Storm Chaser

For thirteen year old Jessie, living with her family on the dusty Wild Hawk Ranch in Nevada can be a bit lonely Her friend Marybeth lives a few miles away, but shes two years younger than Jessie and she can sometimes be a pest But Jessie loves the horses her father and brother break in each summer to sell to local ranchers and rodeo competitors This year, she is determiFor thirteen year old Jessie, living with her family on the dusty Wild Hawk Ranch in Nevada can be a bit lonely Her friend Marybeth lives a few miles away, but shes two years younger than Jessie and she can sometimes be a pest But Jessie loves the horses her father and brother break in each summer to sell to local ranchers and rodeo competitors This year, she is determined to help train the horses, especially when she lays eyes on the wild, paint filly she names Storm Chaser When Jessies father tells her she is still too young to help with the horses, she deliberately disobeys him by working with the filly behind his back Then a fire destroys the barn and Jessies family reluctantly turns their ranch into a vacation dude ranch to earn much needed money But Jessie is wary of Ariel, a rude and spoiled city girl who always expects to get her way When Ariel announces she wants to buy Storm Chaser, Jessies already fragile world begins to crack What can she do to keep her beloved paint from being sold
Storm Chaser For thirteen year old Jessie living with her family on the dusty Wild Hawk Ranch in Nevada can be a bit lonely Her friend Marybeth lives a few miles away but shes two years younger than Jessie and s

  • Title: Storm Chaser
  • Author: Chris Platt
  • ISBN: 9781561454969
  • Page: 412
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. Storm Chaser offers all the makings of a classic horse story while still providing a level of modernity and throwing in some of the issues that middle-grade girls face these days such as "mean girls" and family dysfunction. Beautifully-written, this is not just a horse story but also a story of reconnecting the fragments of a broken family and finding true friendship in a world where such magic is becoming more and more scarce.

    2. The main character in Storm Chaser is a girl that is about 10 years old that lives on a run down ranch. The main conflict is that her mother's parents want to sell the ranch because they cannot afford it, but then their daughter gives them the idea of cleaning up the ranch and having people stay at the ranch and pay them like they used to do in the past. Some of the things that I liked about this book is that they actually had some helpful ways of training younger horses and ways to help horses [...]

    3. This book could be read by a boy or girl who is in 4th grade or higher. It could be read by a child who loves horses or just love animals.2011-2012 Golden Sower Nominees

    4. Great story for younger horse lovers. Readers of Terri Farley's Phantom Stallion series would like this author.

    5. Good book for kids, especially girls and horse lovers. My daughter Krista gave it to me for Christmas.I liked the multiple problems woven into the plot: Jessica falls in love with a new filly, but knows the family will have to sell it; she is eager to train the horse, but her father thinks she's still too young, despite the fact that she's a few years older than her brother when he started training horses; a barn-fire places the family in financial straights; the only other girl anywhere in the [...]

    6. Jessie is a thirteen year old girl who lives on Wild Hawk Ranch in Nevada. Her best friend Marybeth is two years younger than she is. When her brothers and friends bring in the herd of horses that have been roaming free on the range, Jessie spots a beautiful paint that she would love to have. Her horse Rusty is getting so old that she will soon have to stop riding him. She wants an opportunity to break the paint that she has named Storm Chaser but her father says she is still too young. Her brot [...]

    7. I thought this was a nice horse story. It was a good story about a family dealing with a difficult situation. It was also a good story about friendship and realizing who your real friends areey are the ones who help you when you need it without you asking and who stand by you even when you are not the nicest person. They are not the ones who are mean or just talk to you because they want something. The plot was a little weak at some points but overall this was a good story and kids will enjoy it [...]

    8. This is a very good book of what I have read of it. There is a barn fire and she got the chance to finally train a horse by herself and the ranch isn't a ranch anymore it is something else but you will have to find out for yourself. now i am done with it and it is a good book i think that anyone who needs to read books should read this because it isn't just about horses it has a lot of different branches (it has alot of different subjects). Thats all i can think of thanks for reading my review. [...]

    9. Audience: This is a great book for girls who love horses. It is also a great book for kids interested in reading about real life adventures. It would work well for a teacher looking for a book about choosing friends or one to help teach problem and solution.Appeal: This book has really engaging characters and the plot gets really intense really fast so readers are compelled to read on and find out if the ranch can be saved as well as what will happen to Jessica's human and horse friends.Awards L [...]

    10. My 11 year old daughter wanted me to read this book so I did. A simple read for me and I would say the audience is preteen the early teen. THe story is good, easy to follow and if you love horses you do find yourself involved in the story. A small family tries to decide what to do financially with the small ranch they live on when a fire breaks and burns their barns they are left with little choice but to attempt life on a "dude ranch".

    11. A 2011-12 Mark Twain Nominee Award in Missouri, Storm Chaser is another horse story. Girls will like this story which features 13-year-old Jessie who lives on a ranch in Nevada. When her father and brother round up wild horses to break and sell to local ranchers, Jessie falls in love with a paint filly. But tragedy befalls the family and they must make plans to sell all the wild horses, including the horse Jessie has her heart set on.

    12. Great MG novel about a girl, a wild horse and the ranch her parents are trying to save. I really enjoyed this one. There is a lot of description about training horses but it didn't seem to slow down the narrative much. Great message about true friendship and responsibility.

    13. A 2011-12 Mark Twain nomineeJessie lives with her family on a barely-breaking-even ranch in Nevada. After a fire takes their barn and first hay cutting, the family is forced to open a dude ranch. Jessie falls in love with a new pony, but a nasty, rich girl wants the horse for herself.

    14. I enjoyed this book. Good story line, great family story showing how good honest hard work does pay off. There are not enough good books with horses and a female main characteris book definitely fills that need!!

    15. A nice calm book about horses which although I appreciate they are pretty sometimes I don't actually like horses.Still nice children's book about a pretty animal.

    16. A nice informative horse story, nice lesson without being heavy handed. I enjoyed learning information about different breeds of horses, too. Girls who like horses will like this one for sure.

    17. I really liked this book. I think both boys and girls would enjoy the story of Storm Chaser. It teaches great lessons about friends how difficult life can be sometimes.

    18. Mind bowing. I love horses and this author just fuels my desire to read more and more of her books.

    19. The book is slow going and very sad. I was crying a little in this book at a few diffrent parts. But there is not much action in the book or any mysteries. But it is a 2011-2012 Mark Twain award.

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