The Earth Made New: Plains Indian Stories of Creation

Weaving together the legends of the Plains Indian tribes, including the stories of the Cheyenne, Blackfoot, Arapaho, and the Crow, this book contains 8 pages of additional illustrations and stories, as well as a new foreword It also includes a reference list and detailed introductory note.
The Earth Made New Plains Indian Stories of Creation Weaving together the legends of the Plains Indian tribes including the stories of the Cheyenne Blackfoot Arapaho and the Crow this book contains pages of additional illustrations and stories a

  • Title: The Earth Made New: Plains Indian Stories of Creation
  • Author: Paul Goble
  • ISBN: 9781933316673
  • Page: 310
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1 thought on “The Earth Made New: Plains Indian Stories of Creation”

    1. I truly loved this book! I am very fascinated by native american culture and was familiar with the tale before reading. It is a story of creation and working together. The author does a great job making the tale come to life. It is a great way to introduce different cultures and their beliefs. It is also just a really unique and wonderful tale that I believe all children should read.

    2. This book is a good addition to classrooms because it teaches kids about a different culture. It shows them a different way of thinking in a way that they can understand. The illustrations are beautiful.

    3. This book does a great job explaining how the world was found. It is very interesting and children would enjoy it. One of my favorite parts of this book was the introduction because it was amazing. The book illustrations were fun and I think kids would enjoy them.

    4. A great insight into how the Native Americans think the earth was formed. The story talks about someone called the "Earth Maker" who explains the process. The turtle is considered the bedrock of earth and other animals kept adding stuff to it's shell and that becomes the earth.

    5. I do not like this book. It is a story about creation. The only thing that i like about the book is the pictures. they are really colorful and well done but i don't like the story itself.

    6. This book is a creation story the Native American culture. This book talks about the spiritualism of the Native Americans. The turtle is considered the bedrock of the earth.

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