100 Great Science Fiction Short Short Stories

Contents include The Science Fiction Blowgun by Isaac Asimov A Loint of Paw by Isaac Asimov The Advent on Channel Twelve by C M Kornbluth Plaything by Larry Niven The Misfortune Cookie by Charles E Fritch I Wish I May, I Wish I Might by Bill Pronzini FTA by George R R Martin Trace by Jerome Bixby The Ingenious Patriot by Ambrose Bierce Zoo by EdwardContents include The Science Fiction Blowgun by Isaac Asimov A Loint of Paw by Isaac Asimov The Advent on Channel Twelve by C M Kornbluth Plaything by Larry Niven The Misfortune Cookie by Charles E Fritch I Wish I May, I Wish I Might by Bill Pronzini FTA by George R R Martin Trace by Jerome Bixby The Ingenious Patriot by Ambrose Bierce Zoo by Edward D Hoch The Destiny of Milton Gomrath by Alexie Panshin Upstart by Steven Utley How It All Went by Gregory Benford Harry Protagonist, Brain Drainer by Richard Wilson Peeping Tommy by Robert F Young Starting From Scratch by Robert Sheckley Corrida by Rober Zelazny Shall the Dust Praise Thee by Damon Knight Bug Getter by R Bretnor The Deadly Mission of Phineas Snodgrass by Frederik Pohl Fire Sale by Laurence M Janifer Safe at Any Speed by Larry Niven The Masks by Jams Blish Innocence by Joanna Russ Kin by Richard Wilson The Long Night by Ray Russell Sanity Clause by Edward Wellen If at First You Don t Succeed, to Hell with It by Charles E Fritch The Question by Laurence M Janifer Donald E Westlake The Perfect Woman by Robert Sheckley The System by Ben Bova Exile to Hell by Isaac Asimov Inaugural by Barry N Malzberg Bill Pronzini Martha by Fred Saberhagen Kindergarten by Fritz Leiber Landscape with Sphinxes by Karen Anderson The Happiest Day of Your Life by Bob Shaw The Worlds of Monty Willson by William F Nolan Punch by Frederik Pohl Doctor by Henry Slesar The Man from When by Dannie Plachta Crying Willow by Edward Rager January 1975 by Barry N Malzberg Mail Supremacy by Hayford Peirce Mistake by Larry Niver Half Baked Publisher s Delight by Jeffrey S Hudson Isaac Asimov Far from Home by Walter S Tevis Swords of Ifthan by Jams Sutherland Argent Blood by Joe L Hensley Collector s Fever by Roger Zelazny Sign at the End of the Universe by Duane Ackerson Stubborn by Stephen Goldin The Re Creation by Robert E Toomey, Jr The Better Man by Ray Russell Oom by Martin Gardner Merchant by Henry Sleasar Don t Fence Me In by Richard Wilson The Die Hard by Alfred Bester The First by Anthony Boucher Eripmav by Damon Knight Feeding Time by Robert Sheckley The Voice from the Curious Cube by Nelson Bond I m Going to Get You by F M Busby The Room by Ray Russell Dry Spell by Bill Pronzini Bohassian Learns by William Rotsler Star Bride by Anthony Boucher Latest Feature by Maggie Nadler Chief by Henry Slesar After You ve Stood on the Log at the Center of the Universe, What Is There Left to Do by Grant Carrington Maid to Measure by Damon Knight Eyes Do More Than See by Isaac Asimov Thang by Martin Gardner How Now Purple Cow by Bill Pronzini Revival Meeting by Dannie Plachta Prototaph by Keith Laumer The Rocket of 1955 by C M Kornbluth Science Fiction for Telepaths by E Michael Blake Kindergarten by James E Gunn A Little Knowledge by Paul Dellinger A Cup of Hemlock by Lee Killough Present Perfect by Thomas F Monteleone A Lot to Learn by Robert T Kurosaka The Amphibious Cavalry Gap by James E Thompson Not Counting Bridges by Robert L Fish The Man Inside by Bruce McAllister The Mars Stone by Paul Bond Source Material by Mildred Downery Brozon The Compleat Consummators by Alan E Nourse Examination Day by Henry Slesar The Man Who Could Turn Back the Clock by Ralph Milne Farley Patent Rights by Daniel A Darlington The Sky s an Oyster The Stars Are Pearls by Dave Bischoff Alien Cornucopia by Walt Liebscher The Last Paradox by Edward D Hoch Course of Empire by Richard Wilson Synchronicity by James E Thompson Sweet Dreams, Melissa by Stephen Goldin The Man on Top by R Bretnor Rejection Slip by K W MacAnn.
Great Science Fiction Short Short Stories Contents include The Science Fiction Blowgun by Isaac Asimov A Loint of Paw by Isaac Asimov The Advent on Channel Twelve by C M Kornbluth Plaything by Larry Niven The Misfortune Cookie by Charles E Fr

  • Title: 100 Great Science Fiction Short Short Stories
  • Author: Isaac Asimov Martin H. Greenberg Joseph D. Olander
  • ISBN: 9780380507733
  • Page: 383
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • 1 thought on “100 Great Science Fiction Short Short Stories”

    1. 100 Short short stories collected by one of the Grand Masters of golden age of science fiction. It can only go one way; stratospheric highs, combined with hellish lows and fair about of stories with their feet firmly on the ground. And that is exactly what I got.There are some truly enjoyable stories in this collection, real imaginative works of art from the medium and format. Of course the short short story lends itself quite readily to the creation of truly awful puns or three pages of setup f [...]

    2. This is a tricky book to categorise - like the title says it consists of 100 short stories which vary in length but none are longer than a few pages.So why the challenge - well as you can imagine they vary greatly in quality or readability or just appeal I guess that part is subjective to the reader and for me - well it was easy to rip through the book as well you can do but there were whole groups of stories you could easily just forget.Then again why not just right the book off- yes there ther [...]

    3. Isaac Asimov wrote an entire introduction advancing the proposition that the effectiveness of short-short stories rests upon their "punch line." He then for some unfathomable reason decided to add pithy quips preceding each story, ranging from non sequiturs to facile jokes to complete giveaways of stories' punch lines. ("God damn it, Asimov," was a shamefully frequent thought of mine while reading this book.) Do your damnedest to ignore the blurbs — if you can manage it, you'll be much better [...]

    4. An oddball collection of really really short science fiction stories. Some of the authors are well known and others I've never heard of. Most stories are from the 50's 60's and 70's with the ocassional 1930's story.Some show flashes of brilliance while others not so much.Depending on how much you read the ending of some of them is obvious while others are may sophisticated. So if like your science fiction in small bites this is the book for you.Light reading, nothing too heavy to absorb

    5. If groan-worthy Twilight Zone twists and terrible, awful puns are your thing, this is an essential anthology. I love both of these things unashamedly.

    6. The title is a bit misleading. The 100 included short stories are "short short" in length, but few are actually great. Coming from a host of major and minor science fiction and fantasy writers there are many themes exercised throughout the work and co-editor Isaac Asimov himself includes four of his short stories. 100 Great Science Fiction Short Short Stories does offer a few surprises. For one, George R. R. Martin's "FTA," a short involving interstellar travel, is surprisingly good considering [...]

    7. SHORT short stories. In fact, one is only 3 words long!A few that will make you groan, but overall a pretty good collection, and lots of variety. I read a LOT of sci-fi, but had only seen one of the 100 stories here before.These are stories whittled down to their essence; the average length is about 2.5 pages. Although some of these older stories will not impress, most are well-written, and a few will stick with you. It's also a good way for aspiring authors to see examples of writing without fl [...]

    8. This is a collection that, for the most part, doesn't take itself too seriously. It seems that most of the time short-short stories only ever really have time to convey one emotion, and the easiest emotion to send out in a short amount of time is humor. I don't dislike that, and many of the funny stories in this collection are memorable, but so too are the ones that end in tragedy. Here are the stories I thought were worthy of five stars in and of themselves:"Zoo" by Edward D. Hoch"The Destiny o [...]

    9. I love good flash fiction. I also love classic SF/F. This book is a great combination of both. In here are 100 stories from the biggest names in SF prior to 1980. Some stories are better than others, as to be expected with any short story collection, but particularly one this size.Keep in mind the age of these stories while reading them. They were all first published between 1937 and 1976 and they show the customs and mores of their times. There are only a small number of female voices here, but [...]

    10. Some of these extremely short stories were quite good, some were hilarious but overall, I found the collection to be disorientating and disappointing. There's something very frustrating about reading a sci-fi short story that lasts 3 pages and then starting another one that lasts 3 pages and on and on. As soon as you get your bearings in the story, it's over. In addition, a lot of the stories seemed just to be built around one punchline. Kind of a waste of time. Toward the end, I just skipped th [...]

    11. There aren't enough compilations like this. Seeing into the future, as science fiction writers (i.e. editors) are destined to do, they saw a world filled with instant conveniencescluding reading.I've owned this book since my father gave it to me as a child, and though I haven't picked it up in years, some of the stories within remain my favorites.

    12. I do not usually read science-fiction, but I thought I'd take a chance with this. Maybe because this isn't my genre, I didn't like this book so much. Some of the stories in here were really good and blew my mind. Some of the stories scored points for imagination. However, the rest were just boring. I didn't even understand it.

    13. This compilation of post-Golden-Age and Golden Age science fiction is a requirement for anyone who takes the genre seriously. It contains stories by Asimov, Sheckley, Blish, Bester and many others, a large number of which are not available anywhere else. Thirty five years after its publication, this book represents a fascinating window into the history of science fiction in the '60s and '70s.

    14. A fun collection. Many of the stories are a bit dated, but that is part of the fun, to see what was considered futuristic. Several stories are based on puns, and are groan inducing. A definite recommendation for true fans of the genre.

    15. This gem helped me complete a short-story-a-day challenge in 2015. Some good, some great, and some garbage, but the experience of reading them was largely painless and mostly fun. You're a rare breed if all 100 are to your liking, though.

    16. I liked this much more than I expected. Not usually a fan of short stories. But, this is a good collection, and they work well together and are in an order that makes them seem somehow related.

    17. Excellent compilation. First read this 20+ years ago and there are still some stories I think about every week.Not ALL are first rate, hence the 4 stars, but a lot are.

    18. Some of the stories were good, some weren't so great. I recommend it as a book you read in between books or you just have so if you get bored of your current book, you read it.

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