Cottonwood Whispers

In this sequel to Jennifer s award winning debut novel Fireflies in December, Jessilyn Lassiter and her best friend Gemma Teague have survived prejudice and heartache in their lifelong friendship, but the summer of 1936 threatens to tear them apart yet again Gemma s job with the wealthy Hadley family leads to a crush on their youngest son But Jessilyn s insistence thaIn this sequel to Jennifer s award winning debut novel Fireflies in December, Jessilyn Lassiter and her best friend Gemma Teague have survived prejudice and heartache in their lifelong friendship, but the summer of 1936 threatens to tear them apart yet again Gemma s job with the wealthy Hadley family leads to a crush on their youngest son But Jessilyn s insistence that he s no good and that no rich white man would ever truly fall for a poor black girl like Gemma puts them at odds Tragedy strikes when Jessilyn s cherished neighbor girl is hit by a car and killed Things get worse when an elderly friend is falsely accused of the crime, and the only way to clear his name is to put her family s livelihood in jeopardy For Jessilyn, this is a choice too hard to bear and she wonders where to turn for answers, especially when an angry mob threatens vigilante justice Jennifer s third book, Catching Moondrops, releases in Fall 2010.
Cottonwood Whispers In this sequel to Jennifer s award winning debut novel Fireflies in December Jessilyn Lassiter and her best friend Gemma Teague have survived prejudice and heartache in their lifelong friendship but

  • Title: Cottonwood Whispers
  • Author: Jennifer Erin Valent
  • ISBN: 9781414333267
  • Page: 414
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. I liked this one better than the first which I didn't think was possible. This is a coming of age story for Jessie, Gemmie and Luke and there is so much going on in this book that I am having a hard time pinpointing my favorite moments. The schism between Gemma and Jessie, the unfair treatment of Mr. Poe, the hypocrisy and racial tones of the town when it comes to whites and blacks, the struggle Jessie feels about not having the same type of faith that her parents, Gemma and Mr. Poe have, the wo [...]

    2. These books just get better with each one. I am drawn in and have already gone on to the next in the series because I just can't wait to see what happens next in Jessilyn's life. The wonderful things about these books is that it is not only the love story that you are following and watching grow but it is Jessilyn and her not only coming of age but of faith. You see her building and asking questions in each book and it is amazing. Jennifer Valent is a brillant writer, she has tears just running [...]

    3. 1937a year when life was simple and carefree - or so we think? Can you imagine a time in life when you could send your kids walking to a store or to church without you? They did in 1937; Jessilyn and Gemma are best friends that have grown-up quick. Life was simple, but it wasn’t without its own racial tensions, where the rich tried to push around the poor, and a time when people thought they could take justice into their own hands.Jessilyn says, “Daddy had told me before that sometimes the L [...]

    4. When I planned this week, I realized the FIRST tour for Cottonwood Whispers was on the schedule. Fear consumed me.You see, I’ve had the book for quite some time, but I couldn’t bring myself to read it. It occupied a special place on my bookshelf right next to its predecessor, Fireflies in December. The excitement I felt upon hearing there was a sequel in the works turned into uncertainty.My love for the first novel made me hesitate. I feared disappointment. The bar was set very high with Fir [...]

    5. This is the second book in a series and the author did a fantastic job. I lived it. Since I had already read the first book, I was very invested in these characters and I loved seeing how they grew and changed. I highly recommend this book as well as Fireflies in December. Both are great stories of faith in God. This series is definitely a must read and I feel the author left this book open for more to come!

    6. "…You read a good book or somethin’. And make sure it’s a book about people who ain’t got no troubles.” Valent, Jennifer Erin. Cottonwood Whispers (p. 203). Tyndale House Publishers. Kindle Edition. -- Excellent advice. Another tale of Gemma and Jessilyn, still getting into trouble beyond their years. Another great read about interracial friendship in the 1930s south by Ms. Valent. Highly recommended.

    7. I was so excited to pick up this book. It is book two in the Jessilyn Lassiter series by Jennifer Erin Valent and picks up several years after the events in the first book, Fireflies in December. I can’t brag on this series or on this author enough. She’s one of the authors that connects with her fans on social media and is so open and inviting that it really makes you want to read her books—and if you haven’t? You really should! These books capture the heart of the Deep South in a time [...]

    8. It is with great pleasure and excitement that I review book two in the Calloway Summers series! I loved the first novel in this series, Fireflies in December, and could hardly put it down. Valent’s second novel more than lived up to my expectations, a task for which Valent had her work cut out. She did an excellent job in creating the next chapter of Jessie’s life. I could ramble on and on, but I’ll leave that for further on in the review. The Story Growing up is never easy, and Jessilyn L [...]

    9. I closed my eyes last night and couldn't sleep. My mind wandered back to the year of 1936 in the deep South. The air was too hot to breath. I couldn't shake the feeling of great sadness that crept in.Why was I feeling this way? I just finished reading --Cottonwood Whispers by Jennifer Erin Valent. It is an amazing, heart wrenching sequel to "Fireflies in December" (which I haven't read). Valent grabbed me from the get-go and drew me deep into her story. It drew me in with that Southern setting, [...]

    10. In the four years since the events of Fireflies in December, Jessilyn Lassiter has grown into a young woman of seventeen. She's still the feisty, head-strong character we remember, but almost killing a man and facing an angry KKK mob has a way of forcing a girl to grow up fast. Maybe she's lost some innocence, but Jessilyn's still a kid--much to her dismay. She longs for the day when her friend Luke Talley sees her as more than a girl, but until then life's confusing enough. Her best friend Gemm [...]

    11. About Cottonwood WhispersA while ago, Tyndale Blog Network sent me the book Cottonwood Whispers by Jennifer Erin Valent. I hate to say it, but it kind of got lost and I just ran across it again this past week. So, I FINALLY had a chance to read it. Cottonwood Whispers is the follow up story to the award winning novel, Fireflies in December. Valent does a fine job capturing the turmoil of the time and her writing is beautiful and true to life.Synopsis of Cottonwood WhispersCottonwood Whispers tak [...]

    12. This was the sequel to "Fireflies in December" although I think one would be able to read this book without having read the first one. It takes place 4 years later and Jessilyn Lassiter is now 17. Not much has changed. Her best friend is still Gemma Teauge and she's still dead set on marrying her hero, Luke Tally. Jesse has grown up some, but still has a sharp tongue and a hot temper. Jessilyn and Gemma face a trouble in their friendship when Gemma develops a crush her wealthy but white boss, Jo [...]

    13. Cottonwood Whispers continues the story of Jessilyn Lassiter - now seventeen - her best friend Gemma, friend and childhood crush Luke, her parents, as well as various characters from the southern town of Calloway, Virginia in 1936. This story is second in a series of three, and I admit I wondered if I'd get as caught up in Cottonwood Whispers as I'd been in the first book in the series, Fireflies in December. No worries there. Cottonwood Whispers was a wonderful, heart-wrenching read. Jennifer V [...]

    14. "Cottonwood Whispers" is a historical fiction with some romance set in 1936 in a small town in the South. The author does an excellent job of conveying the idea of Southern accents without being obvious or making the text hard to read.This novel is the second in a series, but you don't need to read the first one to understand this one. However, a mystery element in the first novel is revealed in this one, so I'd recommend reading "Fireflies in December" first--I suspect it's as good as this one. [...]

    15. First of all, thanks to Tyndale for sending me this ARC. I didn't realize it was a sequel, but it can be just as easily read as a stand-alone book. After reading it, I'm definitely going to be looking for a copy of the first book as well as any continuations. I'd love to see this as a series.First and foremost, it was anything but the typical inspirational fiction cliche. The protagonist is likable, witty, self-reliant, and not a Christian. There is also no "Damascus Road" experience where she i [...]

    16. This is a sequel to another book, Fireflies in December, but I've never read the first book and felt this one stood pretty well on its own. Though I wished I knew more about how Jessilyn and Gemma became friends which is a good incentive to go find that first book!The story takes place in the south in 1936. Jessilyn is 17, and her best friend is black. The author does a great job dealing with the prejudices of the time and pointing out some of the complications; the injustices and romances and t [...]

    17. Cottonwood Whispers by Jennifer Erin Valent is the haunting follow-up to Fireflies in December. Jessie Lassiter has been "sister" to Gemma Teague since Gemma's parents died four years ago, but Gemma's feelings for her employer's scoundrel son come between the two young women. Tragedy strikes the small town of Calloway once again with the hit and run killing of a little girl for whom Jessie babysat, and the town is split in two when a mentally handicapped man is accused in her death. Jessie is th [...]

    18. I was captivated and drawn into Cottonwood Whispers immediately. This story moves very quickly and there is never a dull moment.My only regret about reading Cottonwood Whispers is that I did not read Fireflies in December first. I did not have any problem following the story because Cottonwood Whispers takes place a few years after Fireflies in December, but this book was simply wonderful and I want to read more from this author about these people in this time and place.The characters in this st [...]

    19. I found this sequel to be a bit better and more interesting than the debut novel 'Fireflies in December'. You can see the improvement in the author's writing already.From back cover:"I've heard the dead whisper. Everytime I tell my best friend Gemma that, she tells me I'm crazy. But I'm not crazy. The dead really can whisper, only it isn't their ghosts that do it. It's the memory of them.The summer of 1936 is one that seventeen-year-old Jessilyn Lassiter will never forget. She had hoped to spend [...]

    20. Having loved Jennifer Erin Valent's first book, Fireflies in December I was eager to read this sequel which takes place about three years later. Gemma is still living with Jessilyn's family, but is now finished with school and working as a domestic servant for the rich family down the street. She is developing a relationship with the adult son of the family. Jessilyn realizes her family is in financial trouble (it is 1939 after all) and so she gets a part-time job helping a neighbor lady, who wa [...]

    21. 2 - Writing Style (It seemed like all of the characters sounded the same. It needed to vary more to distinguish between their personalities.)4 - Kept me Awake at Night Reading (An easy read. I had already been interested in the characters from the first book, so that helped me want to keep reading.)2 - Good Discussion Book (Not really.)5 - Violence (Some, but nothing written in a disturbing or nightmarish way.)5 - Sex (Clean.)5 - Language (Clean.)2 - Unique (It was an entertaining story, but not [...]

    22. A worthy follow-up, the story of Jessalyn and her family continues. In this book the troubles revolve around Gemma, who is working for a rich white family and temporarily gets her good sense undermined. A child dies and hard choices must be made. Also we see their father's faith get shaky when a drought threatens the farm. That was so believable to me - as the daughter of a farmer I know how serious it can be when weather turns against you. And in the real world there often isn't anything to fal [...]

    23. After reading Fireflies in December, which was wonderful, I could hardly wait for Jennifers next book Cottonwood Whispers, which did not disappoint. Now can't wait for the next one, Catching Moondrops, which is continueing the story of Gemma and Jessilyn. Can't wait to begin the next book from Jennifer Erin Valent, an author I just discovered this year.Just one of my favorite parts, Miss Cleta is telling Jessilyn on page 332"If you want to believe, someday you will. You just wait. God'll open yo [...]

    24. To be 100% honest, I have not read this entire book. I read the first book of the trilogy "Fireflies in December" and enjoyed it immensely. I also read the last book "Catching Moondrops" and only became aware of this one after I had finished it. There were some gaps btw the two that I hoped this book would bridge. It did serve to do that, and pretty much that's it. As a story, this one is unfortunately very one dimensional. It was very easy to see what direction it was going in within the first [...]

    25. This is the 2'nd book by this author and the 2n'd book about these characters. I really 'liked' this book and gave it 4 stars. I even thought it might need more than 4 though not sure 5 would be appropriate. I don't highlight in books, or make notes. In this book I did. Not sure if that speaks to the book, or to me. It is Christian fiction, a genre I do enjoy. But if you are not a fan of preachy Christian fiction, you don't need to fear this book. There is no preaching in it. It is set in the 19 [...]

    26. The 2nd book in the series, the 1st being Fireflies in December and the last being Catching Moondrops), this book continues the story of the lives of Jessie, Gemma, Luke and their lives in 1930's South, Jessie's growing hate for the KKK and her ,secret love for Luke. This series was full of emotions for me and the story was well told. Even if you feel this book may drag, which I didn't but others have reviewed, please keep reading through the last book. It is a story of love, hate, forgiveness, [...]

    27. My book club read Fireflies in December and LOVED it. We normally don't read sequels but decided to make an exception with Cottonwood Whispers. We were not disappointed. This is an outstanding book of making quick assumptions, false acccusations, and how easily people can believe something without exploring justifications. It is a story of true sacrificial love and pure faith in God's sovereignty. I'm looking forward to the sequel where I hope we find Jessilyn discovering God's all redeeming lov [...]

    28. This is book #2 in a (so far) 3-book series. You are placed back into the life of Jessilynn Lassiter. This time she's 17 years old. The plot of this book centers around the death of a 3 year old girl. Someone hits her with their car and an innocent man is accused of killing her.I'm really impressed with how well one book flowed into another. In fact, it's hard to write a review as it feels just like a continuation of 'Fireflies in December'. I'm now about 25% done with the 3rd book 'Catching Moo [...]

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