Nylon Angel

The Tert a toxic strip of humanity outside the city limits is no longer big enough for bodyguard Parrish Plessis and her sadistic boss, Jamon Mondo So with Mondo s dingoboys on her tail, Parrish cuts a deal with a rival gang lord to steal some files that could send Mondo to death row At the same time, she s sheltering a suspect in the murder of news grrl Razz RetribuThe Tert a toxic strip of humanity outside the city limits is no longer big enough for bodyguard Parrish Plessis and her sadistic boss, Jamon Mondo So with Mondo s dingoboys on her tail, Parrish cuts a deal with a rival gang lord to steal some files that could send Mondo to death row At the same time, she s sheltering a suspect in the murder of news grrl Razz Retribution In a networld run by the media, the truth isn t relevant It s bad for ratings, which is why Parrish finds herself tagged for the murder and up to her tricked out leather tank top in trouble.
Nylon Angel The Tert a toxic strip of humanity outside the city limits is no longer big enough for bodyguard Parrish Plessis and her sadistic boss Jamon Mondo So with Mondo s dingoboys on her tail Parrish cuts

  • Title: Nylon Angel
  • Author: Marianne de Pierres
  • ISBN: 9780451460370
  • Page: 267
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. "Book, you have the right to a speedy trial" reviewTHE DEFENSE - Finally! A science-fiction cyberpunk novel that I can actually understand - I don't claim to be the smartest person in the worldinly because there are loads of online posts by me that will immediately prove I'm a liar! But when I reach a point in a novel where I have no idea what the fudge is going on, (in Grant Morrison's case, this usually occurs around page one), I tend to blame the author more than myself. Such was NOT the case [...]

    2. 3.5 Stars"Nylon Angel" is the first book in the 'Parrish Plessis' sci-fi series by Marianne de Pierres. I don't read an awful lot of sci-fi but when I do it's usually been a male author, with male characters and rather hard core sci-fi at it's root. Because of this, although I enjoy it, I have to be in the mood for it and the mood doesn't come along that frequently.When deciding which book to read for my "women of science fiction" event, I decided on "Nylon Angel" and it was this quote that clin [...]

    3. Al principio estaba muy indecisa de leer este libro; la portada y la sinopsis decían muy poco y vagamente me di una idea de lo que trataría, así que investigué en y vi que lo pintaban como muy bueno. Así que dejé la decidía atrás y me adentré en sus páginas.El inicio del libro me confundió, no sé sí sería porque no presté demasiada atención o porque en verdad no entendí el principio, o ambas. Al principio estaba leyendo que Parrish quería escapar de Jamon Mondo, que la tenía [...]

    4. En ángel de nailon, entramos a un mundo donde casi cualquier cosa te puede matar, donde te encuentras veneno o cosas radioactivas en cualquier parte, es de esos libros que te encuentras acción en cada página, nuestra protagonista Parrish Plessis, quien prefirió abandonar su hogar antes que seguir aguantando los malos tratos que recibía de su padrastro, se va a vivir a los barrios mas bajos y consigue algunos trabajos como guardia de personajes pudientes, entre ellos Jamon Mondo quien intent [...]

    5. A near-future dystopian novel set in Australia. The media has more power than ever before, and can act as judge, jury, and executioner, all on live television.This is one of the first books I read set in a post-apocalyptic near future. I have read several books with females as the main character; however, the lead character here, Parrish Plessis, completely breaks the mold. Put simply, she is a badass, while at the same time being portrayed as more than just a 'man in a skirt'. She takes the rea [...]

    6. The only elements of this book that I found at all interesting were the ones ripped directly off of William Gibson's work. The characters are flat stereotypes; the plot is nothing new to anyone who's read Gibson or Neal Stephenson. De Pierres tries to emulate the style of the former, but doesn't have his talent for prose. The main character is a bad copy of Molly Millions-- although even this is poorly exectued, as her frequent made-for-TV-movie-esque asides to herself about her own rape erode h [...]

    7. OK book. Very eventful, but the plot didn't cohere for me. Also rather too much rape. Note that most of the plotlines started in this one do NOT resolve within it; I assume they do in the next 2 books, but don't think I'll bother finding out.

    8. This review was originally posted on my blog Another World.At its core, the first book of the Parrish Plessis trilogy is a cyberpunk thriller (at least it starts out that way) set in a near future, dystopian Australia. A setting which is not ruled by a militaristic totalitarian regime, or even a capricious, amoral mega-corporation, but by an all-pervasive and powerful media. Not content with just reporting the news, these media organisations have taken to creating, shaping and controlling the pe [...]

    9. Angel de Nailon es el impresionante estreno de Marianne de Pierres en España, de la mano de la editorial Dolmen más conocida por sus aportaciones al mundo del cómic que al de la novela, pero que me está demostrando que tiene buen ojo a la hora de añadir títulos a su catálogo.En esta novela nos encontramos a una mujer como protagonista, Parrish Plessis, víctima de las circunstancias que le rodean. Después de haber abandonado a su familia y posición acomodada en la ciudad a causa de los [...]

    10. Entertaining book. Actually it really reminds me of the first few Kate Daniels books (which i love) except just not quite in the same league yet.The Characters were mainly great. Parrish seemed rather easy to read but became more and more complicated as the book continued. I love how she started off pretty much on her own then she slowly started picking up allies and friends (usually other victims) left, right and center. My fave definitely had to be The Feral's.Some of the other characters felt [...]

    11. this book is a hot mess.on one hand, bonus points for not everyone being white, or not everyone being straight, and not making a big deal out of either of those things. even more on the plus side of the column is the richly detailed setting - you smell the slums our heroine is hauling ass through, and the retro-future thing (thigh-high pink vinyl boots on a drug dealer) is a fun little reminder of gritty sci-fi of days gone by, e.g William Gibson.but the plot? eh, it stumbles more than a bit. th [...]

    12. Very enjoyable cyberpunk novel, though I guess these days they are mostly called urban fantasy.This one would fit either classification well, there was plenty of 'cybering up' augmentation on the characters; biological, electronically and actual cyber. The setting was dystopian, so definitely urban fantasy, and I was very happy to see another author using Australian settings, that always adds a bit of zing to the story for me.There were strong indications that the author was familiar with many o [...]

    13. The book has a good setup on the back cover that I picked it up on sale. I hadn't heard of the author, more bonus points. Set in a late 21st century part of eastern Australia, we are given a 1st person narrative of a lady down deep in the filth of living on the edge. But it then falls apart.The narrative has too many two, three word sentences that end with an exclamation point. Lots of them! (Like that) It pulls from the narrative that this is supposed to be a hard boiled fighter, not a teenager [...]

    14. Good book but I struggled a bit with it. Never got a strong grasp on the setting, the book could have used a glossary as concepts and characters were only briefly introduced before being referenced many chapters later. Main character was a bit of a mix, we're repeatedly told she's super-capable but I lost track of the number of times she woke up from being taken down. Overall I wasn't crazy about the book but looking forward to book two

    15. In the future Earth, the world has been poisoned into a shadow of its former glory. Normal humans live in city towers away from the poisoned land, but others choose the freedom of living outside the cities. Parrish fled the city to live in The Tert, an area ruled by rival warlords and where cybernetics reign supreme. Her efforts to escape a warlord lead her on multiple escapades, including a run-in with the all powerful Media, who now can act as judge, jury, and executioner upon the public, all [...]

    16. Nice escapist novel with plenty of plot and excitement! I picked this book after reading Peacemaker, and I preferred the writing style in this book as opposed to Peacemaker.The plot is always moving forward, the protagonist is strong willed and has some depth, it was a quick read, and I found myself unable to put it down.My only complaint is that I got fed up with the protagonist's little crush very quickly. The reason I picked up another book from de Pierres was because the romance from Peacema [...]

    17. Solid and interesting. This kept me captivated despite the fact I tend towards reading Fantasy more often than Science Fiction. I liked the strength of the main character, Parrish and liked the amount to depth she was drawn with. The cyber-punk setting was pretty cool, and I felt it was easy to slip into the slums that were The Tert. I liked that it was set in a future dystopian Australia and that it wasn't too unrealistic as to what could happen in the actual future. I even started picturing a [...]

    18. A book I wasn't expecting to come across in the United States (by an Australian author whose popularity outside of Australia I greatly underestimated). A fun action thriller with cyberpunk trappings. I think comparisons to Gibson and Stephenson are a little unfair, think more Dark Angel meets Matthew Reilly. I struggled with the main character quite a bit and a lot of the action and SF tropes forcing the plot irritated me, the imagination used to describe this dystopian Australian surburbia has [...]

    19. When I met the author back in June, I asked herto recommend which of her books would be good for me, as someone new to her work. After a discussion on the type of books I like, Nylon Angel was her choice. And i'm glad it was.Parrish Plessis is a great main character - she has her flaws, but she also has qualities that you grow to love about her throughout the story.Plot-wise, I think it's well written & original. It's fast-paced, and constantly has you wanting to keep reading to see what hap [...]

    20. This was a very poor story, with a strange plot line and a very weak main character. This author showed some good imagination but terrible story telling abitility. Obviously this is the beginning of a series, or at least I hope it is, because there is no resolution to quite a few of the main story lines. Also the main character is supposed to be very tough and good in hand to hand combat and througout the book refers to how amazingly tough she is, but continually survives conflicts soley through [...]

    21. Decent rip-off of Stephenson's "Snow Crash" but not as well written. The "kick-ass" heroine doesn't seem to do more than react to others' actions and so she stumbles and tumbles from one disaster to another slaughter. Tries to weave many plots into a coherent whole and fails, though if you have a sufficiently convoluted mind, perhaps you can tease out a main thread. I have #2 and will probably give it a read but without gleeful anticipation.

    22. I really liked this book. It is good scifi without many of the social preaching and lessons taught through fiction prevalent in many books. It tells a not too simple story of a woman caught in a bad situation, trying to make a better life for herself and not be beholden to anyone. I might wish for it to be a bit more hardcore military scifi than it is, but the story of Parrish Plessis is off to a good start.

    23. Woman-with-a-gun-and-an-attitude tries to get by in a dystopic future Australian slum inhabited by gangs, freaks and mutants. Crosses and doublecrosses abound. The author spends a lot of the 1st half trying to get across the environment before the story really kicks in for the finish. Nods to many other near-future fiction, from Blade Runner to Transmetropolitan to Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. First book of a series. Rated MA15 for violence, sexual references and drug use. 3/5

    24. WTF?!?Let's just say that the cover copy and the book itself are incredibly disconnected in style/tone/expectations.I expected a futuristic female fighter, but instead you get introduced to her as she's getting raped because she's unable to protect herself. How is she supposed to protect someone else?I just stopped after about 50 pages; seriously not worth your time/money *particularly as this is somehow the first in a series.

    25. A kick-ass, roller-coaster ride of a read. I loved hpe Marrian has not provided all the answers. This novel assumes that you can piece together the information to imagine the world Parrish Plessis lives in and drops you straight into the action.An intelligent action read from an Aussie author who assumes her readers are "tuned in" enough to understand. Its throughly refreshing not to be spoon fed.

    26. I almost wish I hadn’t finish this book. I was on the verge of tossing it around two thirds in, but figured I’d read this far might as well see how it ends. But the final third is actually quite good. Not sure if it is enough to make up for the first part, But now I am a little curious about the next books in the series.Full review: susanhatedliterature/2

    27. Going to write a trilogy? Stick "Book 1 of the trilogy". Not (Parrish Plessis 1). The vast majority of plotlines are unresolved in this book, making me hurl it across the room at the end. The writing is not good enough to make me rush out and get the other novels by this author. References to "The Great Wombat" as an invokation of a deity makes me cringe.

    28. Pretty interesting read. I'm still not sure I completely followed the story but it was still good. I like Parrish, she's a very good character and I like Daac as well. Ready to read the second book and find out what happens next.

    29. Great to read a sci-fi with a strong female protagonist and based in a future dystopian Australia. The first time I have read Marianne de Pierres - but it won't be the last. Action-packed, well thought out, flamboyant characters and fun to read.

    30. This is sci-fi at its absolute best. It is a fast paced novel, with plenty of suspense and a great mystery to resolve. The writing is direct and reminds me of a good old-fashioned crime novel. The main character is strong and complex - making me look forward to reading the rest of the series.

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