300
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. Throughout this year, I have been reading my hard copy of Edith Holden's THE COUNTRY DIARY OF AN EDWARDIAN LADY. None of her books are available on Kindle and I am glad. You need to look at her published album 'in the flesh': feel the smoothness of the pages, notice her handwriting and appreciate, first-hand, her artwork. She was a big fan of birds with their nests and eggs, native plants in bloom, and mushrooms and moss.Like the format of Ms. Holden's diary, I did not feel rushed. I enjoyed rea [...]

    2. This book changed the way I look at the world. I found it years ago, on a table in front of an old church, at a community garage sale.Edith Holden's nature journal from 1906 with beautiful illustrations, weather lore and field notes.What I found so interesting was her introduction of each month and the history of the months name. I hadn't known where the name January came from. Had never even thought about it.This prompted an interest in Roman history, Greek mythology, Egyptian mythology and on [...]

    3. Country Diary was originally published in 1906. Is it any wonder that reading this book makes me feel like I'm stepping back in time? One flip of a page and I'm instantly in Edwardian accouterment, sitting in a beautiful field atop a quilt on a breezy summer day, with my pen and journal in hand.Elegant and absolutely beautiful, this book is a visual banquet that I will continue to enjoy whenever I open its pages! Its amazingly detailed drawings and paintings of nature are coupled with the author [...]

    4. The diary itself got repetitive and dull, so I actually started skimming through it very early on.The rating is mostly due to the stunning, colorful and vivid watercolor illustrations.

    5. This is quite the beautiful book! It's the diary an English girl keeps of the various plants and birds that she finds throughout the year. While this would be far more interesting to someone who knows and has an interest in the subject, it was still interesting for me to read because of the absolutely beautiful drawings she includes, as well as the poems and information about the various months. Also, and this may sound a little strange, but the book smells wonderful! ;D***The pictures are beaut [...]

    6. I think this book it's simply wonderful. The careful drawings, the short notes, the poetry of it. I loved the splendid elegant writing and everything of it. It's years that I have it, and it never went back in the library. I keep it open on a page of the month I'm in, as a wonderful calendar. Every time I look at it, I read a couple of phrases in it, it seems like I can taste the love and patience it took to write it. It reminds me to keep my eyes open, to not hurry around in my life, but stop a [...]

    7. I just picked up a hard copy of the 1977 edition in beautiful condition at a local antiques shop for 3.00! I am already blown away by its beauty and can't wait to read it I plan to savor it and in a few month read it early in the morning on our new screened porch.

    8. In 1906, Edith Holden kept a hand-written botanical journal filled with transcribed poems and original paintings. Never intended for publication, it wouldn't be in stores until 70 years later.It feels like the sort of book you'd find in a gift shop and, indeed, it would make a lovely gift.

    9. What an unexpected gem! I read the book in combination with watching the 12-part dramatization of the same name. The illustrations are beautiful, but the movie added an extra bit of splendor, especially since it was filmed in the same area Edith Holden lived. As a nature lover myself, I love this idea--minus so much poetry. haha

    10. Gorgeous. Inspiring. So glad it was found and published and republished. I wish there were more journals like this. Note to self to explore further. The art! The weather and nature descriptions. So real and wonderful.

    11. I read this lovely book many years ago, when I was doing research. The images are beautiful. There are some recipes also.

    12. What a gorgeous book! It was on the monthly library display and I couldn't resist. This illustrated diary sat in an English cottage for 70 years before being discovered and eventually published. I was mesmerized by her lists of plant and animal sightings, transcribed poetry and quotes, as well as her gorgeous sketches and watercolors. This book got me thinking about social media and how I feel compelled to share so much of what I love. In contrast, it seems Edith compiled this information for he [...]

    13. The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady has long been on my bookshelves and has remained a favorite over the years. It is a book I will return to time and again and keep close at hand in order to enjoy the beauty of the author's watercolors and sketches and her thoughts and observations of nature around her.A couple of other go-along books that would be nice companions: Nature Notes of The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady - Edith Holden published 1984, there is a 1995 editionThe Edwardian Lady: [...]

    14. Picked this up at one of many charity stores here in England - and subsequently spent the Sunday afternoon with this book in one hand, and a cup of coffee in the other. Wonderful fascimile publishing of Edith Holdens' diary of 1906.Filled with diary notes of her explorations of the English countryside, as well as wonderful waterpaintings and pieces of poetry. - Lovely.

    15. "When April blows his horn Tis good for both hay and corn."I found this gem of a book while shelving in the 700s this week and promptly checked it out. This nature diary includes Edith Holden's favorite poems, thoughts, and beautiful watercolor paintings. Her words are all hand written and Ms. Holden's love of nature shines throughout her diary- utterly enchanting.

    16. Edith Holden (1871-1920) è un’illustratrice inglese, anche insegnante d’arte, che ha condotto una vita libera da convenzioni nella campagna che le ha fatto da cornice, amando la natura sopra ogni cosa. In un giorno di primavera del 1920, infatti, questa sua passione le è stata fatale, poiché la donna è annegata nel Tamigi, si pensa nel tentativo di cogliere dalla sponda un ramo di castagno in fiore.La sua è una famiglia anticonformista, per l’epoca vittoriana. La madre, Emma Wearing, [...]

    17. I picked up this book after hearing a YouTuber I watch (Hannah Tay) talking about it on her channel, and I’m glad that I did. It’s basically exactly what it claims to be, a facsimile reproduction of naturalist Edith Holden’s 1906 diary, complete with her hand-drawn colour illustrations.It makes for a fascinating read, and part of the reason for that is actually because she didn’t write that many entries. That’s a good thing, because it enables you to whizz from month to month and seaso [...]

    18. I found out about this book while watching one of our favorite youtube channels Sew the Land. I thought it would be perfect to go along with our nature studies at home for my sons whom I homeschool. Edith Holden would walk, bike, and travel about in search for beautiful nature. She'd write down entries each month of the year of 1906. In these entries she talks about flowers, plants, animals, weather, and includes poems and drawings/paintings of the things she saw. It was so interesting and we le [...]

    19. A beautiful facsimile book of Edith Holden 1906 record/diary/amateur naturalist's log of poetry, observations, and colorful watercolors of the flora and fauna of her British countryside through the changing seasons. There is one chapter for each month, including background on the month's name and final section listing the scientific and common names of area wildflowers and birds.Holden's carefully handwritten entries include her favorite relevant poems (Robert Burns, Edmund Spenser, etc.) and he [...]

    20. Charming book. I can see it as a good coffee table book. The illustrations are gorgeous and it has a decent collection of poetry. It must be nice to have been Holden. She basically wandered and jotted down all the plants she saw However, that is all you’ll get. Just stuff about plants. This can get boring. I mostly looked at the poems, intros, and photos. I also got frustrated with the font. Sometimes everything was crammed so tightly that I struggled to read. I know the font is for aesthetic [...]

    21. As the cover blurb says - originally written in 1906 by an amateur biologist. Found & published in 1977. Edith Holden was a talented illustrator as well. The pictures are absolutely beautiful. Birds, flowers, snakes, trees, fungi. Even a scene of a farmer plowing. English meadow & woodland. The text looks hand written. There are poems & sayings for each month of the year. We get a snapshot of the year in nature.For those who love the outdoors.

    22. I love this books! It is not meant to be read as a novel. It is a women's journal/diary and was never intended to be seen by the public. It is day to day observations of her garden, poetry, quotes, etc. with beautiful drawings by the author. It is best read in small doses. I am planning to reading it again starting in January and then read each month throughout the year.

    23. The rating is based on the artwork and the information at the beginning of the months which describe the origins of where the names of the month come from. The dairy itself was difficult to read. A book to skim rather than read.

    24. I'm rating this at 3 stars only because the subject matter didn't really interest me that much. If you are interested in birds and plants, you will love this book. The illustrations are very pretty.

    25. Not sure why this was such a massive best-seller, as it is quite dull, but it has very pretty illustrations.What a dull and empty life she must have had - so narrow. And then she finally moved to London, found happiness and married and promptly drowned trying to gather leaves.

    26. This was such a lovely book. I read through the whole book in a few sittings, but next year I'm going to read each month's section with the corresponding calendar month and take my time with it. Highly recommended to any nature lover.

    27. My first exposure to The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady came when I was homeschooling my girls and it was love at first sight. Edith Holden made her first diary entry on January 1, 1906; kept her diary a secret and it went undiscovered for 70 years. It was found on the shelves of an English country house and subsequently published.The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady is an enchanting and charming book, so much so that words are not adequate. Each of the entries is beautifully hand written [...]

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