It s hard to sit still when your client is scheduled to die in a matter of hours As he makes a plea for mercy, lawyer Alex Sedaka is resigned to the fact that Clayton Burrows will be executed Charged with the rape and brutal murder of 18 year old classmate Dorothy Olsen, the case seems cut and dry Or is it
Mercy It s hard to sit still when your client is scheduled to die in a matter of hours As he makes a plea for mercy lawyer Alex Sedaka is resigned to the fact that Clayton Burrows will be executed Charged

  • Title: Mercy
  • Author: DavidKessler
  • ISBN: 9781847561824
  • Page: 264
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Uzun zamandır polisiye roman okumuyordum. En geçen sene okumuştum. Neyse kitabı baya sevdim. Kısaca konusundan bahsetmem gerekirse avukat Alex Sedaka müvekkili olan Clayton Burrow'u 15 saat içinde suçsuz olduğunu ispatlayamazsa idam edilecek. Kitap resmen 404 sayfada 2 gün geçiyor saati saatine. Bir ara geçmişe gidiyor ama. Burrow, lise hayatında Dorothy adlı kıza çok zorbalık yapmıştır ve cinayet delilleri de onu göstermektedir. Ama Burrow o kadar delil olmasına karşın [...]

    2. David Kessler seems to have taken a leaf out of Harlan Coben's book here. This is a highly complex thriller full of twists and turns. Nothing is quite the way it seems and every time things seem, to be falling logically into place there is another twist. This is about as far from a linear story as they come. There is also an element of "Dan Brown" in the story. By this I mean not that it deals with grand conspiracies or a looming apocalypse, but rather the way in which Kessler ends almost every [...]

    3. Slow to start , but just like the time ticking on the upcoming execution the story seemed to pick up pace . I loved that the chapters were actually the time moving towards the 12:01 A.M deadline and as Clayton Burrows faces death , the characters become more alive . Half way into the book you cannot put it down and the ending OMG , the ending ;-)

    4. This book is so fast-paced and compulsively readable that before you even know it, half your day is gone and you're almost done with it! The writing is smooth and engaging. The pacing is excellent. The twists are non-stop and really original and brilliant. Even veteran thriller readers won't see these plot twists coming and yet when they're revealed, they make perfect sense. That's a difficult thing for a writer to pull off but Kessler does it absolutely effortlessly!

    5. With only 15 hours to save his client from execution on death row this books jumps straight into the action. Trying to gather new evidence to prove his client's innocence takes you on a roller coaster ride. A great bunch of characters you can get behind, writing that carries you along step by step and with a quirky and eye opening twist at the end. Entertaining read.

    6. If I could have given this book a few more stars, I would have gladly done so. A real page turner, fast paced and tightly wrapped, this book kept me enthralled till the very end. I simply could not put it down. One of the few books which stay with you long after the last page has been turned.

    7. heyecanlı bir kitaptı, film izler gibi okudum. okudukça da ali'ye anlattım, o da arkası yarın gibi dinledi. tabii, kitabın çok edebi bir yanı yok.

    8. Das Cover der deutschen Ausgabe lässt schon erahnen, dass man gerne Parallelen zur TV Serie “24” ziehen möchte. Der Vergleich ist durchaus berechtigt, denn auch “15 Stunden” spielt sich quasi in Echtzeit ab. Über jedem Abschnitt steht die Uhrzeit, die Handlung wird geradeaus erzählt. Jeder Handlungsstrang wird einzeln erzählt, es gibt nie Zusammenfassungen. Diese Art des Erzählens hat den riesigen Vorteil, dass sich nach und nach eine enorme Spannung aufbaut und man als Leser die Z [...]

    9. This book was a freebie on . I mostly get freebies and use my library for books I want to read but arne't willing to shell out the expensive $$ for them.The book surprised me at how well it was written and how fast-paced it was. I loved the plot even though I sort of figured out some of the mystery to it. I even liked how Kessler used a timeline to move the story forward. My first book by this author, but certainly not my last!

    10. This is a very mediocre book. The storyline had potential and some of the time it was gripping, but the writing is stilted, the grammar just that little bit off and the people unconvincing. It's a book that tries too hard. I gave it 3 stars because the suspense was real and it had me eager to find out what happened even as I was getting more uncomfortable with the writing.I won't bother to read the other two books in this series.

    11. Towards midnight, the moment of the planned execution, time was slowing and the intensity of actions increasing. Tension was high during the whole story but, on the other hand, the book was, every now and then, also quite boring due to long detailed speculations leading to nowhere. Moreover, most of the numerous turns of the story could be too easily anticipated.

    12. This is a highly complex thriller full of twists and turns. Nothing is quite the way it seems and everytime things seem, to be falling logically into place there is another twist.This is a far cry from a linear story as they come. If your a fan of Harlan Coben, John Grisham you,ll really enjoy this book

    13. I really wanted to like this more, but in the end it was just OK. I never guess the bad guy in thrillers, but in this book I guessed it all so early that I was disappointed when there was no other twist. I liked the minute by minute format, but it seemed that there was quite a lot of recap about what each character was doing which could have been left out.

    14. I couldn't put this one down. I really like fast paced books. I love how the chapters are a countdowna race against time. There were many clues though and I figured out the main truth early on - that made me feel frustratedwanting to yell at them to open their eyes. But I really enjoyed this one.

    15. My first "loan" from the Kindle Prime library - very cool idea!The book was good - fast paced and presented an interesting moral dilemma based around the death penalty. THe plot had lots of twists. I figured out one of the 2 biggies half way thru.A quick read - good "airplane book".

    16. I love the pace of this book. It's interesting the way that the book only covers a day. The twist and turns in the plot are great, and I love how much we get to see into the way the legal system in the US works with regards to death row.

    17. this si the first of his books that I have tried and definately will read another Near the last quarter I guessed what had occurred and I was mentally shouting at the characters towake up (in a good way)Surprising ending as I was expecting another

    18. Solid, intriguing plot and story, but poorly and sloppily (hastily) written. A few too many twists and turns, which is too bad because it has the potential to be a good story.

    19. Wow, so much to say, yet I can't say enough, what a fantastic book, emotional and action packed, amazingly written and great characterisation.

    20. didnt see that one coming i had several things figured out but wow that last little bit was a shocker!

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