Peoples of the World (World Geography Series)

Beautifully illustrated guides to the world we live in Up to date maps, charts and diagrams
Peoples of the World World Geography Series Beautifully illustrated guides to the world we live in Up to date maps charts and diagrams

  • Title: Peoples of the World (World Geography Series)
  • Author: Roma Trundle Jenny Tyler
  • ISBN: 9780860201892
  • Page: 390
  • Format: Paperback
  • 1 thought on “Peoples of the World (World Geography Series)”

    1. Good book. Great facts and illustrations. Currency in the back are WAY out of date, shows Italy still using Lira etc

    2. We used this book as part of our homeschool curriculum (Sonlight). It has some good information in it that was able to promote good conversation, but I feel like there wasn't anything specific that we will remember from reading it. It's good to show how different people around the world live, but I find that it was more useful when I supplemented additional information about the things we were reading.

    3. Another Usborne book that we enjoyed. Full of information on peoples and cultures around the world, people's language, money, food, homes, religions, holidays, music. . . We used it as an overall introduction to the idea that people around the world are different and diverse before we go into a world history study where we will be in depth in specific cultures. I think it achieved the goal of a great overview and can be pulled out as a reference when necessary.

    4. We used this for school (SL Core B). A little too busy on the pages, but it was very interesting. My daughter seemed to enjoy it and to absorb it.

    5. We liked this book. It is a great introduction to different peoples around the world and their cultures.

    6. I liked this book because it told me a lot about what I didn't know about people long ago. this book was read to me by mom during morning devotional.

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