Soulcraft: Crossing into the Mysteries of Nature and Psyche

For millennia, ceremonies and initiation rites have helped societies survive and thrive by marking life transitions In contemporary America, except for bar mitzvahs, graduations, and weddings, these rituals are conspicuous by their absence Written for people in search of their true selves particularly those on the verge of adulthood and those at a major crossroads suchFor millennia, ceremonies and initiation rites have helped societies survive and thrive by marking life transitions In contemporary America, except for bar mitzvahs, graduations, and weddings, these rituals are conspicuous by their absence Written for people in search of their true selves particularly those on the verge of adulthood and those at a major crossroads such as divorce or carrier change Soulcraft restores the ritual to its rightful place as a crucial part of personal growth and self employment Exercises and insightful stories explain how to discover one s unique gift, or soul purpose, to be shared with others through a ceremonial event Drawing on ancient traditions, this vision quest serves as a modern rite of initiation.
Soulcraft Crossing into the Mysteries of Nature and Psyche For millennia ceremonies and initiation rites have helped societies survive and thrive by marking life transitions In contemporary America except for bar mitzvahs graduations and weddings these r

  • Title: Soulcraft: Crossing into the Mysteries of Nature and Psyche
  • Author: Bill Plotkin Thomas Berry
  • ISBN: 9781577314226
  • Page: 346
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Plotkin is an eco-therapist and wilderness guide, who writes about what he terms the "soul," and the art of engaging and understanding it. He explains that encounters with our soul provide us with our life's purpose, and help us to live in harmony with nature. I had picked up the book anticipating more of a guide book about what one does to achieve "Soul Crafting," particularly as the book is set up this way; however, it turned out to be more of an expose on the experience. I was completely inte [...]

    2. Soulcraft masterfully explores the deep and mystical connections between the human psyche, soul, and nature and does it using simple, eloquent language to describe richly nuanced ideas about spirituality, wholeness, initiation, and truth. Although the entirety of Bill Plotkin’s inspired work is magical, radical, and thought-provoking, I found the sections that describe the ceremonial opportunities provided by our transition into adulthood the most fascinating and, to use an en vogue term, rele [...]

    3. I read this a few years ago (while I was transitioning out of Bastyr College of Naturopathy). I loved the concept of marrying yourself; meaning, acknowledging the divine feminine and masculine in yourself and finding balance & wholeness within.

    4. Powerful perspective changer. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will need to revisit this book frequently.

    5. After a four-month journey savouring SoulCraft – reading, contemplating, rereading, questioning, discussing, and rereading again, I closed the cover today, tenderly as if biding farewell to a much loved friend. I have loved this book.I facilitate a Spiritual Literacy Group, for a group of international and interfaith women who gather together with the shared intent of cultivating spirit and a soulful dimension to life, through reading and discussing spiritually themed books. We meet twice a mo [...]

    6. Plotkin's premise is that we must each discover our purpose on this planet, not just by "ascending" into the spiritual realm, but by "descending" into the realm of the soul, which is where our uniqueness lies. To do so, he suggests a radical life disruption involving nature, things like vision quests, mountaintop fasts, and group rituals (much of which he offers in his own practice). I'm not ready to sign up yet, but his cosmology is fascinating. My key reservation is the length of the examples. [...]

    7. I am enjoying this book. Recommended for a guide to initiation. Finished this book. I am not in complete agreement with this author's explanation of soul. However, I found it very worthwhile read. The book lays out basic components to initiation, which is helpful. He is obviously influenced by James Hillman, which is a great source of reading about the nature of soul.

    8. Absolutely fantastic book on the process of crafting the soul and putting to rest all of the habits and behaviors that no longer serve us.

    9. I would give this 3.5 stars if I could. My advice regarding this book is to read its pages with an open mind and take away from it whatever resonates with you.

    10. As I read, I learn more about, "an unmet longing for wildness, mystery, and a meaningful engagement with the world." (p. 1)

    11. A distillation of 20 years of 'work' in these varied disciplines incredible inquiry of spirit, earth and self.

    12. I really loved this book about getting to know your soul, soul image, and soul path. There were many useful exercises and I was really inspired.

    13. a beautiful guide to continue the journey of following one's soul path one of the deepest and moving books I've read

    14. wise fodder for a hungry psyche.I hear and ingest this man's insightful perspectives and recommend him to anyone interested in some good old fashioned inner work.

    15. A profoundly insightful book into the process and experience of soul initiation and individual purpose in a modern world.

    16. One of best guide books on paths to find your soul. Plotkin combines Jungian psychology with other animist thinkers. The result is one of those great finds. As one who has dedicated my essence to finding ME, Plotkin saved me untold hours of research and analysis. He helped me define my upcoming blog. Here is my suggested title in the language of metaphors: Worn-thin pages about the trekking to Your Soul.

    17. Explains the what, why and how of vision quests and other 'soul work'. Also sets that into a wider context. Very interesting. It's explanations helped me to understand the vision quest process and how it could affect a person (my wife is soon to embark on a vision quest).

    18. Chapter 2 re. spirit and soul, ascent and descent is worth 5 stars in itself. It really helped me grasp these concepts and how they are inter-related. Great explanation of the ego too. I'd recommend this book whether you are planning a vision quest or not.

    19. Awesome read. So much insight to be gained and really challenges one's way of thinking.

    20. Amazing guide to going deeper to uncover your soul's messages. It accompanied me on my Vision Quest in Sedona, AZ a few weeks ago.

    21. Although a long read, with some dry and even repetitive sections, Bill Plotkin’s Soulcraft is good introduction for anyone who might be feeling like their life is not their own. Soulcraft is about allowing yourself to recognize, experience, seek-out, value and most of all, nourish and encourage the essence of your soul. I am not talking about some sort of ethereal, ghost-like apparition that flies out of your body at death and is judged by some bearded guy in the clouds who decides to shuffle [...]

    22. Soulcraft is a highly original, thoughtful, and thought-provoking guide to particular form of self-discovery, which unfortunately reads like a doctrine. Plotkin tells us to give up our beliefs about how we were supposed to be, which is ironic given that this book gives strict guidelines about exactly how we're supposed to go about doing that, how we should feel about it in the process, and how we are supposed to act on those feelings. He also tells us to surrender to our "deepest, wildest passio [...]

    23. This book presented so many concepts to me and was an extremely timely read as I go through a questioning phase of my life. It felt like he was writing this directly for me to understand. The only trouble with the book is when he writes about the experiences of his clients at great length. This to me was when I started to doze off. It's like hearing about other peoples' dreams- normally it's hard to relate to the content specifically (maybe it's dramatically told or made funny or scary). Especia [...]

    24. Holy crap, I finally finished reading it. I never thought I'd finish. It's not that the book is dull. Quite the opposite -- it is dense & full of a lot of thoughtful ideas. A nice exploration of many approaches to growing a soul. If it has a bias, it's one of environmentalism. I don't know that nature is a necessary component to finding depth. It's a useful window to your deeper self, I guess, & I adore nature, but there are other ways.If you're looking for ways to unscrew the top of you [...]

    25. This book may seem strange to people not into spirituality, specifically the healing qualities of nature. Bill Plotkin leads people on "Vision Quests," in southeastern Utah whereby participants spend time alone and fasting for 3 to 4 days in the wilderness. He explains actual techniques you can use to allow nature to enter your spiritual realm and speak to your soul, then listening to your soul to guide you in life. I probably read it because:1.) I have a psych major and find that nature nurture [...]

    26. This is one of the books with a lot of information. Some of which I loved, some of which I didn't and some I already knew. I did love his stories and examples of how nature influences us and who we are. I loved his very clear steps in finding our space in nature and his information on native customs and rituals. Great for anyone interested in connecting with nature in a spiritual way and/or recognizing signs in nature for our soul. I found his writing to be honest and thorough if not a little dr [...]

    27. Parts 1 and 3 were full of useful views and ideas. However, I completely skipped over most of Part 2. Far too new-agey and narrow a view for connecting with nature. Anyone who observes or studies science can form a deep connection. To each one's own.This also provides some good intro material for those learning about the ego and Eastern teachings.

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