Our Granny

Two children compare their granny with others Some grannies have thin legs, fat knees, crinkly eyes, or big soft laps Their granny has a wobbly bottom and wears an old red sweater that was grandpa s She has a style all her own and to the children who love her, this granny is perfect Full of warmth and good humor Full color.
Our Granny Two children compare their granny with others Some grannies have thin legs fat knees crinkly eyes or big soft laps Their granny has a wobbly bottom and wears an old red sweater that was grandpa s S

  • Title: Our Granny
  • Author: Margaret Wild Julie Vivas
  • ISBN: 9780395883952
  • Page: 485
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. I liked learning how grandmas come in all different kinds of shapes and sizes. Both of mine are really different from each other, and I love them both to bits.

    2. Though these grandkids point out many different kinds of grandmas, it is clear that they love and are very proud of their own granny. I was rather fond of her, too. Loved the "wobbly bottom" part and how she wears her late husband's old sweater sometimes. This is a sweet story with fun illustrations and a very nice tribute to the many kinds of (equally awesome) grandmothers.

    3. I loved this–it’s definitely my favorite Vivas book. Wild does a great job at describing all of the different ways grannies can be, and Vivas illustrates them so delightfully. It’s perfect for showing how people under a specific title can be so different and so similar. It’s a truly sweet book.Review cross-listed here!

    4. Our Granny is a fiction book, about two children comparing their granny to other grannies. Some of the comparisons include where they live, their physical appearances, and their different jobs. This book relates to my topic because their granny is a part of their immediate family and actually lives with and watches after them. The relationship between a grandmother and grandchildren is also another important dynamic in some families as wThe overall story in my opinion was interesting to children [...]

    5. This is a fun story about grandmothers. My mother-in-law lives with us, so this book was a great reminder of how lucky we are to have extended family close by (especially since we're military and move fairly often!) I love that it shows that grandmothers come in all shapes and sizes, have all different kinds of hobbies, and yet they still love to give kisses and hugs. I noticed that all of the grannies were rather large and lumpy, though, and that's not the case with all of the grandmothers in o [...]

    6. While this story does a wonderful job giving background on all different kinds of family dynamics and how everyone’s family can be different, I felt the story over all was very repetitive and didn’t really capture my interest. The story would be good for introducing different cultures and interests of people. I was not particularly a fan of the illustrations, I am not sure their medium, but I was just not wowed. This book is by no means a horrible choice for a young reader but I would not re [...]

    7. A young boy and girl share the things that some grandmas do, followed by what it is that their granny does. Illustrations are bright and humorous. I enjoyed this book because it focuses on the day-to-day things between grandmothers and grandchildren from a simple, caring, fun, light-hearted perspective.

    8. Two children compare their grandmother to ones that they know around them. Their grandmother lives with them and always manages to give them kisses. Their grandfather died and their grandmother still wears his scarf often and misses him a lot. This is a touching story on how all grandmothers are different, but they are all special.

    9. This book is a shout-out to awesome grandmothers everywhere. It is voiced by two grandchildren celebrating their granny, and explaining that all grannies are different.They compare their granny to other grannies,and through this the reader sees that this granny happens to be very independent, and highlights a non-stereotypical gender role for the readers. It shows a non-traditional family structure with genuine and relatable family relationships.This relates to my topic of families, and is able [...]

    10. Our Granny honors grandmothers from all walks of life. Whether they live in an apartment or a trailer, whether they play cards or sing in a band, whether they have had three or six husbands, all grannies are special to someone. One granny in particular means the world to the characters represented in the story. Though the story never reveals the children's names, the key to remember is that they are loved by their grandmother. This book provides both humor and sentimental value. Text such as "Ou [...]

    11. “Our Granny” starts as a story about a granny who lives with her daughter and grandchildren. Written by Margaret Wild “Our Granny” gives an informative text about Grannies and many of their different characteristics. The main idea of the story is that not all grannies, nor people, have the same qualities or characteristics (ex. Some grannies live in… apartments, big old houses, and little rooms in the city. Some grannies have… thin legs, fat knees bristly chins…). As a teacher, I w [...]

    12. This story is funny, crazy, entertaining and definitely meets a lot of the qualifications for a quality children's book! The book is interesting to children -- showing things that crazy grandparents do, it is age appropriate, it utilizes style and language that are appropriate for children's ages and interests, and it includes realistic (yet extremely funny) and convincing characters. The illustrations were accurate and amazing, corresponded to the text and plot, holds children interests, and th [...]

    13. 'Our Granny' is a story told by children describing the characteristics of their grandmother. The narrator, the grandchildren, are giving a description of the everyday life of some grandparents. Different grandmothers appear throughout the text showing the roles of a grandmother. As a teacher I would teach adjectives as a lesson. Adjectives are use throughout the entire story many of times (ex. Fat knees, Wobbly bottoms, comfy slippers). I would then ask the children what do their grandmothers w [...]

    14. This book is a great book to share with a class for Mothers Day in order to help the students think about the celebration of mothers and different ways that they could appreciate their mothers. After reading this book it could be followed up with an activity where the students make a craft for either their mothers or grandmothers. The book has two children comparing the qualities they like the most about their grandmother. Whether it be their "wobbly bottoms" or some other caring aspect that the [...]

    15. I liked that in this book the Grannys are all doing different things. I enjoy that the Grannys give kisses differently and live in different types of homes. However, I did not like that all of the Grannys had something ugly going on like wobbly bottoms, fat knees or bristly chins. I sure hope that I can keep myself from looking that way when I'm a Granny. The only Granny characteristic that sounded remotely in shape was the one with thin legs, but in the picture she has saggy breasts. This book [...]

    16. Granny's are a bag of all-sorts; some with fat knees, interesting hair, or even a wobbly bottom. They babysit, play golf, drive trucks and perhaps even wear a big bra.The lovely ladies in this tale are bold, barely dressed, dancing, smiling, remembering and giving smoochy kisses. Gorgeous.Both the boys loved it (7 & 9), and did exactly what the author intends: to remember and describe their own granny/nana. So simple and elegant in its structure it was a delight to read together.

    17. Genre: Picture bookReading Level: Late emergent/earlyTopics & Themes: Grandmother's come in all shapes, sizes, clothing, activitiesCurricular Use: Read-aloudSocial: Grandmother marches in demonstrationLiterary Elements: States variety of things a granny can be, then tells us what their granny does. Gives descriptive lists of granny traits. Humorous and affectionate look at grandmothersText & Pictures: Interaction of text and pictures

    18. My grandmother gave me this book when I told her I wanted to be an elementary school teacher. "Our Granny" uses a variety of adjectives to describe differnt types of grannies, so I would use this book to discuss adjectives and their purpose. The illustrations are simple and so cute in the way they depict differnt kinds of grannies and what they look like and what they do.

    19. This book centers around two children who compare their grandmothers to other grandmothers. It playfully explains the differences between the grandmothers. One quote from the book that I thought was cute said "Our granny has a wobbly bottom". The pictures are colorful and attention grabbing for the studens. The language used in the book is appropriate for the intended age group.

    20. This book was great - right up until the page where granny does exercises because her bottom is too big. This is just another way in which girl children absorb the message that their appearance matters more than anything. Granny doesn't exercise for her health, she needs to worry about being smaller, even in her later years. (Calafia)

    21. "Some grannies live in apartments, big old houses, old people's homes, little rooms in the city, trailers, farmhouses, cottages by the ocean, nursing homes, or nowhere at all."Pros: Interesting look at different grandmas while bringing it back around to narrator's grandma. It was a good length for reading. Cons: Some images and parts of the text were kind of not my style.

    22. This is a wonderful book that students that live with their grandmother's can read (or even just children that love their grandmothers). Two children are comparing their grandmother that does a lot of things other grandmothers might not do, to other grandmothers in the world. At the end they say they love their grandmother! This is a great book!

    23. This is a hilarious book - talking about all the different kinds of grannies - all shapes and sizes with all kinds of different interests. The illustrations are very funny - depicting the assortment of grannies. The overall message is that what matters the most is the love grandmas have for their grandchildren.

    24. A story celebrating all kinds of grannies, Australian Maragaret Wild's text is funny and sweet, but Julie Vivas's illustrations of "women of a certain age" will make you laugh out loud and cheer "Yea for Grannies" at the same time.

    25. I love this book! My granny is my best friend so when I read this book I fell in love with it. This is another story I would read when talking about families and how families are not just moms, dad, brothers, and sisters, but sometimes grandparents can live with you too!

    26. Let's leave the size of ladies' bottoms out of children's books. This is way too early to be taking on the message that we exercise because we think we're too big - and not because it's good for our health.

    27. What wonderful illustrations--like real people, no Hollywood/Media Grannies in this one. Wonderful message in brief text that Grannies are all different with different tastes in hair styles, clothing, exercise choices, etc. An older title but very current in its theme.

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