Under the Boardwalk

Ariana Costas may be a college professor in Vermont, but she s still a Jersey girl at heart at least according to her lovable, eccentric Greek family Then her twin sister, Zoe disappears and her Jersey roots tug hard Soon Ari is back home, ducking bullets and, to her chagrin, getting rescued by a hunk in a black leather jacket Detective Quinn Donovan takes one look at tAriana Costas may be a college professor in Vermont, but she s still a Jersey girl at heart at least according to her lovable, eccentric Greek family Then her twin sister, Zoe disappears and her Jersey roots tug hard Soon Ari is back home, ducking bullets and, to her chagrin, getting rescued by a hunk in a black leather jacket Detective Quinn Donovan takes one look at the windblown beauty and then looks again If this lady isn t Zoe Costas, it s someone who looks exactly like her Suddenly, Ari s in trouble deeper than the Atlantic at high tide, and Quinn is trying to protect her without spilling his well guarded secrets as deja vu just might become the love affair of a lifetime.
Under the Boardwalk Ariana Costas may be a college professor in Vermont but she s still a Jersey girl at heart at least according to her lovable eccentric Greek family Then her twin sister Zoe disappears and her Jerse

  • Title: Under the Boardwalk
  • Author: Carly Phillips
  • ISBN: 9780446532372
  • Page: 442
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. I'm not really sure how I feel about this book. The undercover cop is a decent plot point. The missing sister I like. The disagreement and falling out in the family plays well. The writing is light and fun. So what's the problem? Well there are a couple of them.1. So the family that 'loves' Ari (the heroine) doesn't tell her about her sister being an undercover agent nor a great deal of other info because Ari has always been what they consider a judgmental bitch. They flat out tell her that she [...]

    2. Fun! What a quirky cast of characters. I laughed so much my sides ached. Phillips definitely knows how to blend humor, hi jinks & searing heat into 304 pages.Brava, Ms. Phillips for bringing on the smoldering sexual intensity. Whoa, baby!Under the Boardwalk weaves together a tapestry that is rich w/ lovable, eccentric & vibrant characters. The action is endless & the plot fast-paced.I loved Ari & Quinn. Spicy spicy now! Oh, I'm sorry, Quinn came to mind ;p. Whew! Is it hot in her [...]

    3. Well Carly Phillips did it again. I read this book in 2 weeks and one of the best reads. She kept me hanging I was not able to guess what happened to Ari's sister. I also liked the way she tied together the missing of the twin sister, the monkey, Sam and the love story of Ari and Quinn all into one book. This is why I love Carly Phillips. I highly recommend this book. I guess everyone has someone crazy in their family and the family she has created for Ari is not only different but one that seem [...]

    4. 50 pages in and I just cannot take any more. Some potential, the missing twin and eccentric family, but the writing is lousy, the characters hard to believe, and the insta-lust! UGH. What the heck?No thank you.I hoped having a college professor as a main character would finally turn the typical Any Woman chick flick cliche heroine into someone intelligent, but I see no evidence of Ariana's extended education. And I can't stand Quinn's hard knock flashbacks. Okay, he's a tortured hero. ENOUGH! Th [...]

    5. I was bored from the first chapter and if I had another book with me today would have dumped this one instead of forcing myself to finish it. Too many unrealistic things going on. Insta-love is so overdone and not done well here. Ariana is a twin. Hero knows the other twin and doesn't have any feelings for her but upon seeing Ariana he's in love. It just didn't fly for me. Anyway, about what I expected from chick lit.

    6. What was I thinking when I picked out this book? The characters have as much depth and finesse as muslin sheets. The author's voice is as flat and as irritating as computer-generated voice mail greetings. And it all goes downhill from there.

    7. A fun, light story but there were too many questionable and unrealistic things going on to make it truly enjoyable. And why is Ari the bad guy in everything and the only one who needs to change? Meh, not my best read, but not my worst. I give it a low 3/5 stars.

    8. This one was a little different from most of Carly's books, it was not as enjoyable as her others but still a good read. It was a little hard to follow and stay interested, not as sexy as her others!

    9. 2.5 StarsI really didn't care for this book; luckily it was a shorter read at under 300 pages. By the time I realized it didn't like it, I was already 45% of the way through and didn't want to DNF it, because I did want to find out what happened.The plot was interesting and I liked that part. Reminded me a bit of the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich where bad things are happening, but they don't feel that series. There is no humor though, at least nothing I found particularly funny.What [...]

    10. I really loved this book. It had comedy, tragedy, romance and suspense. I couldn't put this book down until I finished it. A great read.

    11. Badally really bad. Typical story. I think I would enjoy it more if the author hadn't taken such license with her setting. I KNOW Atlantic City and the surrounding area. I had a hard time getting past that. The dialog was dull. Her story could have been better.

    12. Setting: family home at Ocean Isle; pier; casino; casino room; cottage by the sea; south Side Center for teens; near Atlantic City, New Jersey; Theme:Putting childhood into perspective; gaining self confidence; giving self in love; quirky families; adoptionCharacters:Professor Ariana ‘Ari’ Costas – the conscience of her family – the logical, sensitive one – As a teen she felt out of place with, and embarrassed by her family and when a boyfriend gave her an ultimatum, them or me, she di [...]

    13. I had just finished Damned (book 2 in the Crusade series by Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguie), and was ready to pick up the ARC of the first book in their newest series (Wolf Springs Chronicles) Unleashed. In fact, I read a few pages of it before this book called to me. That's usually what will happen sometimes, books will call out to me and demand to be read. The fact that this book has been sitting in a stack beside my bed (where I do much of my reading lately) for some time probably helped. I p [...]

    14. I really liked this book. I really got pulled into the two main characters. They are just the kind that I like. Both Quinn and Ari are a little flawed and have to battle their own insecurities to both find out who they are individually and find their way as a couple. The supporting cast is great two. Every member of Ari's family is delightfully entertaining, and Conner is a loveable curmudgeon who you root for in his relationship with Maria. The plot is good, too. You get sucked into the missing [...]

    15. Carly Phillips ist genau wie ihre Namensvetterin Susan Elizabeth Phillips meiner Meinung nach eine Koryphäe auf dem Gebiet der Chick-Flick-Literatur. Mit ihren Büchern schafft sie es immer wieder, spritzig prickelnde, schlagfertige, liebenswerte aber auch spannende Geschichten zu erspinnen, die 100% Unterhaltung garantieren. Das ist auch der Fall bei "Küss mich, Kleiner!". Mit ihrer Leichtigkeit und den vielen humorvollen Passagen eignet sich das Buch perfekt für einen Strandurlaub. Im Gegen [...]

    16. 3.5 STARS"Ariana Costas may be a college professor in Vermont, but she's still a Jersey girl at heart-at least according to her lovable, eccentric Greek family. Then her twin sister, Zoe disappears and her Jersey roots tug hard. Soon Ari is back home, ducking bullets and, to her chagrin, getting rescued by a hunk in a black leather jacket. Detective Quinn Donovan takes one look at the windblown beauty-and then looks again. If this lady isn't Zoe Costas, it's someone who looks exactly like her. S [...]

    17. This is a cute mystery/romance combo set in an Atlantic City casino. Ariana Costas heads home to New Jersey from her life in Vermont as a college professor, in search of her missing twin sister. Ariana has moved away from her eccentric con family to find security and normalcy, but in the process she's lost contact with her family. She gets involved with Quinn Donovan, the undercover cop investigating the casino where Zoe was last seen. Nice romance, very fun secondary characters, interesting bac [...]

    18. “ A fast paced, flirty and adventurous romance.” – Booklist“Lighthearted think beach read.” – Publisher’s Weekly“Bestselling author Phillips is back with lots more humor and zaniness. Offbeat and fun-loving characters give this book heart.” – Romantic Times BOOKclub Magazine All these review comments sum up this book well. Reminded me of Nora Roberts “Hot Ice” but the characters were more interesting – an eccentric Greek family, twins, dysfunctional relationships and Sp [...]

    19. What a great read! A real page turner for me. I loved the characters, including the monkey, Spank who had me laughing. This was my first read of Carly Phillips and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It had my interest from the very beginning and I finished it in less than a week (which is saying a lot for me because I am a slow reader lol). I loved Ari, a very smart and somewhat stubborn woman and Quinn who was very sexy with a heart of gold. Great story with some suspense and a happy ending. The only dis [...]

    20. Read it the first time like five years ago and remember liking it back then. I was at the airport looking for something easy and fun to read for my 10hrs-flight. Recently I re-ordered it on my kindle, because I was in the mood for reading something with romance and humor and remembered this book from back then - I've gotta say, still like it! I absolutely adore the Costas-clan, what a great family!Didn't know it was sequel back then, looking forward to the second volume of the Costas Sisters "Su [...]

    21. I only read this b/c I had a copy at home that wasn't a library book and I needed something to take to Mexico. I wish I would have finished it there so I could have left it--they had a little library of sorts they wheeled out by the pool each day--because it's only good enough to be a "beach" read. Like other Carly Phillips books, for me, there is a great story idea and it's just so-so. I would actually have to give this one 2 and 1/2 stars though, because of the main character's quirky family a [...]

    22. The main characters of this book, Quinn and Ariana, are lovable, stubborn, and filled with enough self doubt that it keeps their life goals just out of reach. But slowly through the chapters, their resolve is coming through, and as a result, love, and happiness are within their grasp. Throw in a crazy family, a cute but rude monkey and a troubled teenage orphan, and you have the workings of another great book by Carly Phillips. I gave this one a 5 star.

    23. A sort of run-of-the-mill, predictable, love story. Fine for a feel-good book, but not much challenge. Lady looking for her missing twin (but we soon know that she is OK so there is no mystery there), falls in love with the undercover cop, spends the pages trying to find herself and accept her crazy family, etc. Of course there has to be some descriptive sex thrown in for good measure. Just not much to it.

    24. I really enjoyed the whole Costas' family. The are so wacky & wonderfully funny. Even the monkey Spank. I like the way Carly has a way of making a family of they would call the non-typical people. What some would call the throw aways. Not her she takes them & makes them so real. That you feel like you have know Quinn, Ari, Connor, & Sam forever. Then you add the antics of the Costas and boom the fun story unfolds. I highly recommend.

    25. Cute Story. Not much in the way of suspense since you know what happened to Zoe almost from the start. The family was kind of annoying and I am surprised that a family lke that could get away with so many cons and not do any jail time. If I was Ari, I would probably be moritfied at my family as well! I liked the chemistry between Quinn and Ari. I look forward to the next one that deals with Ari's sister Zoe.

    26. Ari returns home to her crazy family because her sister is missing, assumed dead. Ari doesn't believe it and goes to the casino where Zoe worked to get more information. She ends up with meeting Quinn, who isn't what who she thinks he is. This unique Greek family has a monkey, a few on the edge enterprises and a runaway girl who wants to live there.271 pages

    27. I have not read a Carly Phillips book before this. I really enjoyed it. It had some out of the ordinary family styles; although who is to say what is ordinary?? A little risque, as Mama would say; her reviews have given her a 6 out of 5 for sex. Mixed with some action. I found it refreshing and entertaining. I didn't want it to end.

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