Dead Giveaway

The Reverend Lee Barker went missing nineteen years ago And the people of Stillwater, Mississippi, believe they know why They re convinced he was murdered by his stepson, Clay Montgomery But only Clay and his mother and sisters can say for sure They were the only ones there that fateful night, the only ones who know what really happened And they re not talking.AlThe Reverend Lee Barker went missing nineteen years ago And the people of Stillwater, Mississippi, believe they know why They re convinced he was murdered by his stepson, Clay Montgomery But only Clay and his mother and sisters can say for sure They were the only ones there that fateful night, the only ones who know what really happened And they re not talking.Allie McCormick is a cold case detective from Chicago After a particularly difficult divorce, she s returned to Stillwater with her six year old daughter to find the peace she once knew in her hometown, and to work for the local police force while she s starting over But when Clay s powerful enemies join forces to put him behind bars, Allie feels duty bound to uncover the truth Her instincts tell her he didn t murder the Reverend Lee Barker.Maybe Clay s a dark and brooding man with than his share of secrets, but he was just sixteen at the time And he s not a cold blooded killer At least, that s what Allie believes until she finds proof that behind the preacher s pious demeanor lurked the heart of a monster.Then she has to ask herself whether justice has already been done.
Dead Giveaway The Reverend Lee Barker went missing nineteen years ago And the people of Stillwater Mississippi believe they know why They re convinced he was murdered by his stepson Clay Montgomery But only Clay

  • Title: Dead Giveaway
  • Author: Brenda Novak
  • ISBN: 9780778328865
  • Page: 323
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. The second book in the Stillwater Trilogy by Brenda Novak. This book begins when the first book ends. Allie McCormack, the chief of police's daughter, is hired on at the police department. Her previous job was investigating cold cases and she really wants to solve the mystery of what happened to Pastor Barker. One of the people she feels knows the truth is Clay Montgomery. Clay stayed on the farm after the rest of the family left and went the own ways.Excellent addition and continuation of this [...]

    2. I’m gonna be honest about this: There has got to be something alluring about these Brenda Novak Stillwater books that is managing to keep me hooked. It took every ounce of discipline I had to put the book down after two hours of straight reading before going to sleep. 50% into the book, I finally caved, knowing that I needed to at least get enough sleep if I didn’t want to go into work sleepy or cranky.Is it the storyline? The premise of the book itself doesn’t leave much mystery or surpri [...]

    3. just finished this book last night .a very very good book can't wait to see what happens. now I have to go by the third one I can see what they actually find. I would recommend this book. it will keep you in suspense.

    4. Well done. Enjoyable. Good romantic mystery with strong character and relationship developmentORY BRIEF:This is book 2 in the Stillwater Trilogy. Each book can be read as a stand alone, but they are best when read in order and soon after each other. Lee Barker was a sexual-sadist minister who abused his stepdaughter and others. He was mysteriously killed 19 years earlier. His wife and step kids had something to do with his death and buried the body on the family farm. Clay has remained on the fa [...]

    5. It doesn't suck. FYI, this is the middle book in a 3-part series that really needs to be read in order to appreciate what's going on. It's about the step-children, now adults, of a beloved small-town preacher who happened to be a sadistic pedophile. The Rev went missing years ago, and suspicion fell on then teenaged stepson Clay, who is the hero of Book 2. Clay has spent his life guarding his family's secret, accepting the role of town pariah and developing a lot of bitterness in the process. Hi [...]

    6. This is the second book in the Stillwater trilogy. It wasn't as engrossing as the first book. It took until past the halfway mark for me to really get into it. There were some interesting twists and revelations that I wasn't quite expecting. Overall I would recommend this book to anyone that has read the first book and wants to see how the rest of the story unfolds. Definitely do not read it by itself. I don't think you would be confused, but some of the events of the first novel are referenced [...]

    7. while the author maintained a certain tension about whether the Reverend Lee Barker disappeared or was killed nineteen years ago, i found the book to be more of a "his wide shoulders" and "her small breast" having encounters. i'm not sure if i would seek out the third of this trilogy. there are all sorts of suspects who MIGHT have killed the reverend, who turns out to be rather a pervert. almost makes you wish you could cast the first stone.

    8. Another great book by Novak. I'm currently reading that last book in this series and I'm going to hate to say goodbye to these characters. Novak does an excellent job in allowing the reader to get to really know these characters. The subject matter is definitely sensitive, but if you can deal with it, you will definitely love this series!

    9. Very enjoyable. I luv the suspense. Clay's character is full of pressure but you can't help but admire his unwavering loyalty to his family. Definitely a thumbs up.

    10. Such a good book I couldn't put it down. I'm starting book #3 of the series now. Check out her books she's great

    11. A mi me ha enganchado desde el principio, y lo he leido un tiron. Me encanta Clay, y en este libro se va descubriendo mas cosas jejejje10/10

    12. Another five star book from Brenda Novak! This is the second book in the Stillwater Trilogy and I loved it just as much as the first one. I thought I fell in love with Kennedy in the first book. Boy, did I fall in love with Clay in this book! Brenda Novak certainly knows how to create dreamy fictional men. I wish they existed in real life! The storyline has progressed from the first book after we found out what exactly happened to Reverend Barker. This book shows Clay's point of view and a new c [...]

    13. Dead Giveaway is Book 2 in the Stillwater Trilogy by Brenda Novak. Highly recommend reading these stories in order as they continue to build upon each other. We know who did and we know why so it wasn't a true mystery so to speak but more of what is going to happen to everyone involved. Great stories that are gripping and emotional.

    14. And the truth will set you free.Full of back story and finally the truth is given to the family. Allie and Clay start and stop their relationship but their feelings keep them coming back together. Allie will do anything to save him. Clay will do anything to prevent her from ruining her good character.

    15. Twists and turns galoreAnother great read from Brenda Novak! Just when you think you've got it figured out, twist! Check out this book.

    16. So far this trilogy is one of the best I've read! The Montgomery's have been through so much, especially Clay but he has found love which makes "life" worth fighting for.

    17. I give it 3 1/2 stars. This book took me way to long to read. I just didn't care, like I did the first book. It wasn't all bad once I finished but I am glad to be done.

    18. The series just keeps getting better! So hard to put down. Lots of great characters and some not so good ones. A lot of mystery with some romance thrown in. Highly recommend this trilogy to all mystery fans!

    19. This is the second book in the Stillwater series and they just keep getting better. The town is still convinced that Clay Montgomery and his family had something to do with the disappearance of Reverend Barker nineteen years ago. Allie McCormick came to Stillwater to investigate the cold case and as the daughter of the Police Chief, she also joined the police force. Clay has always been a recluse on his farm since the Reverend disappeared but Allie kept digging until he could no longer fight his [...]

    20. The sequel to Brenda Novak’s Dead Silence is Dead Giveaway. As in the previous book we know at the beginning of the book that the main character – Clay – is a also a victim. If not a direct victim of the villain a victim of the circumstances who made him cover up a murder. 19 years after he is still guarding the place where everything happened.Allie is the sheriff’s daughter. A cold case detective who just returned to her hometown after a messy divorce she is approached by Madeline to di [...]

    21. "Any coward can fight a battle when he's sure of winning; but give me the man who has pluck to fight when he's sure of losing."- George Eliot (Mary Ann Evans) English novelist, 1819-1880I had a hard time completing this book. The plot is good. Just that I can't really stand those people again. Dead Silence characters likeIrene Montgomery, Joe Vincelli, Madeline Barker. They're people who pissed me off whenever I'm reading the book. Now in Dead Giveaway they still pissed me off. This book is cert [...]

    22. In the sequel to Dead Silence, readers are immediately drawn back into the small town drama in Stillwater, Mississippi. It has now been 19 years since Reverend Barker disappeared seemingly without a trace, and that is exactly how Clay Montgomery wants it to stay. When a scorned ex-fling decides to falsely accuse Clay of attacking her, she brings an attractive police woman right into Clay's path. Something about Allie McCormick intrigues Clay, and makes him wonder if something more is possible wh [...]

    23. Hard to put down, second book in the "Dead" series. Clay's cousins are still sure he is responsible for the death of his step-father. Allison, the police chief's daughter, returns to town and is assigned to the cold case. During this work, she meets Clay and falls for him. There are several other stories involved in this book, including one about Allison's father who is cheating on his wife. The epilogue tells you that, just when you think Clay is going to be happy, there is a new problem, which [...]

    24. I am thouroughly enjoying this trilogy. Once I get started, I don't want to put these books down. I think Brenda is an entremely talented writer and I loved the characters. The biggest flaw was the lack of depth her heroine Allie has. She doesn't feel real as a cop. I could believe her more a P.I. The part about losing her gun just doesn't ring true. I also (although I LOVE Clay) had a problem with how quickly he opened up to Allie, after keeping so closed into himself the past nineteen years. T [...]

    25. FabulousBrenda Novak is a fabulous writer, she has kept me on the edge of my seat since I opened this book. I recommend her books to anyone that wants a good readm

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