For some time, Michael has suspected that Wild Bill s done than just dabble in art As with every other piece of his personal history, Bill plays his cards close to his chest But when he lets on that a mural he painted before his change might still exist, Michael s dying to see it and Bill s never been good at saying no.Only fragments of the building remain, but iFor some time, Michael has suspected that Wild Bill s done than just dabble in art As with every other piece of his personal history, Bill plays his cards close to his chest But when he lets on that a mural he painted before his change might still exist, Michael s dying to see it and Bill s never been good at saying no.Only fragments of the building remain, but it s possible Wild Bill s painting is still there Unfortunately, there s a lot in the ruins than Bill and Michael bargained for.
Swarm For some time Michael has suspected that Wild Bill s done than just dabble in art As with every other piece of his personal history Bill plays his cards close to his chest But when he lets on that a

  • Title: Swarm
  • Author: Jordan Castillo Price
  • ISBN: 9781595963987
  • Page: 115
  • Format: ebook
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    1. This episode flew by in a flash of sex, tattoos, bullies, art, & blood.Ink, dab, ink, dabe the steady rhythm was hypnotic. The antiseptic smells of surgical soap and the rubbing alcohol almost masked the scent of fresh blood, but that familiar copper tang was still there, beneath it all.I closed my eyes and tried to will myself not to get aroused. It wasn't easy. Blood and pain and vampire were in the air, my triumvirate of kinks.Wild Bill was staring when I opened my eyes. He mouthed the wo [...]

    2. First partHmmm, not suuuure I'm liking this65%HOLY SHIIIIIT! *gasp*Suspense!76%!!!!!!!!!???????????Do NOT eat or drink when clicking this spoiler. Actually finish eating and drinking first. And brace(view spoiler)[Three vamps were in the corner, a guy with long brown hair on the floor, and two women kneeling, one in front, one in the back. I thought maybe it was a kinky threesome, what with his feet in the air. But then I saw the enema bag."We figured it out()", Charlie said. "How to get fucked [...]

    3. Rating for the whole series.Wow this was the start of the final cresendo. I did not stop after reading this to write down my thoughts. I just opened up the next one to continue reading, couldn't leave the guys like that could I?Overall thoughts on the series hereChanneling Morpheus 1-5 BR thread 12th June 2015

    4. After Bill designs a tattoo for him, Michael tries to get Bill to talk about his artwork, which Bill feels is a lost cause now. In an attempt to show Michael a mural he painted shortly before he was turned, Bill takes Michael to the cellar of an abandoned building where they encounter a nest of vampires who claim to be pacifists but look at Michael as though he were fresh meat. This was one of the more bizarre stories in the Channelling Morpheus/SO series. It's full of terrible tension as the tw [...]

    5. Well that was DARK and DEPRESSING! But still sooooo good. These guys just break my heart sometimes.Only one more story left and I'm getting really nervous about how all this is gonna end. Will there be a cure for vampirism?? Please no!! Wild Bill and Mikey better not disappoint me!!

    6. Though the Sweet Oblivion series is not your every day series, this story tops it all. It was a weird combination of randomness and chaos. A lot of events accumulated to not much happening and at the end you're non the wiser.Still: it was strangely satisfying

    7. 3,5 starsI love the characters, the atmosphere, the darkness and melancholy, their hotness, but I'm always a bit unsatisfied by the story arc.

    8. 'Swarm', book nine in the 'Channeling Morpheus' series by Jordan Castillo Price, is, as far as I know, the final story in Michael's point of view. That's assuming, of course, that the author stays with the same pattern. Which, you know what they say about assuming? Anyway, in case you're wondering, yes, I still have sad face at the thought of almost being done. Curse my fast reading! I have mad skillz.Michael is still working at the emergency vet hospital and gets called in for a day shift. He's [...]

    9. Wild Bill is a hell of a character and Michael is like the tool that lets us read Wild Bill. Michael can see many things in Wild Bill, but he doesn't always know what these things mean. As consummated and constant readers of this series we almost know what's going on in the vampire, that touch of humanity he's trying to hide - or that maybe he doesn't know it's there. The best thing of this series is that it involves the reader, as the only one who is partial to both sides of the story. I loved [...]

    10. This is the 9th book in this series and it holds steady. Although there is clearly a change happening with Michael and in the dynamic between ichael and Wild Bill,which I have to assume will all become clear in the final book. In this book we get a sense of where Michael is at mentally. We also see the boys in an almost stable location and get a little more on the human Wild Bill once was. Michael gets a tattoo and the guys go looking for a piece of Wild Bill's past. I continue to be engaged by [...]

    11. 4.5 StarsThese guys know how to push each other to their limits. It was dirty. It was kinky. I was like Michael - turned on but scared AND that's just the first half!I wasn't wrong when I predicted the stakes were raised. I was figuratively (maybe literally) sweating bullets here as the suspense ratcheted up a few thousand notches

    12. what a wonderful cover! I got totally obsessed by the movement of Michaels hair or was it the stubble? :)Lots of unexpected action in this one, yay! Or should I say: non-action but crackling with tension. Man, i was on the tip of my seat when they meet the others! OMG! Michael gets broody, Wild Bill gets off on it don't you love em? Fabulous duo. On to the last

    13. Loved this one. it was slightly more complex then the others and had two tattoos in it (hot). II am dev'ed that there is only one more. I dont see how the series is going to feel completed in just one book.

    14. Michael and Bill are getting more intense with each installment of this series. I don't want their journey to end, but I am really looking forward to the grand finale.

    15. This title was provided free by the author or publisher for review purposes. Review originally posted at Brief Encounters Reviews.Rating: A+I have to admit, I was a bit wary of reading this story again as I remember having a really strong reaction to it the first time around. Along with Manikin, this is probably one of the instalments in the Channeling Morpheus series that most fits the term "horror", and I remember finding various incidents unsettling, creepy and sickening. However, I'm really [...]

    16. I had the feeling that for Michael and Wild Bill is coming the game over. Until now, Michael as faced all this adventure like a video-game, he is enjoying the ride and it seems that, as soon as he had a problem, Wild Bill was there with a spare life to play again. But now that they are almost settling in a “steady” life, Michael attending college (I think it’s college, since he is doing a practice as veterinary), things are starting to change for them. Michael starts to be no more immune t [...]

    17. Awesome!! Boy I was scared there for a minute. WB and Michael went to one of WB's old haunts where he painted a mural before he was turned. It was actually a very sweet moment since Bill never shares anything about himself with Michael. While making their way into the bowels of the warehouse, they stumbled upon a dozen vamps in the basement, where his mural was located. It was touch and go for a while, not knowing if they would make it out unscathed. But in the end they were accepted, offered ra [...]

    18. Wild Bill and Michael have been hanging out in Milwalkee (why I ask) and Michael’s working for a vet clinic where he’s stealing drugs/supplies and being bullied. After a particularly nasty episode he grabs everything and takes off. After getting a tattoo he starts asking Bill about his past and seems that Bill was an art student and one night they head out to look at one of Bill’s murals he painted in an old brick factory. They get there and the place is burned out but they explore and ack [...]

    19. Aaaaaaaaaand another really brave one: Seriously gritty, dark, unique, melancholic with lots of layers, nuanced depiction of co-dependency - and that scene, the one (view spoiler)[at the vet (hide spoiler)], that was fucking brilliant. Well, Michael, full circle. Review of the whole series: Ok, the main selling point for me here is the fact that I seriously didn't know where this was going, all the way through to the last installment - because nothing about this - not the characters, the story l [...]

    20. Swarm is 9 in the excellent Channeling Morpheus series. There are, yep, warrior vamps, angst ridden, history laden vamps, rich, glossy vamps, and with Jordan Castillo Price, there are gritty, real, compelling vampires that inhabit an un-pretty, grimy and noirish world. Vampire Wild Bill and his human lover, Michael, infected with the Dracula Bug (one way and another) are an intriguing combo. There were terrific scenes in this novella. Amongst them, Michael in the vet’s clinic trying hard to re [...]

    21. I adored this one! I love how much closer Michael and Wild Bill get. I love that we got a glimpse into their life together in their apartment. I especially love that the choices they had to make and the sacrifices they both made were for the sake of each other, and not BECAUSE of each other as has been the case in some of the recent books.(view spoiler)[Man! And that sex scene at the end where bill finally gets to hear Michael say he loves him! And how tender and sweet that was, especially when [...]

    22. I love the difference in the story telling between the characters. Michael often seems so unsure, but from Bill's point of view he is often following Michael's lead. This was a rough one, finding his mural in a nest of semi-nasty vampires. What a shocker for Bill. Maybe he wasn't the only victim Ambrose left behind.I was surprised to read that Bill thought of himself as a pacifist. Maybe it's because he is often so confrontational with people, or just plan snarky :)Another good one and the only [...]

    23. I'm not sure how to rate this one. If you've never worked in the veterinary field it's probably great. If you've ever worked in a veterinary hospital in any capacity then you can still read this book, you just have to skip chapter two. Trust me, the inaccuracies will curl your toes. Read chapter one, then send me a message and I'll tell you what happens in chapter two minus all the silliness, and then go ahead and read chapter three. If you do this, you'll love this piece of the Channeling Morph [...]

    24. IMO after book 7 he series became MUCH better. Less focus on sex scenes, more plot and character story.Book 7 is still my fav of the series must read the last to said it for sure, but I believe no book can be better than

    25. Well this series is just ramping up to an either really satisfying or really shattering conclusion - and right now I'm not sure which and maybe they are the same thing. The whole run-in with the vamps was scary as hell. Again, Michael and WB's connection just burns off the page. Cannot get enough of these two.

    26. I love the way each story is from a different point of view. I think we see more of Wild Bill when we are in Michael's head. Wild Bill is protective of Michael but in a very unique, Wild Bill way. I love their dark somewhat sick relationship. Their love is unique. I do not want to read on as it is the end of their stories, but not the end of them in my head.

    27. Really enjoyable series. The last three are the best. Loved the alternate points of view and the fact that each character has a uniwue voice. The progression was also great.Very realistic writing. JCP's narrative style is always a great hit with me.

    28. I'm still very much intrigued and enthralled with the relationship and dynamic between Wild Bill and Michael. I've been drawn in deep. I'm pretty certain that I'd like to live in this author's brain for a day.

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