Brunner the Bounty Hunter

Omnibus edition collecting all three novels in the Brunner the Bounty Hunter series Dark and savage tales set in the world of Warhammer, by author C.L Werner.
Brunner the Bounty Hunter Omnibus edition collecting all three novels in the Brunner the Bounty Hunter series Dark and savage tales set in the world of Warhammer by author C L Werner

  • Title: Brunner the Bounty Hunter
  • Author: C.L. Werner
  • ISBN: 9781844168675
  • Page: 435
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Thrills! Chills! Kills!I happened upon this book ( as well as a bunch of other Warhammer paperbacks) at a local store's going out of business sale. Fantasy makes up a very small portion of my reading list. In fact, to date I've only read about half a dozen Fantasy novels, three of which belonged to the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.e other belonging to Sean Russel's Swans War Triologybut I digressIn any event I'm glad I decided to pick this one up. I've never read a Warhammer novel before. I've neve [...]

    2. The only thing that stopped me giving this book a 5-star rating was some of the repetition and unimaginative wordplay; the story itself is one of the best I've ever read. There are those out there who are hesitant to begin reading a story set in the Warhammer world because they either don't know the lore and background, or they think they won't understand the terminology used in the stories: if you are one of these people, this may be the perfect introductory story for you. There is minimal refe [...]

    3. Brunner is a collection of tales set in the "Grim Dark" world of Warhammer. He's more protagonist than hero and that's okay with me. Merciless, smart, tough as nails and relentless, Brunner is a notorious bounty killer. A bogeyman among the underworld. His name is whispered among thieves as legend. With good reason, Brunner nearly always gets his bounty and no one escapes him alive. Brunner isn't just a stereotypical invincible action character either. He doesn't win because he's the Terminator, [...]

    4. Not my usual sort of read but i did really enjoy it.So much so that I got The Space Wolf Omnibus by William King and I'm a good 250 pages into that and liking it. I also managed to find the first Horus book by Dan Abnett (Who is apparently well liked by the 40k readers)So fingers crossed I enjoy it as much as I've enjoyed Brunner and the start of the Space Wolf Omnibus.

    5. Brunner, the dark bounter hunter of darkness, is an island of steel will and mercenary attitude. The fun in this story is wondering how and where his humanity is going to surface and alter the story.

    6. This was great. I want to dig up one of my friends warhammer boards and give it a go after finishing this book. It has that delightful familiar fantasy-war feel to it. Not too grim but at the same time not over the top in its fantastical silliness.Good and easy read.

    7. [note: "Brunner the Bounty Hunter" is an omnibus collecting all the short stories, originally collected in volumes titled "Blood & Steel" and "Blood Money", and the novel "Blood of the Dragon"]From the pen of C. L. Werner, one of today’s greatest fantasy writers and certainly one of the top talents employed by Black Library (BL), come the dark and brutal adventures of the ruthless bounty hunter called Brunner.“Brunner: The Bounty Hunter” is in fact an omnibus, collecting all the Brunne [...]

    8. I finally finished this omnibus, and despite some initial reservations, I have to say I quite liked it.Let me first mention what's in the book. The omnibus contains three previously published novels- Blood and Steel, Blood Money, and Blood of the Dragon, as well as the short story "What Price Vengeance". All the books/stories in the omnibus cover the exploits and adventures of Brunner, a mysterious bounty hunter known to always get his man, creature, or anything.Now, I listed the omnibus' inclus [...]

    9. Ive been a long time fan of Warhammer and 40k (Black Templars are best space marines), and have read and enjoyed dozens of books from tbe setting. This was no different. Brunner is a no nonsense bounty hunter that will do just about anything for the right price. From dragons, werewolves, vampires, and vermin he's seen it all. While incorporating a similar style through each of the short stories, Werner is able to create a tangible feeling and establish more and more character development while n [...]

    10. Good, but a bit repetitive. Maybe as a stand-alone book this would have been one more star. I did like the short story structure couched in the efforts of a penny-dreadful author inside that fantasy world, but after awhile the constant description of the protagonist became a bit heavy-handed and repetitive.Other than that, solid writing. Any time I can find myself routing for a dark hero, the author is doing something right. However, in this case, it may be because his world is so dreadfully ble [...]

    11. This was a very fun piece of Warhammer Fantasy fiction. The stories are broken up in to smaller short stories (at least the first 5 or so I've read), and each helps to illustrate both the gritty setting and the utter ruthlessness of the protagonist. While I didn't read the full collection in one marathon, the stories seem self-contained enough to let me pick them up and put them down as I choose, which is a definite bonus. While I was already a fan of the author's Witch Hunter trilogy, the adven [...]

    12. Brunner will always have a special place in my heart. This was one of the first Warhammer books i'd read, and it got me so hooked. I just love this author. Brunner feels like a real flesh and blood man. His adventures are epic, and I totally wanted to pack a duffel bag and ride off after him to fight Orc's and stuff. haha. I recommended this to my younger brother who was looking for a good adventure, and he's hooked too! This is one of those books you'll never want to end.

    13. Warhammer continues to deliver on interesting characters & non-stop action. Great guilty pleasure reading especially if your a roleplaying gamer or former gamer. Fans of D&D, Dragonlance, & heroic fantasy will enjoy this Antihero.

    14. Brunner is comically efficient. The stories in this collection are fun and light (and a great read while on the train rides between castles in Germany!), but lack believably and depth. They are well done though for how quickly the plots develop, and each ends with a clever lesson or philosophy.

    15. Just finished. Awesomeness. Brunner is Bhaera's perfect drinking buddy. Brunner is absolutely amoral, ungrateful, underhanded, mercenary and relentless.

    16. I very much enjoyed reading about the ruthless exploits of Brunner the bounty hunter , not a very serious read but still a good one .

    17. It wasnt the best of books, as the characters tended to be too simple in scope. Some of the tales proved entertaining while others just didnt have it.

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