Grandpa's Teeth

Help, I ve been robbed It sth a disthasthter Grandpa s teeth, handmade by the finest Swiss craftsman, are gone stolen from his bedside table Grandpa suspects anyone who doesn t smile widely enough to prove that their teeth are their own Soon everyone in town is smiling all the time and their ghastly grins are frightening the tourists away Can the culprit be c Help, I ve been robbed It sth a disthasthter Grandpa s teeth, handmade by the finest Swiss craftsman, are gone stolen from his bedside table Grandpa suspects anyone who doesn t smile widely enough to prove that their teeth are their own Soon everyone in town is smiling all the time and their ghastly grins are frightening the tourists away Can the culprit be caught before the whole town cracks upPopular Australion cartoonist Rod Clement, illustrator of Edward The Emu and Edwina The Emu by Sheena Knowles, has created a rollicking whodunit with a surprise ending that will have readers grinning from ear to ear.00 01 CA Young Reader Medal Masterlist
Grandpa s Teeth Help I ve been robbed It sth a disthasthter Grandpa s teeth handmade by the finest Swiss craftsman are gone stolen from his bedside table Grandpa suspects anyone who doesn t smile widely enough to

  • Title: Grandpa's Teeth
  • Author: Rod Clement
  • ISBN: 9780064435574
  • Page: 138
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. This is a silly and cute and very funny story, and the illustrations are wonderful, and also equally amusing.I like the wackiness and the heartwarming qualities of this story too. Love the dog!!! Love grandpa and the other varied characters.I thought I knew what was coming, could see it a million miles away, but as a young child I think the ending would have come as a surprise to me, and then I’d have wanted to read the story again and again. Knowing the ending at the beginning did not at all [...]

    2. In celebration of Grandparent's Day, the Picture-Book Club in the Children's Books group here at decided that September's theme would be about Grandparents. This book was selected as one of the books we'll discuss this month. It's a fun read, with lots of subtle (and not-so-subtle) humor regarding the theft of a set of dentures. I loved the illustrations - they had a slightly exaggerated, almost too-real quality that I normally associate with the work of C.F. Payne. The narrative was fun to rea [...]

    3. “Grandpa’s Teeth” is a children’s book by Rod Clement and it is about how Grandpa wakes up one morning to see his teeth missing, which causes uproar in the town. “Grandpa’s Teeth” is easily one of the most creative and hilarious mystery reads for children everywhere to enjoy!The book begins when Grandpa wakes up to find his teeth missing and his family tried to look for his teeth, but they could not find them. So, they called the police and Officer Rate tried to investigate the mys [...]

    4. I thought this was a pretty uneventful story which made it boring in my opinion. The story takes the reader through as the police try to find Grandpa’s missing teeth. I thought that the plot was drawn out too long and could have been shorter. The pictures were pretty good which helped to make the story a little more interesting. I think that students would find the story too long and not want to take the time to really read the story. In the classroom, I could use the book as a read aloud as I [...]

    5. I thought this one was kinda strange at the same time kinda humorous. Grandpa lost his teeth. Calling the cops & wanted posters for missing teeth? Silly. I didn't enjoy the idea that a place where people smile all the time is scary. In Hawaii we smile quite often, I smile a lot too. I think that is one reason people come here. Part of the book made me think of my grandma who is just starting bad dementia and wondered if this Grandpa was too. Dementia makes me sadI did enjoy finding out where [...]

    6. The kids liked this one quite a bit. They both cracked up at the denouement, and I found it interesting watching my niece watch me read Grandpa's toothless lisp. Listening to adults read language that is meant to have a particular sound is one way that kids learn to read with voice and expression, so this was a great book for the kids to listen to.

    7. A very funny story about the theft of Grandpa's teeth. I had fun reading this to my library classes as part of a lesson on the mystery genre. Grandpa's part is especially fun to read aloud!

    8. Mystery, Realistic Fiction. Grades 2-5.This is a classic "Who dunnit" type story that has many humorous parts included. Grandpa always keeps his dentures by his bed, and we are trying to figure out who could have taken them! This is a book that keeps students engaged because they are detectives trying to solve the mystery of the missing dentures. The illustrations are so vivid and descriptive that it captures the attention of not only a child, but of adults! Who is the culprit in this humorous m [...]

    9. "Grandpa's Teeth" is a fictional picture book. It has won awards in California and North Carolina, as well as the Buckaroo Book Award. It has not received any national awards. When Grandpa wakes up to find his hand-crafted Swiss dentures missing, he immediately begins panicking, blaming everyone who doesn't smile as the thief who stole his teeth. The whole town is on the lookout, and everyone spends their day smiling as wide as possible to avoid being accused of the robbery. Tourists are afraid, [...]

    10. Grandpa’s Teeth by Rod Clement is about Grandpa losing his teeth. His daughter and grandkids searched everywhere believing they were stolen. The police came soon after and searched thoroughly throughout the house. How the thief got in and out of the house without being seen is a mystery. WANTED posters were posted all over town and the usual suspects were all taken into custody. Grandpa believed everyone was a suspect as days passed and there were still no teeth. A teeth thief was loose on the [...]

    11. This classic and comical whodunit follows the efforts of toothless Grandpa as he ropes his community into helping him find his missing teeth. As time passes, and the dentures remain missing, wanted posters are put up, line-ups are created, and suspicions are raised towards anyone who does not smile. As the town begins to suffer from scaring tourists with their over-enthusiastic smiles, they realize that something must be done to replace Grandpa's missing teeth.The plot takes a comical turn when [...]

    12. Dasar kakek-kakek = nenek-nenek…ring bikin heboh :DGara-gara gigi kakek hilang seluruh kota harus menanggung akibatnya, kepolisian tidak dapat menemukan gigi kakek bahkan tidak ada satupun petunjuk baru meskipun sketsa gigi kakek sudah dipasang diseluruh penjuru kota melebihi tempelan ‘wanted’ yang lain. Walhasil, kakek mencurigai semua orang terutama mereka yang tidak tersenyum. Dampaknya, seluruh penduduk kota tiba-tiba menjadi ramah kepada kakek dengan tersenyum lebar tapi kakek tidak b [...]

    13. "Help, I've been robbed!" is a sure way to grab the readers attention in the story Grandpa's teeth by Rod Clement. The story is of the mystery story of who stole Grandpa's teeth. Police did investigations and much more in search for the missing teeth. The plot in itself is silly, but something simple children will enjoy and can learn from. All characters made the missing teeth a big deal, and the author made it important to the reader how important these teeth were. The entire town was effected [...]

    14. This another one of Rod Clement's books that I would recommend to any student who has a grandpa with false teeth(my son wants to read it to his grandpa when it comes back in at the library).Grandpa wakes up one morning to find his fancy, false teeth has been stolenWho would take the teeth? EwHe suspects everyone in the family and the community so they all start smiling real big to show that they did not take them. I love the creepy smiles which start scaring the tourists and making them wonder w [...]

    15. "Grandpa's Teeth" written and illustrated by Rod Clement is a hilarious mystery style children's picture book. When grandpa wakes up one morning he realizes that his teeth have gone missing, and you'll never guess who has them! After the family searches the house top to bottom they decided to call in Officer Rate and his crew to investigate. The family lines the city with wanted signs of grandpas dentures but no one can seem to find them so grandpa starts to suspect everyone in town stole his te [...]

    16. Clement, Rod. Grandpa’s Teeth. Illus. Rod Clement. Australia: Sydney, 1997. Print. Teeth, mystery, dectective stories, ages 3-8. In this children’s mystery Grandpa wakes up one morning to find his dentures missing. The whole town begins to search as posters are put up and suspects are brought into the police station. Eventually the search begins to ruin the flow of life and the people in the town decide to all donate money to buy new teeth. I think Rod Clement brought out his own unique qual [...]

    17. Grandpa's teeth, which were handmade by the finest Swiss craftsmen, have been stolen. Officer Rate arrives on the crime scene to investigate. He puts up "Wanted" posters for the missing teeth and rounds up the usual subjects. Grandpa even goes on the famous TV show Unsolved Crimes. But the crime remains unsolved. What is Grandpa going to do? And why does everyone in town keep smiling all the time?This book puts a funny twist on a mystery. Little old grandpa has no teeth to smile and no teeth to [...]

    18. I'm so glad that I stumbled across this book. It is an absolutley adorable book. It is so interactive as well. My students will constantly be trying to guess and figure out who the culprit is. I love how the dialogue is written so when one reads aloud, they are able to listen that grandpa does talk funny and it is because he doesn't have any teeth. I really enjoyed the small humor throughout the book as well. I think this would be an awesome read aloud. The ending is by far my favorite because a [...]

    19. This is a fun book of someone stealing Grandpa's teeth. And as people help him look for his teeth - he wants to know how long they've have theirs. A police roundup is involved that also includes their mean neighbor and soon the family, the neighborhood, and the town have sore faces from smiling so much to show their own teeth. The longer word count (over 1,000 words) shows that it is a bit older book but the extra text gives us many funny moments. I support Independent books stores to order this [...]

    20. The students loved it. This is a rare book where the illustrations enrichened the story and the kids enjoyed putting the pictures and prose together. An excellent early introduction to mystery, a community must figure out what happened to Grandpa's teeth. She all else fails, they pitch in together to buy new ones. Never a any time does the prose reveal the culprit, but eagle eyes spotted little clues along the way and the final reveal brought lots of laughter and calls of "I knew it!". Those wh [...]

    21. This book tells the story of a grandpa and his missing teeth. It begins by recalling the scene of the crime, but no evidence is given as to who the culprit might be. Because of this horrid crime, the town goes into a smiling frenzy, causing all kinds of trouble for everyone, but still, there is no hint as to who might have taken the teeth, so the town must join together to solve the problem. This clever story is a great fit for kids of all ages. The pictures, all varying in size and placement [...]

    22. Grandpas Teeth is about a Grandpa who wakes up one morning and his teeth ae mysteriously gone! The family at first believes that he just lost it, but then it becomes obvious that someone stole it. They then call the police and go into an investigation. With no luck grandpa started to assume everyone in town stole his teeth so everyone started to smile. The constant smiling scared off a lot of business and people started to complain. To help solve this problem they gave grandpa a set of teeth tha [...]

    23. This adorable, funny book about a grandma who loses is teeth is great for the ages between 6-9. After the family has searched everywhere, the police is called in to assist with the search. The town is now such an uproar that the Mayor calls for an emergency meeting with the town in order to find the culprit. The illustrations are amazing with tiny little details and very expressive faces. It becomes quite the mystery and really gets the reader intrigued. I really enjoyed this read and would sugg [...]

    24. This is a funny story about Grandpa's missing teeth. After the family has searched everywhere, the police is called in to assist with the search. With the aid of a sketch artist, wanted posters, a police lineup, and even an interview on a TV show, "Unsolved Crimes", they still can't find the culprit. You'll be surprised to see who the culprit was at the end of the story! I think that young children would love this book. It also provides opportunity to talk about people in a community working tog [...]

    25. This tells the story of a Grandpa who mysteriously loses his teeth. There is a big investigation to locate his teeth, but they cannot be found. The town becomes restless as he teeth can not be located so they come together to solve the problem.This is a cute story with funny dialogue. I would use this book in my class to introduce what a mystery is to students. It has kid friendly language and can be easily followed. I think it would be a wonderful story that would hook kids into the mystery gen [...]

    26. "Help, I've been robbed! It'sth a disthasthter!"Grandpa's teeth, handmade by the finest Swiss craftsman, are gone -- stolen from his bedside table! Grandpa suspects anyone who doesn't smile widely enough to prove that their teeth are their own. Soon everyone in town is smiling -- all the time -- and their ghastly grins are frightening the tourists away. Can the culprit be caught before the whole town cracks up.One of the best endings around! Kids favorite reread!00-01 CA Young Reader Medal Maste [...]

    27. This book is about a grandpa, and he cant seem to find his teeth. His teeth were specially made for him. He can't find them anywhere. He will make posters to put up around town to see if anybody can find them. He will go up to people and ask them to smile to see if they are his teeth. All of them didnt have his teeth. I find it funny that the grandpa would go around trying to find his teeth. Children would love this book and get a kick out of it trying to see this old man find his teeth.

    28. Absolutely live this book. It is a funny story about grandpa losing his teeth and forcing everyone to smile on order to prove they have their own teeth. The whole town in running around with huge smiles on their faces and scaring the tourists. They must find grandpa's teeth before all the tourists are gone. This story is silly in general and combined with the fun imaginative pictures really makes it great for young readers.

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