A 2008 YALSA Quick Picks for Reluctant Young Adult Readers list nominee How can Christy Marlowe an impulsive, wise cracking horoscope junkie be in love with Ben, a well mannered college freshman who prefers astronomy over astrology Their fateful first meeting takes place at a plastic surgeon s office, where both hope to erase painful memories along with unwanted tattooA 2008 YALSA Quick Picks for Reluctant Young Adult Readers list nominee How can Christy Marlowe an impulsive, wise cracking horoscope junkie be in love with Ben, a well mannered college freshman who prefers astronomy over astrology Their fateful first meeting takes place at a plastic surgeon s office, where both hope to erase painful memories along with unwanted tattoos Is it a bad omen that Ben has the same name as Christy s ex boyfriend, a drug pedaling punk in juvie for murder It s hard for Christy to care when Ben sends her heart racing through galaxies of bliss Just as Ben is worried about Christy s obsessed ex who s back on the streets, Christy is troubled by the sadness lurking in Ben s ice blue eyes.Burying the past isn t easy and this comedy of love turns upside down when Christy and Ben become ensnared in their own lies Starcrossed or starmates, can they forgo Romeo and Juliet s tragic fate and find their way back to truth and trust
Starcrossed A YALSA Quick Picks for Reluctant Young Adult Readers list nominee How can Christy Marlowe an impulsive wise cracking horoscope junkie be in love with Ben a well mannered college freshman who p

  • Title: Starcrossed
  • Author: Mark Schreiber
  • ISBN: 9780738710013
  • Page: 152
  • Format: Paperback
  • 1 thought on “Starcrossed”

    1. This book was not so good but it was an okay job in writing. the book is about a stupid teenage girl who broke up with the one guy in her life who was able to put up with her and her crazy astrology fanatic-ness. she broke up with him after finding out that they truly deeply loved each other but she wanted to break up with him because their STAR SIGNS dont go well together. stupid %#^@%. dumb nut bad characterism. bad idea. bad style in book. i only recommend this to teenagers who were able to s [...]

    2. This book showed that even though the odds are against you, you can still be that one person who makes the one and a million chance.

    3. This is one of those books that isn't quite what you expect it to be because it's so much more. If you're looking for a lighthearted retelling of Romeo and Juliet, this isn't it. Starcrossed is really a novel about destiny's impact on the choices we make and how our pasts are always a part of us, no matter how hard we try to escape it. Despite her naivete, Christy is a believable protagonist with heart speaking uncanny insight when you least expect it. Her character is a lot like Stargirl if Sta [...]

    4. This was awful.The writing sounded like the diary of a 13 year old spoiled brat. There were so many exclamation marks I wanted to vomit.Most gag-worthy quote: "Just remember, I'm not like lightening. You'll feel plenty if you dare me to strike!" pg. 47It someone ever said that to me, I'd be questioning their mental stability. And the runner-up: "I wanted to pinch him. With my lips." pg. 77On to the characters. The main character, Christy, was the biggest beyotch I've ever read about. She talked [...]

    5. Reviewed by Randstostipher "tallnlankyrn" Nguyen for TeensReadTooChristy Marlowe has lived her life through the stars -- it's astrology all the way! Then one fateful day occurs where Christy goes to the surgeon to get her tattoo removed (featuring her ex-boyfriend's name) and meets Ben Penrose, who also wants to get rid of an unwanted tattoo. Turns out Ben, or Benjamin, is the exact name of Christy's ex-boyfriend, who was just sent to prison. The looking-at-each-other part of their encounter goe [...]

    6. Starcrossed by Mark Schreiber takes the well known Shakespeare story, Romeo and Juliet and turns the story into a modern version. It’s about two characters, Christy Marlowe and Ben Penrose, who one day meet in a doctors office; both of them trying to remove tattoos of the names of the people they once loved, but want to forget. When Christy asks to see the tattoo and Ben reveals the tattoo on his arm and then Christy see’s her name on it. When she asks if Ben was short for Benjamin and he an [...]

    7. I was in Barnes and Noble one afternoon after school ended, trying to find my next independent reading book when i stumbled upon "Starcrossed", by Mark Schreiber. The main thing that attracted me to it besides the blurb was the cover art, with its blue, white and gold tones along with a girls face who has a stripe of purple over her eye: from her eyebrow to right under her bottom eyelid. I was intrigued and decided to pick it up, and i am very glad that i did so. "Starcrossed" focused on the sto [...]

    8. Although it was the cover of the book which caught my attention but the book inside was as good as the cover. I rate it 3 stars not just because I liked it but i think the editor didn't read the book through!, the book contained many grammatical mistakes and many parts of the book were incomplete! I totally loved the plot, two totally, completely different people meeting in a 'Plastic Sergoen office & co-incidence, that both were there to get there tattoos removed! Self-centered and obsessed [...]

    9. I had been really excited to read this book, and though it wasn't as great as I thought it would be, it was OK. The plot of the book was enjoyable, though some parts, like Christy's extreme obsession with astrology and her in general aggravated me. She was a bit hyper-emotional ("YOU LIED TO ME? YOUR NOT A PICES? I think this relationship is over because the God indended it to be so"), and her blind faith in her horoscope was a pretty big blow to her intelligence rate, in my opinion. But otherwi [...]

    10. Christy has two Ben’s in her life – her ex-boyfriend who got in trouble with the law and Ben Penrose, a college freshman. Christy is just 15 and believes in horoscopes and magic. Christy fudges the truth a bit, and Ben Penrose believes she has graduated from college and will be taking a gap year. What brought them together initially is that they were both at the doctor’s trying to get a tattoo removed – and by huge coincidence – their unwanted tattoos were of each other’s names. At f [...]

    11. UhgThis book was at the one dollar section so I guess I shouldn't really be surprised. And lets face it I'm a bit desperate to read more books. I think they should officially classify book reading and buying as a drug. First off I didn't really see the point in this book at all. And frankly the main characters are just a bit stupid. You do not break into someone's house and snoop you do not go into a lightening storm with a golf club and you do NOT CALL YOUR BOYFRIENDS ALCHOLIC MOTHER IN HOPES O [...]

    12. I would hardly call this book a edgy Romero and Juliet. I don't remember Juliet being so insecure. The ending in its own way made sense I guessHow far will you go for love?To sum the whole story it was ok. I think the author should have opened up more about Ben, and showed healing, and not joking around after he just tried killing himselfI'm weird but I have my standards. The book has around 300 in somthing pages and you only really, really get to know Ben in like the last 5 pages lol What's up [...]

    13. Christy Marlowe needs to get something off her chest. It is a tattoo spelling out the name of her ex-boyfriend, Benjamin, who is currently in juvie for murder. While in the plastic surgeon's office she meets Ben, a college freshman, who is there for the same reason she is. His ex-girlfriend's name is Christy.Christy is heavily into signs and horoscopes, but she's leery about getting involved with another Benjamin – or Ben as he calls himself. However, when Ben agrees to go have his horoscope r [...]

    14. Yıldız Çarpması bitti, öyle çok çarpılmadım başında söyleyeyim ama fena da değildi hani, yazarın hakkını almayayım. Aslında bakarsanız tüyap fuarında- dexteki büyük indirimi de hatırlarsınız- alacaklarımı aldıktan sonra gözüme takılmıştı, aklım kalmasın alayım dedim ve aldım. Fena etmiş miyim? Hayır sıkıcı bi kitap değildi -hem de hiç-Christy'nin hazır cevaplılığı hem güldürüyor hem de hayran bıraktırıyor, Ben'in bu yerinde duramayan kıza [...]

    15. This book seems a little outrageous. I really liked it, but that doesn't stop it from being slightly ridiculous. Too many things just happened to fall into place. Every fight got resolved, people who were causing trouble were killed off, etc. Christy's obsession with astrology is kind of extreme, and her meeting with Ben was also outrageous. The fact that they each had a tattoo they wanted to remove, and it just HAPPENED to be the other's name, was outrageous. However, despite it's ridiculous me [...]

    16. First off, I LOOOOOVE the cover art to this book. It caught my eye right away and from what the summary on the back said, it looked like a great book. I definitely had high expectations for it, but sadly this book didn't meet them. However, it wasn't all bad. I love Christy's quirky and overdramatic personality, and Ben seems like a pretty stand up guy (none of my boyfriends ever tried to cook me dinner >.<) but some of the parts can be a little farfetched and ridiculous. Nonetheless, it w [...]

    17. I didn't really enjoy this book. It was weird at times especially with the character Christy. I didn't see how these two Ben and Christy could be in a relationship. They seem too different and they always have some negativity towards each other. I seriously think in this story they're only together because of the horoscope stuff. They may have the tattoo in common, but it doesn't mean they have to be in love despite this and that. I didn't get their romance at all and it was nothing like Romeo a [...]

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    19. I did like the book but, the chick got kinda annoying, Its like just stop lying to him. All the trouble towards the end of the book could have been by passed. I also hate how the chick almost broke up with him just because he was born in nov. That really sent me off the deep end. But she kinda redeemed her self towards the end of the book after she Saved Ben.

    20. i guess it was okay [: there was a lot of rebellion in both the characters. rebels in books are sometimes cute, but somehow it was annoying in this. tattoos are cool, but never get a name of the person you're in a relationship in XP

    21. "A pair of starcrossed lovers take back their life." -C. MarloweI thought this book was cute because it shows how coincidences could happen and how love should be like. The only thing that I thought was weird was the boy and girls age difference.

    22. • Gelezen in het Nederlands.• Fysiek boek.• 4.0/5Gelezen als kind voor school. Mooi verhaal maar doordat ik met een deadline zat voor de boekbeschrijving, kon ik er niet met volle overtuiging van genieten. Zou mij nu niet meer zo aanspreken door de hoeveelheid romantiek.

    23. I don't like to give ones. I like to believe that every book has some redeeming quality. I only gave this book two stars because I liked Ben #2. Otherwise, it would have gotten one star. I couldn't connect to Christy. She was way too whiny for my taste.

    24. I can't say I didn't like it, but it wasn't exactly my cup of tea I'd drink it, but I wouldn't enjoy it as much as some othersNevertheless, it's probably a really good bookNone of my reviews make sense anymore:)

    25. So far this book is not to good. I started it thinking it would have some or at least a little feel of romeo and juliet but it hasnt. The characters are ok and there is an exciting twist right now I just remembered so Im eager to see how this story gos.

    26. Between the anachronistic pop culture references and the inconsistent and at times unrealistic portrayals of the main characters I begrudgingly finished this book.

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