Of Course I Love You...! Till I Find Someone Better...

Of Course I Love You is set in Delhi, 2006 2008, and revolves around nightclubs, colleges, relationships and friendships Debashish Deb Roy is a college student who has dated and bedded many girls He is happy until he forms a relationship with a female named Avantika Deb s life worsens as his relationship with Avantika deepens Avantika is forced to listen to her spiriOf Course I Love You is set in Delhi, 2006 2008, and revolves around nightclubs, colleges, relationships and friendships Debashish Deb Roy is a college student who has dated and bedded many girls He is happy until he forms a relationship with a female named Avantika Deb s life worsens as his relationship with Avantika deepens Avantika is forced to listen to her spiritual Guru to leave Deb, ultimately dumping him Deb is kicked out of his college placements and gets a job in a government office where his father used to work He befriends the office genius Amit, who is inexperienced with girls, and waits for his life to improve and for Avantika to return to him.
Of Course I Love You Till I Find Someone Better Of Course I Love You is set in Delhi and revolves around nightclubs colleges relationships and friendships Debashish Deb Roy is a college student who has dated and bedded many girls He i

  • Title: Of Course I Love You...! Till I Find Someone Better...
  • Author: Durjoy Datta Maanvi Ahuja
  • ISBN: 9788188575657
  • Page: 340
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Dunno why, but again I picked up a so-called contemporary Indian author and yet again the read has been disappointing.Starts with a pervert engineering student, who's perhaps had more hook ups than the number of lectures he's attended. Crushes, making out and then dumping off. Half of the novel goes in this way.Finally some impossibly beautiful, had-been drug addict, confident girl steps into the pervert's life and, poof, our hero is in true love!Now what follows is a heartbreak. Ah Devastation! [...]

    2. The only thing worth reading in this book is the title. Do not put yourself through mental torture by even "trying" to read this book. I definitely deserve an award for completing such a senseless novel. The author tries very hard to show "thats how we youngsters are" but fortunately in realitywe are way sorted out. After reading wonderful books by indian authors like Ahmed Faiyaz, Chetan Bhagat and Preeti Shenoy, i should have stopped right there and not ventured further!A serous waste of both [...]

    3. u need to have great will-power To complete those 230 pages!:-(The book was really reeally boring one!!Durjoy duta really needs to learn grammer coz. several grammetical mistakes are committed in the book. Dirty mind of the author all time describes of porn stuffs which is falsely supposed as interesting factor bt gives u a headache!!u need a great courage and will power to read 230 pages of this book!!!!Only 50-70 pages were the motivating factors that made me read this whole book

    4. Damnnnn Boring Book You Need Courage To Read The Entire Book I'd Prefer My Engineering Study Books Over This One :D

    5. If these kind of books can get published then I should get my class 6 to class 10 English essays published as well. They have better plot and are much better written than this uh well I can't really call it a novel now can I?

    6. Simply delhi love story but as a young author i really appreciated his work. I just completed it in a day or half. It was not a extraordinary read but still you can read it and definitely, it will give you a long lasting smile, if you had such kinda interesting college life. One sentence which i like the most was when avantika told deb that you will never get the pants ironed if you dont take them off. It has humor with sense:)

    7. A catchy title and a nice picture on the cover - two ingredients that would draw any reader's attention. However, I would recommend re-visiting a proverb (literally here): Never judge a book by its cover. The story of an Indian guy studying in an engineering college, his battles with his academics, his family, his love life and his life in general, penned down in a manner shockingly ordinary. The only good thing about it - one can read it cover to cover within a matter of few hours and move onto [...]

    8. Situated in the happening capital of Delhi, ‘Ofcourse I Love You…’ is a love story of Debashish Roy, popularly known as Deb. Although, he believes he isn’t much of a looker, he still represents the ultimate playboy! An engineering student who doesn’t take career seriously, loves to party and is in a ceaseless relationship with the term ‘break ups.After all the relationships that Deb has had, when he first encounters Avantika, he gets completely bowled over. For him, it is LAFS – Lo [...]

    9. Its about Deb and Avantika. Deb is a stud and had been in numerous relation ships. But avantika is his dream girl comes true. It’s story of deb. And his relationships and his friends.Unlike Chetan Bhagat, Durjoy datta’s books have weak motivation and aim. Weak storyline. It’s all about being a stud or sexy as long as the book counts. Weak plot seems to be dutta’s specialty. I don’t know how this book made the national bestseller! This one is super slow and dragging. Low kicks is what I [...]

    10. First book in the series of Deb & Avantika. So Deb firmly believes that relationship is just a key for getting laid until Avantika, beautiful-just-out-of-drugs lass crosses his path. They're getting into a relationship where Deb's past and Avantika's past are quarreling to mess up the present & future for the betterment of us, the readers :P Ultimately, listening to Guruji's advice, Avantika dumps Deb !You're-single-and-out-of-drugs & I'm-happy-go-lucky-youngster-and-I-don't-care-abo [...]

    11. 0/5 is better for this book.First let me warn you don't keep loads of expectations with this book.Never judge a book by its cover is the best thing that i can say over here.Okay the title and the cover is good enough.I actually wasted my money on this book.Was expecting something worthwhile from the authors (who are passouts from DCE and SRCC)."A Disappointing Book" is what I can say about this book.

    12. Didn't quite enjoy it. Nothing too different about the style of writing and nothing different about the story. Like the script of a hindi movie. And not a very interesting one! One of the 'me-too' after Chetan Bhagat. Unfortunately, not everyone who graduates from an engineering or MBA college and has lived a colourful teenage life has it in him to put it into words that are interesting to read!

    13. When I started the book, I was slightly shocked. As the blurb claims, it reveals the "dirty secrets" behind most relationships. And since I preferred something not so on-the-face, I decided to not like this book. But the story started to actually take some form, and by the end, I was in love with it. Looking forward to reading its sequel

    14. It is very nice novel and very well written. Different from the ordinary thinking and definitely above average. Liked the narration. n the story was really touching. Over all a nice book n a must read.

    15. Once in a while you choose to read a contemporary Indian Author's book and it sucks. Big time! It's a total waste of time.

    16. While reading, I was kind of bored in mid and after that just completed it somehow. Well, one time read but prefer not to. I didn't find anything mind-boggling or interesting. Just a guy's transformation from a playboy to one women man.

    17. infatuation, break-ups, switch overs and same all over, again.Debasish Roy, a Bengali lad gets into Delhi Engineering College, into Mechanical Branch. Since he is just not interested in his studies, and always craving to get recognized among the lot, due to his hefty and ugly personality, he loses out in his exams as well as placements. He gets into relationships or the so called Love, with many girls, but dumps them or gets dumped equally fast, as soon as he satisfies his sexual pleasures with [...]

    18. This agglomeration of ink squiggles made to resemble letters of words in a sentence telling a story are not even those - squiggles of ink can be beautiful.The thought process of the protagonist is probably one of the reasons why Delhi has had more rapes than any other Indian city.On youtube can be found comments like "this porn has good music", and songs deserving that. This book, is similar - only much of the porn has no story or necessity of presence.Spoilers here - not that there is much of a [...]

    19. I didn't want to rate this book because I didn’t finish it. But I held on for 8 chapters. So I think I am justified enough to rant about it.There are so many writing tips out there about how you have to make characters believable, realistic, imperfect, etc. The character in this book, Deb, is so imperfect it’s an overkill. HE IS IMPOSSIBLE TO LIKE.He is so sex-crazed and an ass to his girlfriend. He thinks cheaply of his girl best friend which just makes me wonder why on earth they’re best [...]

    20. don't even think about it. I don't know why I thought about picking up yet another contemporary Indian author. They've always disappointed me. It's a boring read of how a not even average looking guy ( who is utterly insensitive in the matters of love and has had more girlfriends and hook ups than the exams in his college) falls in love with this stunningly-beautiful-past-drug-addict girl who still hasn't recovered from the heartbreak her ex-ex boyfriend gave her( which was btw 2 years ago). The [...]

    21. Someone who uses people and discards them, indulging in nocturnal outings rather than working to achieve competence in years of college, fails at both career and relationships simultaneously - and acquires a heart and conscience to some extent. It might be better at being readable if it were not for the entirely stupid and these days seemingly compulsory inclusion of physical details. Stupid, because one has only to flip to one of the infochannels to see the activity described here in graphic de [...]

    22. Story of an Irresponsible Idiot:I honestly picked this book simply due to its lurky title.Well, the story revolves around a hormone pumped youngster-Deb in early 20s.Lust takes control of him more than love, untill he meets Avantika who has overcome drug addiction,alcohol, and all cheap stuffs.They love, breakup for silly and absurd reason, and patch up at last chapter all of a sudden.In the meantime, Deb connects a love of his colleague and comes up with this story finally.A blog turned book. T [...]

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