Dragon Egg

A BIG EGG TOTTERS, tips, and falls out of its nest It rolls down a hill, past a castle, and through a town Along the way, curious people and animals gather to watch When the egg finally cracks open, they get a surprise Inside is a baby dragon
Dragon Egg A BIG EGG TOTTERS tips and falls out of its nest It rolls down a hill past a castle and through a town Along the way curious people and animals gather to watch When the egg finally cracks open t

  • Title: Dragon Egg
  • Author: Mallory Loehr
  • ISBN: 9780375843501
  • Page: 297
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. These Step Into Reading books are tricky. I mean, yes they are good for kids who are learning to read, but the stories in them often leave much to be desired. That being said, my 4 y.o. read this all by herself, and the story didn't make me want to rip my hair out. :)

    2. This easy reader book features a dragon egg rolling away from it's cave and the adventure that ensues. A simple and easy to follow book for any age group.

    3. This richly colored reader offers up the tale of a dragon's egg that rolls out of the nest, and the baby dragon's journey to find its mother. It is a simple story, as much told by the pictures as the words. The text is in a clean, easy to read font, a good size, and has limited and simplistic vocabulary. The illustrations are engaging without being too busy, and the color scheme could attract children of either gender. (The baby is purple and pink, the mother is richly pink, there's a rainbow of [...]

    4. This book has very cute illustrations and nice, bright colors. The story itself is fun - the egg rolls along and all these different people and animals start following. When it hatches the dragon chases them all back to where they came from.My kids liked it. My struggling reader did really well with it EXCEPT for the word 'through'. Now call me crazy but that's not a beginning reader word. It's not a beginning sight word. It doesn't follow the phonics rules. He hit it and crashed. They also use [...]

    5. Extremely cute art, with lots of interesting subtleties to the pictures. This will provide lots of fuel for interacting with the text as my son grows older (I am SUCH an English teacher). The repetition of the baby dragon's journey is really good for the toddler- and it teaches prepositions (English teacher again, sorry)! Other than that, every time I read it to my son he tries to "blow fire" like the baby dragon does. He makes the same sound I do for the baby dragon- it cracks me up every time. [...]

    6. I liked the repeatitive structure and writers choice for a level one reader. Also, the way the pictures tell most of the story fit for the level. Artwork was really nice, especially the colors of the dragons art the end.

    7. She really liked this one, reading it multiple times on her own since we got it from the library and then tackling it with me at bedtime.

    8. Such beautiful illustratons and a really fun beginner dragon story. This is a real treat for a beginning reader book. Also recommended for reading to toddlers and preschoolers.

    9. Introduce concepts such as "out", "down", "through", "along", "past", "off", and "open" in this adorable beginning reader. It is just right for a toddler story time.

    10. The cover is what drew me to it. The dragon was just too cute for me to pass over. The story itself was enjoyable. It's a short adventure of a baby dragon while away from its mother.

    11. Loved this book good for counting and colors w/ my 2 y/o. Very cute graphics and not a ton of writing so fun to add stuff and talk about whats going on!

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