Angel: Blood and Trenches

In Europe, war ravages nations, but a greater darkness than human conflict calls Angel back across the ocean from his distant home in America bodies of combatants found drained of blood, and signs of an ancient evil once abroad in the world Writer artist John Byrne tells an untold tale of Angel s WWI exploits
Angel Blood and Trenches In Europe war ravages nations but a greater darkness than human conflict calls Angel back across the ocean from his distant home in America bodies of combatants found drained of blood and signs of

  • Title: Angel: Blood and Trenches
  • Author: John Byrne
  • ISBN: 9781600105159
  • Page: 152
  • Format: Paperback
  • 1 thought on “Angel: Blood and Trenches”

    1. The art in this book looks better than anything else Byrne has done in years. Shot directly from pencils, uninked, the details and shading really shine. The story is okay -- Angel fighting vampires during World War I in France & Germany. There's not much that makes it an Angel story rather than a generic vampire tale. The end of the book -- in fact, the very last word -- contains a bit of an O. Henry twist, but it's really just silly. Overall, it's a fun, fairly meaningless read, with beauti [...]

    2. I wasn't a fan of the choice to make this black-and-white. As a stylistic choice, red is the only color shown, but I've seen this choice made in other things enough times that I'm sick of it. You don't get many World War I stories, but this wasn't a really spectacular one.

    3. This volume collects the 4 issue miniseries Angel: Blood & Trenches from IDW, written and drawn by none other than comics legend John Byrne. It tells a story set during the First World War and will offer fans of the TV-series a look at Angel's early days after him being re-souled (the first time around), as well as a familiar bad guy.It is a good story, well worth reading even for people unfamiliar with the TV-series or any of the other comics, but more than anything else it is a piece of be [...]

    4. Wow! Cool WWI Angel story written and drawn by the masterful John Byrne.What's cool about this artwork specifically is that there are no inks, they have scanned the original pencils.Lettering and the red blood are the only digital work on the page. Super cool to see John Byrne's pencils for a whole trade paperback worth of material.The story brings back Kakistos from BTVS: S03E03 for a comeback as well as some familiar historical figures.Great story, kick ass art. Accurate reference for the era. [...]

    5. Writer/artist John Byrne tells the story of Angel during WWI. It's a fun story, very much in keeping with the tone of the series. The art, reproduced directly from Byrne's uninked pencils in black and white, is gorgeous. Recommended for fans of Angel or John Byrne.

    6. I'm not a fan of black and white comics. I much prefer colored comics and the storyline didn't intrigue me, either. I'm not a fan of war comics, but I read this one because it was Angel and I'm currently working my way through the Buffyverse comics.

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