Didn't I Feed You Yesterday?: A Mother's Guide to Sanity in Stilettos

Didn t I Feed You Yesterday A Mother s Guide to Sanity in Stilettos VERY GOOD HARDBACK WITH DUSTJACKET

  • Title: Didn't I Feed You Yesterday?: A Mother's Guide to Sanity in Stilettos
  • Author: Laura Bennett
  • ISBN: 9780345516374
  • Page: 209
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. happy mother's day to all of you mothers/people with mothers/abbesses/prioresses/etc.!!!!! had always seemed to me that once a woman had a kid nothing else mattered about her. being a dad might describe a man, but being a mom defined a woman" this is a quote that comes from Back Roads, which i just read, and it is a sentiment which terrifies me.i expect it would terrify laura bennett as welle's got six kids. five boys. and she lets them run wild and destroy the apartment/country house while she [...]

    2. The humorous title of this book is what originally caught my attention, and then I recognized the author from Project Runway. I read an excerpt from the introduction online, and thought the book might be worth a look, even though I usually turn my back on "celebrity" authors.Laura Bennett and I are both mothers, but that is about all we have in common. Her lifestyle and her priorities are extremely different than mine. (I have no desire to totter around Manhattan in Manolos or become a gay icon. [...]

    3. It seems almost counterintuitive to review this book, because after having read it I'm fairly sure Laura Bennett wouldn't care in the least what I thought of her book. Like everything else she tell of undertaking, she found her way to write a book and if I, or you, or anyone else doesn't like it then we are free to go elsewhere. She will not lose (precious) sleep at night.However, her publisher is the one who sent me the book, and being in the business of selling books they might be slightly mor [...]

    4. Though I enjoyed Laura's contribution to Project Runway I was ready to hate this book. As one of nine children I have had enough of the reality-tv-mom-tells-what-it's-really-like stories that end up being NOTHING like the way I was raised. Instead of a sappy, sentimental, and unrealistic portrayal of the life of a large family I got a witty, provocative and humorous narrative. At times the stories didn't always seem to flow easily from one to another but they were always attention-grabbing and e [...]

    5. I loved this book. I loved Laura on Project Runway ( one of my many guilty pleasures). I couldn't wait to read it and would like to thank Librarything for that chance. I Love the cover.I thought this book describe the way I grew up with they way my mom let my brother and I be kids. That is how I want to raise my son and any future children I have. Let them learn for themselves is probably the best way they will learn. I do agree with that. I just hope I don't end up with that many boys. If my ne [...]

    6. I won this book about 6 months ago and finally found myself with some time to sit down and read it. Although Laura Bennett and I are from two entirely different worlds, I did find that we have some things in common. Her approach to motherhood is a bit more lax than mine yet I find that many of her philosophies ring true to mine. I especially related to her story of traveling on the plane and gaining wisdom from the statement made by the flight attendant "When traveling with children, please secu [...]

    7. A mothering book by a contestant on Project Runway, Laura is best known for being highly glamorous while raising 6 children in a 2 bedroom New York loft apartment. This is a collection of amusing anecdotes about her life as a mother to 5 boys.I don't think I've ever read a more hilarious book. Almost every line had me laughing, or at least smiling while suppressing a giggle. The antics of a gaggle of boys make me glad I only have one son.While not everyone would agree with Laura's relaxed style [...]

    8. Funny, entertaining quick romp through the chaotic life of Project Runway contestant, architect, and mother of 6, Laura Bennett. She brings a refreshing breath of laissez-faire parenting to a world where helicopter moms rule the discourse. In addition to chronicling her life among 5 boys, a grown daughter, a husband, and a household staff, Bennett provides an insider view of the reality TV experience, as well as some fashion tips. None of it goes terribly deep, and from time to time the aggressi [...]

    9. I vacillated between liking and not liking Laura when she was on Project Runway, but this book put me firmly in the "like" category. This book isn't so much a parenting advice book as it is a memoir of Bennett's crazy experiences as a mom of six in Manhattan. Bennett's lifestyle and parenting style are very different than my own, but I still enjoyed reading her take and appreciated her upfront style.

    10. I have no children but when i do i'm taking tips from this lady.6 kids is not to be taken lightly. If someone is critical of her using nannies then clearly they either have 6 children but don't work, or they work and only have two tiddlers to handle.How one can remain so glamorous whilst a child is shooting at her rear is a miracleis book is honest. If your not ready for honest then don't read it.

    11. Awful. The best part of the book is the title. As I read this book and realized what a horrible author and mother Laura Bennett is, I was embarassed that I was supporting her work. The content is not parenting advice, but is ill-written and uninteresting stories about Bennett's misbehaved and disrespectful children, her uninvolved husband, and their slew of maids, nannies, and cooks.

    12. I've been watching the earliest seasons of Project Runway lately (PS, 2004 says hello and they miss you and wish you would call more often) and Laura Bennett was one of the folks I was really rooting for in season 3, so I read this thing even though I'm not a mom and don't really need any advice from Laura Bennett on child-rearing. If you liked her on Project Runway this is a pretty fun read, but sometimes she gets incredibly self-righteously indignant about really stupid things, like people bus [...]

    13. You might want to take my review with a grain of salt or three. I don’t have kids (thankfully that’s not the focus, I’d feared it would be given the subtitle) but I do often play one at work. While I do write reviews of books for a part of my livelihood, I mostly review children’s literature and science fiction and occasional works about Buddhism; so nonfiction for big people is not my area of expertise. The biggest reason for your grain of salt: I was a fan of the author when she was on [...]

    14. I think I might appreciate the humor more if I didn't feel like I had to defend it, even though no one certainly asked me to defend it. Sure, there's no doubt that My Favorite Of All Time "Project Runway" Contestant loves her children and husband It's just that you get the distinct feeling that she loves herself even more. While she justifies this in the too-true reality that to parent well, the parent must be well taken care of, the question still remains: Does she actually parent??She tries t [...]

    15. I received a preview copy through Vine and I chose this book because I loved Laura Bennett when she was on "Project Runway". I'm not sure exactly what I was expecting from this book as I'd never read any of her online work.The book is very slim and a quick read. My favorite part was the illustrations at the beginning of each chapter, showing a slim, sophisticated woman in stilettos and a gorgeous little black dress. "Didn't I Feed You Yesterday?" mostly is about Bennett's misadventures in mothe [...]

    16. Say what you will about Laura Bennett. This book made me laugh. A lot. I don't have six kids, I only have one. And he runs me ragged on a good day. I enjoyed Laura's take on parenthood, not because it's actually sound parenting advice for the most part, but because it is devoid of the seriousness and preaching associated with any book about children these days. It reminds you that the whole parenthood thing is kind of a circus, and these days people get so sanctimonious about everyttleing associ [...]

    17. i have little to say about this book. in my mind, it falls into the same category as other humorous essays on life & parenthood as so many other books i have read, with the twist being that the author was the runner-up on "project runway" season three. & that twist is why i picked it up. the first essay, about laura's experience taking her entire family (one girl & five boys, ranging in age from twenty to two) on an airplane, gave me pause. laura made some allegory up regarding her p [...]

    18. I started reading this on a whim at the library and ended up checking it out because Laura Bennett is a funny and creative writer. Her blogs on Project Runway are honest and articulate.About 2/3 of the way through, though, I thought, okay, enough. I'm ready for this to end. After a while the amusing anecdotes seemed redundant. She's unapologetic about the flurry of chaos and mess that comes with her family. She's proudly dependent on her team of nanny, manny, and husband-nanny. This allows her t [...]

    19. I got an advanced reader copy and I absolutely loved it! Laura Bennett was great on Project Runway. She has great style and a wicked sense of humor! She translates those qualities well to motherhood in "Didn't I Feed You Yesterday?" Laura has 6 kids-- one girl and five boys. Her daughter is away at school, so Laura lives with her husband and all the boys. The chaos that ensues is both hilarious and heartwarming. Laura has a wonderful attitude toward parenting. And from her descriptions, her sons [...]

    20. I enjoyed read this even though I have no children. One of my guilty pleasure's is Project Runway. I started watching it from the first episode and have not missed one show or season. I enjoyed watching Laura design and make clothes and although I didn't warm up to her right from the start, I liked her better and better as the season continued. How refreshing it is to hear someone with 6 children actually make sense of what it means and should be to be a parent (as opposed to a 'friend' to their [...]

    21. I'm a confessed reality show junkie. The thing is once the show is over all info associated with it is wiped clean from my mind. Friends who are equal fans of certain shows will sometimes mention so and so from season three - I'll have no clue. Not so with Laura Bennent. I floved her. I still remember Frank the turtle. I could not wait for this book. I pre-ordered for Kindle so I would have it the morning it was released.I eagerly started that morning d instantly hated it.You know how sarcasm ne [...]

    22. I didn't realize who Laura Bennett was until I started reading the book. I had found out that the one time I watched Project Runway, she was the only contestant I liked. She had a " I will get it done no matter what" attitude and the fact that she survived the show while pregnant made me like her even more. When I first started the book I thought, "Wow, I'll never find anything to relate" , myself being from a small southern town where a brood of boys is looked highly upon , since each can carry [...]

    23. I enjoyed this book. I knew going into it that it was to be taken with a grain of salt and indeed, there are things in this book that could really irritate the over-earnest. Bennett claims to be middle income, but has multiple nannies and housekeepers and a 2nd home. She goes on vacation without worrying about the cost or the time away from work. This is clearly a pie-in-the sky read. And so it's fun. It's neat to read about someone wearing expensive shoes dealing with the same kid stuff that th [...]

    24. If attachment parenting, thinking that feeding your family anything non-organic is worthy of divorce, treating and dressing your pets like they are family, hovering around your kids at school, and peanut safety play heavily into your child-rearing or life philosophy, you should read this book to see how hilarious she thinks you are. I laughed until my sides ached, read portions to my kids, my husband, and anyone who came within hearing distance. The insight into the Manhattan-style teamwork to k [...]

    25. I don't know what possessed me to read this book. I didn't know who Laura Bennett was or that she was from a fashion reality show. What I did know is that I could identify with the person on the cover in a fabulous black dress who couldn't remember if she fed these mysterious aforementioned children. I do not have children of my own but upon seeing this brilliant cover, I knew I must read this book in case it ever happens, so I will know how to react. Unfortunately I did not quite enjoy the fill [...]

    26. I read this because I love Project Runway (and keep up on what everyone is doing via Blogging Project Runway) so I knew a little bit about Laura Bennett already. This was okay - I think in a lot of ways it was trying too hard to be funny 100% of the time, but there were some moments where in spite of that it was touching or real or made an important point about the sheer ridiculousness of helicopter parents. These moments were WAY better than the trying-too-hard-to-be-funny moments. I LOVE that [...]

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