The Search

A compelling new women s drama from internationally bestselling author Nora Roberts
The Search A compelling new women s drama from internationally bestselling author Nora Roberts

  • Title: The Search
  • Author: Nora Roberts
  • ISBN: 9780749941741
  • Page: 141
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. WOW. This is one of the BEST romantic suspense stories I’ve read this year!I can always count on Nora Roberts to deliver an engrossing and thrilling read. In spite of my high expectations, the author still knocked me off my feet and surprised me with this brilliant story. The Search is a very well-written story with the perfect mixture of breathtaking romance and heart-pounding suspense. I don’t want to spoil any plot details so I will try to keep this as short as possible.After losing her f [...]

    2. You get to see photos of my doggos. They are the most awesome dogs ever. All other dogs should be ashamed and bow in their presence.Okay, maybe they aren't exactly boundless balls of energy anymore, but this works for my book-reading lifestyle.This is Sunny:This is Cocoa:This is Tinkerbelle:This book was made for dog-lovers. Our heroine is Fiona, a dog-trainer with three Labs who are almost as awesome as my dogs. Almost. So, we get lots of dog-training advice, along with funny doggy personalitie [...]

    3. I read the Search by Nora Roberts and this is one intense read. The characters Fiona Bristow and Simon Doyle are hilarious which helps during the tense scary parts. Fiona is a dog trainer and works on the search and rescue canine team. Her dogs are brilliant and when Simon comes over with his unruly, ill mannered dog. Simon is about ready to wash his hands of him until Fiona helps him teach Jaws to be a smart puppy. It was so nice to see the dogs being trained over and above the typical obedienc [...]

    4. The Search by Nora Roberts is my all-time favorite novel by this author.It's one of the books I read twice to three times a year. I should start by mentioning that I always wanted a dog, but unfortunately it hasn't worked out yet. But if I had a dog I would be doing some kind of dog-training. Not necessarily the search and rescue kind but some other agility training. So, reading this book, always puts me in such a state, that I'm dreaming about having my own dog.Fiona Bristow, dog trainer extrao [...]

    5. ((((Scratch head)))) Was this a romance story or a training guide for dogs?!I enjoyed it, but I swear this read more like a training guide for dogs with a romantic suspense story thrown in for good measure. While I do love a good Nora Roberts book, I find too many are just filled with waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much ‘filler’ content. Fortunately for me I love dogs to pieces so it wasn’t always boring stuff, but once I finished the book I realized how much of it was just filler fluff and not a [...]

    6. My favorite characters in this book had four legs. Don't get me wrong, Fiona and Simon were great. But Newman, Peck, Bogart and little Jaws stole the show.Fiona survived a serial killer. Now she lives on an island where she trains dogs (or as anyone who has ever trained a dog knows, trains the dog's human) Fiona also heads up a search and rescue team with the dogs. The whole thing is amazing!!Simon is a wood carver and carpenter. He is a kind of temperamental artist and has no intention of falli [...]

    7. I read Nora Roberts's books when I want to be entertained and this one certainly fit the bill! I must admit a lot of time was spent on talking about training dogs but as someone who likes dogs I found it interesting and informative.As usual there was a feisty heroine and a hunky hero who are obviously destined to be together but that's what a romance is all about. These two were pretty funny as well which helped keep me involved. There was also some murder, mystery and danger along the way which [...]

    8. I've been getting a little worried because the past couple of Nora Roberts books haven't really tripped my trigger. But this one was awesome. Fiona Bristow was kidnapped almost ten years ago, the only survivor of a serial killer who would find single, athletic women, kill them and then bury them in a shallow grave in a national park. After Fiona managed to escape, the killer went back and killed her boyfriend and his K9 unit. In his memory, Fiona opened up a dog training school which does everyt [...]

    9. If you have a dog and want to train him/her then by all means pick up this book as this reads more like a "how to" guide. I like dogs but this was overkill. Seriously, page after page on how to train your dog and what's involved in search and rescue missions.She gets a point for starting off the book really well but that's about it. There was no suspense and the killer storyline could have been so, so much better. What I found to be unbelievable was the romance between Fiona and Simon. Nothing a [...]

    10. Quick review:Cover: Fitting Rating:NC-17 Thumbs Up:4.5Overall: Fun and DifferentCharacters: Well Written Plot: Just when you thought you were safe…Page Turner: Yes Series Cont.? Yes Recommend:YesBook Boyfriend: SimonSUMMARY (50 words or less)I really liked this one a lot. I thought it was different in a way I don’t see often. The characters weren’t cookie cutter. There was fun banter that made me laugh. I just love how the dogs were woven into the story. I liked this one a lot.For a full r [...]

    11. 3 Stars!! I'm still "SEARCHING" for the excitement!Okay, so the book had it's moments, but I really expected more in the way of a thrilling read. I did like the two main characters, Fiona and Simon. Fiona was easy going, funny and a dog trainer extraordinaire! Simon was gruff, demanding, pushybut it added to his appeal and they played well off of each other. I enjoyed the dog training aspect of the book, I love dogs, but when a book is titled The Search and the underlying plot is about a serial [...]

    12. Overall rating: 4 "Pizza Slut" stars!Triggers:Cheating: (view spoiler)[ No(hide spoiler)]Love triangle: (view spoiler)[ No(hide spoiler)]Sex with om/ow: (view spoiler)[ No(hide spoiler)]Intimate pasts: (view spoiler)[ Simon (hero): He has had his fair share of relationships in the past - his last of which was with a famous actress I believe. Fiona (heroine): She was engaged years ago and her fiancee was murdered. She has had casual sex since then maybe once but didn't enjoy it and felt like crap [...]

    13. Some of the reviews here are brutal, which is a mystery to me. I happen to love dogs but didn't think that was at the basis of my interest of a story about a woman dog trainer. Fiona Bristow is a survivor who has recreated herself following pretty tragic circumstances. She relocated herself to Orcas Island in Puget Sound and is devoting her life to dog obedience training and as a volunteer with the Canine Search and Rescue. Fiona also trains dogs for search and rescue. Enter Simon, a wood artist [...]

    14. This is the fourth time I've read this and it still manages to give me a mental vacation. Yes it's romantic suspense but it's also dogs and the magic that is Orca Island. I have to see this gem soon. This is my favorite Nora Roberts.Read the fourth time after adopting a new family member from the Animal Defense League. Dogs are love, furry unconditional love.

    15. This was pretty disappointing for a Nora Roberts book. Usually I inhale her books the day I get them, but this one didn't hold my attention. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't engrossing. It took me a couple days of picking it up and putting it down before I finished it.The beginning chapter was really interesting. It really helped get me in tune with what she did for her Search & Rescue job. I didn't mind all the details of the training for the search and rescue, most of it was interesting, but I [...]

    16. Although this story was somewhat predictable it was a very enjoyable read. Nora Roberts is a great story teller, writing great characters and romances and it was obvious that the feisty, prickly Fiona and sexy but solitary bachelor Simon were meant for each other.They meet when Simon, a creator of beautiful wooden furniture brings his very bouncy, full of life puppy, Jaws to Fiona for training at her school for dogs. Fiona has built a new life for herself following the murder of her policeman fi [...]

    17. Nobody reads Nora Roberts for shocking and unexpected plots – she basically has a handful of types of books and just rewrites them over and over. The Search falls into Category 2: woman with traumatic past has overcome it to become completely self-sufficient and a little bit closed-off emotionally, meets new guy right as she falls back into danger very similar to whatever caused the trauma in her past, they fall in love while danger deepens and eventually best the foe together. I am not mockin [...]

    18. 4 solid stars for the h Fiona and the dogs!Our H Simon is blunt, gruff, socially stunted and cynical.  It grated on my nerves when he told the heroine He doesn't find her beautiful and told her four times, she's not his type.  He's Mr. Romantic. NOT! His style is more like this "Shut up. You matter".  But he grew on me. I thought, they are perfect for each other.Our h Fiona is a survivor of a crime.  She was supposed to be the 13th victim but she got out.  I love her.  She's strong, kind a [...]

    19. This is my third book by Nora Roberts and I have to say The Search is my favorite so far. Both main characters were independently strong willed and when they came together I loved their chemistry. While the plot did have a bit of suspense I found the romance factor won out in this one. Fiona Bristow was living her life doing the things that made her the happiness. Though it was a carefully constructed life, living it that way was how she kept the sadness of her past at bay and allowed her new be [...]

    20. Not one of my out and out favourites of NR's, but I would far rather read one of her books than most others out there today any day of the week.Loved Simon and Fiona both. Loved the whole premise of rescue dogs, the training involved etc. I quite enjoyed all the obvious research that went into this book.But what I love the most about Nora Roberts books is that she never changes her characters to suit her plotlines. Simon started out gruff, impatient, grumpy and a loner and he consistently stayed [...]

    21. OK - so I'm somewhere between a 2 and 3 star on this so I'll go with 2.5 stars. The beginning of the book was kind of boring and boy did I learn a lot about how to train a dog. I also really didn't warm up to Simon. He just seemed way too hard for me. There just was something about him that I didn't warm to. He was a little too grumpy for me or something. Fiona was ok but I didn't really love her either. It's hard to explain but this couple just didn't do it for me. Yes, I at sometimes smiled ov [...]

    22. Wow. I don't know how Nora Roberts writes so many high quality novels, but she's done it again with The Search. The heroine (Fiona) was strong without being harsh/bitchy, the hero (Simon) was a delightful combination of handsome, competent, loyal, and cranky without ever becoming annoying. Watching these two fall in love was a treat. But the real stars were Fiona's and Simon's dogs. Ms. Roberts did an amazing job giving each dog their own distinct personality and they lit up the page every time [...]

    23. Another good read from Ms Roberts. I am not sure if it can really be categorised as Romantic Suspense. Less suspense than most of the "suspense" books I read. I love her heroines. Fiona was strong and independent.She watched the man get out. Tall, a lot of dark hair, scarred boots, worn jeans on long legs. Good face, she decided, sharp planes, sharp angles blurred by the shadow of stubble that said he'd been too busy or too lazy to shave that morning Jaws"You know, given my line of work, really [...]

    24. Listening to audio version; Oct 2012 Narrated by Tanya Eby.Audio review:Tanya Eby does a great job narrating The Search My only complaint is that sometimes during conversations she fails to differentiated between speakers. Other than that, Eby nails the right attitude and atmosphere for the characters and the story. Simon comes across perfectly as the irascible woodworker who fights to keep his loner status in the face of his growing feelings about Fiona. As with the print version, I love how Ro [...]

    25. I started to read this at my mom's one day when I was bored and it was lying on the coffee table. Didn't even bother to read the back so I had no clue what I was reading, though I knew the author. It turned out to be pretty good! The Search is a romantic thriller about a woman, Fiona, who 8 years ago escaped a serial killer, who is now in prison. But a copy-cat killer is now surfacing and on the hunt to finish what was started. I really loved the characters in this book: Fiona, the protagonist, [...]

    26. Narrated by Tanya Eby Narration 4*sI'm a big Nora fan. I'm also a dog fan. The combination of a good storyline from a favorite author with the detailed research on dog training, especially in regards to search and rescue, worked really well for me.I really enjoyed the romance between Simon and Fiona and how it built over the course of the book, they were a great couple. This was one of my favorite romances of 2010.The audio book version was excellent even if you had to work a little harder to he [...]

    27. I gave it 3* it's an interesting plot, good storyline, I'm not a dog person but that didnt put me off, but i marked it down because i didnt feel the connection between the characters it just never got going and there werent any real tense momentsl the emtion in the book felt forcedi'm a very big fan of this author but this bk didnt do it for me.

    28. Nora Roberts is a little hit and miss with me. I've read a few and almost gagged on my own vomitbut there are a few of her books which do everything right and this is one of them.

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