1 thought on “Just for Fun (Golden Book)”

  1. Fun and creative things to do with ordinary items (e.g dress up with a paper bag and pots and pans parade) and simple stories (e.g the wiggly tooth and the fishing cat). A cute Little Golden Book.

  2. This book is for almost any attention span! I enjoy this book every time I pick it up. The unbelievably short poems provide half the magic, while just the right illustrations complete the creation. The Scarrys make a well-woven pair. Ages: 0+

  3. This Little Golden Book has been in our home for ages! It originally cost $.27!This fun little book is full of ideas for children to have fun with their imaginations and some cheap/no cost items. It shows all sorts of little animal children building tree houses, dressing up, making music and most of all, using imaginations to fill the day with fun!

  4. This is one of the few golden books that I've kept into adulthood. Not quite as exciting to me these days, but I did enjoy it as a kid.

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