Twenty Years After

At this game, whoever does not kill is killed Twenty Years After 1845 , the sequel to The Three Musketeers, is a supreme creation of suspense and heroic adventure.Two decades have passed since the musketeers triumphed over Cardinal Richelieu and Milady Time has weakened their resolve, and dispersed their loyalties But treasons and stratagems still cry out for justice At this game, whoever does not kill is killed Twenty Years After 1845 , the sequel to The Three Musketeers, is a supreme creation of suspense and heroic adventure.Two decades have passed since the musketeers triumphed over Cardinal Richelieu and Milady Time has weakened their resolve, and dispersed their loyalties But treasons and stratagems still cry out for justice civil war endangers the throne of France, while in England Cromwell threatens to send Charles I to the scaffold Dumas brings his immortal quartet out of retirement to cross swords with time, the malevolence of men, and the forces of history But their greatest test is a titanic struggle with the son of Milady, who wears the face of Evil.
Twenty Years After At this game whoever does not kill is killed Twenty Years After the sequel to The Three Musketeers is a supreme creation of suspense and heroic adventure Two decades have passed since the mus

  • Title: Twenty Years After
  • Author: Alexandre Dumas David Coward Auguste Maquet
  • ISBN: 9780192838438
  • Page: 316
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. This sequel to The Three Musketeers is the “thinking man's” Blues Brothers, a “getting the band back together” tale that is set where such stories should be set: among friends in their forties and fifties, still vigorous in decline, constrained by the comforts and commitments of middle age. Hollywood, for the last quarter-century, has preferred “grumpy old _____” movies (fill in the blank, “astronauts,” “spies,” “mobsters,” etc.), but such heroes in retirement offer few i [...]

    2. Wow! Just wow! I loved The Three Musketeers, but - if anything - I think that this was even better. Twenty Years After is the second installment in the Musketeers' tale (one that continues into a third part, 'Ten Years Later', which is normally split itself into three, the last of which is The Man in teh Iron Mask). That might be because I didn't' already know the story, but I think it was also because there's now a world-weariness about the four heroes. All now in their forties, they're almost [...]

    3. in un matrimonio, i vent'anni oltre a equivalere matematicamente alla pena dell'ergastolo scontata di un terzo - come funziona davanti alla legge nei casi di patteggiamento (e la cosa dovrebbe far riflettere) - sono da taluni festeggiati come nozze di cristallo. che, a dirla proprio tutta, come metafora materica trasmette una certa qual impressione di fragilità (spunto di riflessione due)l caso di dumas e dei suoi quattro moschettieri, succede il contrario. mi azzarderei quasi a dire che vent'a [...]

    4. Bello, bello, bello! Sebbene più malinconico e, forse, un po’ meno rocambolesco de I tre moschettieri, ritrovo qui i miei eroi invecchiati, maturi, ma sempre forti e tenaci. Dopo una partenza in sordina, finalmente i quattro amici indissolubili si ritrovano, anche se su lati opposti della barricata. Confesso che mi sono commossa di fronte a questa amicizia così profonda da superare le divergenze politiche: l’affetto degli uni verso gli altri, messo spesso a dura prova, ne esce indenne. Ecc [...]

    5. I have only two enduring memories of this book.The first is waiting at a supermarket, with the shopping on the belt, reaching into the pocket of my grey overcoat and discovering this book there, were I had plainly put it for safe keeping and then forgot about it. It was a small library book, possibly an old Everyman edition, and luckily I was then still young enough that I didn't have to pay library fines for late returned books. So I was able to enjoy the pure joy of escaping the eternity of tw [...]

    6. No one ever talks about Twenty Years After, and it's hard to find out it exists unless you're looking for more information on the Three Musketeers. I think the main reason behind this is just its bulk. It's a huge volume, and it is pretty daunting thinking you will be able to get through all those pages. However, it is still paced very well, and there is a lot of action here. Twenty Years after is much more character driven than Three Musketeers, and the emotional connection you feel to the char [...]

    7. A differenza del primo libro del ciclo, I tre moschettieri, non conoscevo la storia di questo bellissimo romanzo e questo, per certi versi, me lo ha fatto apprezzare ancora di più.Le rivalità politiche, nella Francia in lotta tra monarchia e Fronda, dividono anche i nostri quattro eroi che avevamo lasciato… vent’anni prima.Sono infatti passati vent’anni dal loro primo incontro, ma la generosità, il coraggio e l’astuzia non sono certo invecchiati!Sarà l’Amicizia a riunirli ancora, r [...]

    8. This book pales in comparison to The Three Musketeers only because Mordaunt is a much less interesting villain than his mother, Milady. Again, it would not be too difficult to twist this story so that Mordaunt becomes no villain at all. His goal is simply to avenge the murder of his mother. To that end he stabs a man who was already dying, he kills another of the murderers on a field of battle, and he tries to blow up the remaining four. In his mind, he's simply trying to get for himself the jus [...]

    9. Better than "Three Musketeers." Characters are much more developed and fleshed out and mature. More mature and thought-provoking themes. Loved reading every minute of it. Not one dull moment in all its 800+ pages. I love Dumas' sense of humor. d'Artagnan and Porthos really stood out so much more in this one, witty and truly humorous--I really enjoy laughing at true wit in a book. It makes me feel happy. Dumas plays with history quite a bit and these can't be quite called "historical" in a true s [...]

    10. "-¿Existe acaso un hombre que pudiendo pedir no pida?-Existe el conde de la Fère; pero el conde de la Fère no es hombre-¿Pues qué es?-Un semidiós, señora"Fue una buena aventura aunque quizás no tan intensa como "Los tres Mosqueteros" sobre todo por los enemigos y el resultado final de sus andanzas. Claro que ha sido muy divertido encontrarse nuevamente con Athos, ahora Conde la Fère, Porthos, señor de Vallon y Aramis caballero d'Herblay. Nuevamente Dumas introduce a los personajes en l [...]

    11. بیست سال بعد ادامه "سه تفنگدار" و ماقبل "ویکونت دو براژلون" نوشته شده استاز "جمال مالیک" (نقش اول فیلم میلیونر زاغه نشین)،در مسابقه "چه کسی می خواهد میلیونر شود" آخرین سوالی که پرسیده میشود در مورد سه تفنگدار است.اولش فک کردم در آن ثانیه جوابش را خواهم گفت:)در رمان سه تفنگدار الکسا [...]

    12. In a room of the Palais-Cardinal which we already know, near a table with silver gilt corners, loaded with papers and books, a man was sitting, his head resting in his hands.Thus starts the musketeers' second adventure, set 20 years after their first, but outdoing it in terms of scope, political impact and effect: for this time both France and England are in the middle of populist revolts, the first Fronde in Paris, Cromwell's war against the monarchy in England. Dumas does a wonderful job of in [...]

    13. Ах, какво приключение само! Първата част, "Тримата мускетари", беше страхотна, но тази определено ме остави без дъх. Дюма - баща, притежава един специфичен за него, гениален, начин на писане. Начин на писане, който мога да разпозная сред сто други автори. Думите, с които да опиша [...]

    14. The second and unfortunately often neglected story in the d'Artagnon cycle from Dumas is 20 Year Later. This takes place during the regency of Louis XIV (when the king is too young to take the throne - and here Louis is 5 when Louis XIII dies in 1643 and Richelieu rules in place of Queen Anne until Louis takes over in 1661) and with the background of Le Fronde (a failed coup d'état that haunted Louis XIV all his life and was one of the reasons for his paranoia and his concentration of power in [...]

    15. Non è più tempo di sarabandaVent'anni sono passati per tutti, non solo per i Quattro.Chissà come sarebbe stato leggere Vent'anni dopo a 14 anni, o a 24. Invece l'ho letto ora e mi è rimasta una strana sensazione.Si potrebbe parlare d'altro, di qualche smagliatura nei raccordi tra gli innumerevoli capitoli\puntate, di qualche trucchetto di troppo per tenere avvinti i lettori, di qualche didascalia che aveva senso nell'edizione a puntate, ma suona ripetitiva per chi legge il romanzo tutto inte [...]

    16. I liked The Three Musketeers better, but this was no disappointment; I adore the characters. My only real frustration was that it took so long to get the four of them together.I kept getting my princes mixed up, and then Condi, Conte and Gondy, and it doesn't help that I read Queen Margot earlier this year and the books have characters with the same family names. But name confusion on the reader's behalf is standard for Dumas, at least for me.One of my favorite quotes was d'Artagnan's descriptio [...]

    17. Buvo įdomu vėl sugrįžti prie Muškietininkų po 20 metų (beveik panašiai tiek laukiau, kol netyčia atradau šią knygą ), tačiau neužkabino knyga. "Trys muškietinikai" įtraukė nuo pat pirmo puslapio, buvo daug veiksmo ir kovų. O ši startavo laaaaaabbbbbbaaaaaai lėtai. Omg, visos tos Prancūzijos politikos subtilybės. Ir užtruko kokius 200 puslapių kol susirinko visa ketveriukė. Ir tadam, pagaliau tai ko laukiau. Bet labiau išvargino knyga, nei paliko įspūdį.

    18. Sono passati vent’anni da quella «notte tempestosa e buia» che ha chiuso in maniera così tragica e fatale la vicenda de I tre moschettieri. Da allora, i quattro moschettieri hanno perso la consuetudine di vita comune che li aveva così tanto legati. Sono diventati uomini fatti, in un contesto storico che intanto è profondamente mutato. Vent'anni dopo, scritto da Alexandre Dumas, è il romanzo centrale del Ciclo dei moschettieri, trilogia che inizia con I tre moschettieri e termina con Il v [...]

    19. An excellent, entertaining, engrossing epic, a series of elegantly arranged adventures and intrigues that really drew me in. It was a rollicking good story, and the characters were brought to life with skill. At first, the situation in the book is a shock: striking down the cherished tradition of "all for one and one for all" in one of the world's great classics, the Musketeers are estranged and apart, and actually on different sides in the Cardinalist-Frondist conflict! But this unfortunate tur [...]

    20. Book 2 of the D'Artagnan RomancesThe Musketeers re-unite to fight Milady's son, Mordaunt. The book is chock full of the same humor that made The Three Musketeers a classic. As usual, Dumas tweaks history to fit his novel's needs, but even so, I'm an even more confirmed Dumas-o-phile. I'm looking forward to reading Vicomte de Bragelonne next year.

    21. Changing my previous rating of 3 stars.It took me a little while to warm up to this sequel to "The Three Musketeers" but it was worth perservering! Once again, our 4 friends have become embroiled in court politics, this time involving Richelieu's successor Cardinal Mazarin. I had a little trouble identifying all the people as some of the historical characters were unknown to me yet were presented with little or no explanation. Thank goodness for the internet!Also a little puzzled about Porthos - [...]

    22. Libro imperdibile per chi ha amato I tre moschettieri, Vent'anni dopo è un degno seguito sopratutto perchè molto diverso dal precedente volume.Sono passati vent'anni, il cardinale Richelieu è ormai morto e con lui anche il vecchio Re, la Francia è nelle mani dell'infante Luigi XIV che però, troppo piccolo per governare, lascia la reggenza alla regina Anna d'Austria con al fianco il un nuovo cardinale, l'italiano Mazzarino. I quattro amici sono lontani e divisi, hanno preso strade diverse e [...]

    23. Avete mai provato quella sensazione intrisa di un misto di felicità e inquietudine nell’andare incontro ad amici che non vedete da tanto tempo? Felicità per il ritrovamento, inquietudine per la possibilità di trovare qualcosa di sbagliato, o anche più di qualcosa.E’ con questo spirito che mi sono decisa a leggere ‘Vent’anni dopo’ a distanza di nove mesi dal primo capitolo della rocambolesca saga dedicata ai noti moschettieri. Ero ansiosa di riaprire le pagine di carta a loro dedica [...]

    24. This book was just as good as the sequel.I am serious! I didnt think it would be as good as the first one, because the three musketeers was seriously amazing, but this book was just as good!! (possibly better??) So just to give you a heads up, my favorite character Comte de la Fere (Athos) did NOT die. Thank gorfo. But somebody else did scroll down to read it. remember-its a SPOILER!!!Dear Charles I,It is very unfortunate that you had to die. It's not like anybody elected you to be king, maybe y [...]

    25. If he's not the greatest writer that ever lived, he's in the top five. I've read 3 of his books in the past year and all 3, The Three Musketeers, The Count of Monte Cristo and now, Twenty Years After, are 3 of my favorite of all time (The Count is in my top 3, if not the top). Twenty Years After takes place 20 years after the end of The Three Musketeers. Our 4 heroes are a bit older, but just as heroic, faithful and downright fun to follow!!! Pick this up and I guarantee you won't put it down qu [...]

    26. Twenty Years After by Alexandre Dumas is the first sequel to the original The Three Musketeers, to be followed by two, three, or four volumes -- based on the edition you have. D'Artagnan and his companions are now in middle age, but a new young 'un takes the stage, Raoul, the Vicomte de Bragelonne, with Athos as his guardian (and probable father).The action is a bit confusing, because Twenty Years After is set during he Wars of the Fronde, in which both the bourgeois classes and the nobility hav [...]

    27. This is a wonderful story and only does justice to the original Three Musketeers story. This book is just not a sequel to the story but an excellent continuation of the story. The characters have changed and yet they have remained the same. d'Artangan is still the confident Gascon who has an idea and ambition for everything, Athos is still the loyal, nobel and honest cornerstone of the group, Aramis the loveable playboy who finds himself at odds with his ambitions of the past and desires for the [...]

    28. Turns out sequels were a bad idea even then. Twenty Years after is the novel that continues the life of D'Arthagnan and his three friends as they ride together once again (of course along with their servants) to save their country. However, this time they are older and not nearly as funny. A lot of the book is missing the humour that made the first book one of my favourite reads. The comradeship does not actually begin for a hundred plus pages and even then, something seems to be missing. The ch [...]

    29. Dumas was the master of truly getting the reader so involved in the narrative, that we forget we are long past the age of swordplay. As the second volume in the Musketeer collection, Dumas brings us back together with the main characters while focusing on La Fronde, the French Civil War that raged as Louis XIV was coming of age. Athos, Porthos, and Aramis return, along with D'Artagnan of course, and we also see where Dumas is going with the future, as Raoul is introduced. While the original Thre [...]

    30. The 4 musketeers band together again after 20 years apart for a second adventure. Set against the backdrop of England's civil war this story reads and feels much like the first novel. A very good sequel that stands up well to the first novel. Like the first one there are parts that drag due to the dated writing style. The storyline and characters are still very good. Recommended

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