The Art of Mulan

Inspired by a 2,000 year old Chinese legend, Mulan is the first animated feature film to be primarily produced by Disney s studio in Orlando, Florida This richly illustrated volume, The Art of Mulan, reveals the story behind the making of the film and includes than 350 stunning color and black and white illustrations, showcasing a variety of art produced by the manyInspired by a 2,000 year old Chinese legend, Mulan is the first animated feature film to be primarily produced by Disney s studio in Orlando, Florida This richly illustrated volume, The Art of Mulan, reveals the story behind the making of the film and includes than 350 stunning color and black and white illustrations, showcasing a variety of art produced by the many talented artists who worked on the film.Like film s heroine, the Disney artists who created Mulan made a journey of self discovery that began with a momentous decision to make a modern day film adapted from an ancient Chinese source Their efforts to remain faithful to the spirit of the original legend and the traditions of Shinese culture, while at the same time make it accessible to today s international audience, are chronicled in The Art of Mulan by the artists themselves Their words reveal their passion while their art demonstrates the dazzling array of talent Disney committed to the making of a truly moving and spectacular film.
The Art of Mulan Inspired by a year old Chinese legend Mulan is the first animated feature film to be primarily produced by Disney s studio in Orlando Florida This richly illustrated volume The Art of Mulan

  • Title: The Art of Mulan
  • Author: Jeff Kurtti
  • ISBN: 9780786863884
  • Page: 115
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1 thought on “The Art of Mulan”

    1. They give the background on the Chinese myth and a bit about the culture itself first. Then they discuss how much the story changed as it was developed. We are lucky to have gotten the film we did. At one point, they wanted it to be a romantic comedy. Mulan was supposed to have an arranged marriage to Shang. She was supposed to be a tomboy who was dissatisfied with her life and the options available to her. At one point they had two dragons, Yin and Yang. They had a dragon and a phoenix.A lot of [...]

    2. Previously I had read The Art of Hercules and I'd been wanting to read The Art of Mulan ever since it came out--it's my favorite Disney animated film. It's really interesting to hear about the decision making process behind scenes on these animated features, especially in regards to the direction of the kind of story they wanted to tell while trying to retain the spirit of the legend (whether they are successful, not sure as I don't know much about the tale of Mulan--but they did at least seem t [...]

    3. (More pictures at parkablogs)I really couldn't put it down after reading it. It tells a very clear and interesting story on how the movie was created. Disney put huge emphasis on stories. The different story artists would discuss at lengths in this book on the considerations they made when trying to adapt Chinese history into a Western film. There were ideas to make Mulan a romantic comedy, which were luckily shot down, in an attempt to keep the film authentic.The research process is most intere [...]

    4. While an alarming amount of text is featured in this one and still not enough concept art for my taste, I heartily enjoyed reading about their journey making Mulan. Much more interesting than The Art of Anastasia, as far as the creative process goes.

    5. "Mulan" is one of my favorite Disney animated films, and this book is a very clear and fascinating look at how the animators approached their work on the film. There are lots of great illustrations to demonstrate what they talk about. Fascinating fun.

    6. Back in the 90s, Disney produced several of these lavish, glossy volumes as companions for their animated features. These Hyperion Editions are still widely regarded by collectors as some of the best art books available.The Art of Mulan is truly one of the best of these originals. It is a beautifully designed piece featuring in-depth explorations of the inspirations behind the film, including a reproduction of the original Mulan story and a great deal of exquisite concept artwork.Of particular n [...]

    7. This was interesting to read. It, like the Rise of the Guardians art book, went into a lot of detail regarding the process of making the movie. I had no idea the team went to China for research. I also had no idea how much revising and scraping the team had to do with characters and scenes. Very interesting, indeed.

    8. One of the books that I dreamed to have for my own since I watched the movie. I like the way it started, the beautiful poem, the sweet lines, those sketches and pictures, the info about everything from A-Z, everything was just amazing in this book, I felt like crying when I end the book, I really loved it and enjoyed it ^_^

    9. This gave a lot of information on the development process as well as a description of what the creators did during their trip to China before creating the picture. I would have loved to have seen more first drafts of what characters looked like as well as sketches. The majority of the art in the book was stills from the film.

    10. An absolutely gorgeous book. The creative process is described really well and it's complemented by a wide selection of images from various stages of development. This book had a beautiful way of handling chapter breaks, with an image of a character printed on thick, sheer paper overlaid on a background image from the development stages.

    11. ♫✯Em loves Hollenstein✯♫❤the summertime and butterflies all belong to your creation❤ says:

      i am so obsessed with Mulan. i literally have watched it twice in one day. i need this.

    12. Gorgeous book of which I really only got to scratch the surface. It is definitely worth the money for those who loved the animation.

    13. I want this so badly but it's been out of print for ages and so it's really expensive! (Going for about $100 used.) Yup, my eye is out.

    14. I got this book as a Chirstmas gift. I liked how it brought you into the stages of them creating the movie.

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