Rose White, Rose Red

Blanche Montague, companion to the eccentric Lady Sabella, finds herself entangled with Gareth McQuhae, a fugitive Scot, the villainous Earl of Eriskay, and Mordaunt Ravenswood, a secret agent for Bonnie Prince Charlie
Rose White Rose Red Blanche Montague companion to the eccentric Lady Sabella finds herself entangled with Gareth McQuhae a fugitive Scot the villainous Earl of Eriskay and Mordaunt Ravenswood a secret agent for Bon

  • Title: Rose White, Rose Red
  • Author: Daisy Vivian
  • ISBN: 9780802707505
  • Page: 467
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. The most exciting thing that ever happened to Blanche and Rosanna Montague is when a great bear of a boy came to their house injured, hungry and in need of refuge. He left before the girls got a chance to speak with him and so they dream of adventure still. Blanche is now sixteen and finished with school. She's been chosen to come to London to be a companion to her aunt Lady Sabella, an eccentric widow. Though Blanche's father is a scholar, her sees the value of giving his eldest daughter a chan [...]

    2. Felt so much time was spent on Jacobite doings that romance got shunted to the side. At the end, lead characters see each other for about the 5th time and are suddenly engaged. Romance too rushed.

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