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  1. Even though I'm a teen, I still loved this book.The book I own has been passed down through my family and now belongs to my auntie. A few years ago, she lended it to me and I've haven't been able to give it back yet, but then again, I don't know if she wants it back.Back to the story, though, I found it interesting the way Enid wrote it. Most of the time, one of the characters asked a question and Blyton wrote "said."Overall, the Three Golliwogs is a great children's book and I would recommend i [...]

  2. I have been reading a few Enid Blyton books to my young children, and of course read these a lot/was read to a lot as a child myself. In general, they are not too bad, and the kids like them. They even like this one. This is an old edition with the original cover and illustrations - it is now 'rebranded' as 'The Three Bold Pixies" due to the perceived racism of the pictures and content. Reading as an adult, it is easy to see why this book is perceived as racist. The collection of short stories a [...]

  3. Some may find it repetitive, but I thought it most amusingThat the plots of these tales are driven by the fact, so simple yet so confusing,That the Golliwogs look exactly the same, so that one would almost infer…No, wait, that's right…I'd better keep my silence, as censors prefer.

  4. Fashback to my childhood. I remembered I paid $15 for this copy because it was worth a lot more money back then. Now I don't know.

  5. First novel I read in my life. Was given toe as a birthday gift and this started my love for reading. Have an emotional bond to this book

  6. n excellent question, which I readily answer with "The Three Golliwogs" by Enid Blyton. This book is on a par with Enoch Powell's River of Blood speech as a warning against mass immigration from the Third World. In this work, Blyton chillingly predicts the lawless future when three black golliwogs mug and rob Noddy in a dark forest, symbolic of the dangerous places which many modern European cities are quickly becoming. The wicked, swarthy villains with hideous Afro haircuts then steal his red a [...]

  7. This book is a favourite from my childhood and was lovely to revisit. Times have certainly changed since The Three Golliwogs came on the scene!

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