Neanderthal, by Darnton, John
Neanderthal Neanderthal by Darnton John

  • Title: Neanderthal
  • Author: John Darnton
  • ISBN: 9780679449782
  • Page: 141
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. Plot holes, flat characters, cliched twists, poor research, logical flaws, and a horrifyingly unsatisfactory ending that uses Bruce Springsteen to terrorize primitive man. What's not to like?This is the kind of book that lovers of prehistoric fiction, or lovers of techno-thriller (read: Crichton and imitators) should love. Being both, I must report painfully otherwise. Why? Just plain sloppiness. Understand that I don't have a problem with dumb: give me a simple plot and a juicy payoff and I can [...]

    2. 4.5 StarsMany of you know that I am an avid history buff with an affinity for the prehistoric so when I accidentally stumbled upon a link to this book I was so excited to read it I put it on hold at the library right away. I thought the story was unique and pretty damn near perfect. It's about Matt, Susan and their mentor Kellicut who discover two lost tribes of neanderthals living in a remote part of Asia. What I really liked about the book was all the adventure that was packed into the 368 pag [...]

    3. I read this back at the end of high school. I was drawn to it by the skull on the cover, and because Discover magazine, which I was obsessed with at the time, had run article after article on human evolution.The book is based on the premise that Neanderthals still exist, and an enclave is discovered. Moreover, the reason that humans defeated them is that they are peace-loving animals, and they are peace loving because they have telepathic powers that basically create a sense of empathy that make [...]

    4. This is quite possibly one of the worst books I've ever read. It was so bad that just looking at the cover now made me laugh as I remembered how truly dreadful it was.Fantastic elements like a hidden, lost world in Asia where psychic Neanderthals continue to live in isolation are one thing. The atrocious writing, utter disregard of even the most cursory of research on what sort of technology Neanderthals had, and the pulpy obsession with sex made it seem like a book from another time. The fact t [...]

    5. A pretty good story that incorporates elements of and extends beyond the sci-fi, adventure, and thriller genres. The writing was solid and the characters were not bad. The plot was interesting and the concepts were thought provoking. I found certain elements to be a bit silly or unbelievable but as a whole, I found the narrative to be cohesive. The scientific jargon is fairly accessible although it does get redundant after a while and slows the pacing of the novel. The ability of the Neanderthal [...]

    6. -Si Crichton triunfó con dinosaurios y antes con vikingos, qué podría hacer yo para seguir la estela….-Género. Narrativa Fantástica.Lo que nos cuenta. Cuando el doctor Jerome Kellicut desaparece durante una expedición paleontológica en Tadzhikistán, en una región donde las desapariciones no son algo extraño, el doctor Mattison y la doctora Arnot, ambos discípulos de Kellicut, ahora rivales académicos pero una vez amantes, son contratados por los responsables de la expedición origi [...]

    7. Book #31 for 2013Want to read something that makes Deception Point look like great literature? This is it. It's like the author vaguely remembered something from the Anthropology 101 he took 20-some-odd years ago, thought it might make a neat premise for a story, and then, without doing any further research, whipped out this peurile tale of horny archaeologists and modern-day cavemen. Seriously, I've seen better plotting, character development, and attention to detail in Geico commercials.

    8. I gave the story 1 star, that's being generous, and I'm a fan of the genre. Worst story I've read in a long time.

    9. People from all different walks of life are disappearing in the wildly remote, Pamir Mountains. When a shady American government agency hears local lore that strange, humanoid creatures have been taking people for hundreds of years, they launch an endeavor shrouded in deceit and exploitation.Commandeering [Harvard] Professor Kellicut ( for the government's nefarious purposes) and given superficial revelations only, Kellicut begins an expedition which he soon discovers that keeping any findings s [...]

    10. Darnton uses his first novel to open up a long disputed issue; the decline of the Neanderthal. While I read the book, I became convinced that Darnton is an archeologist, wanting to implant his own ideas to the reader in a fiction-based setting. I was shocked to see that his CV includes a great deal of media experience, but nothing scholastic related to the subject. Darnton not only takes the reader to the centre of the debate, but also posits numerous theories and backs them up in such a way tha [...]

    11. Neanderthals are out there? Still alive? Hell, I could have told you that! I’ve worked with a few. They are all in middle management! And I think someone actually made a TV movie out of this book. It must have been as bad. The idea is good and the book starts out like any typical anthropological thriller. The characters are made from discarded plastic and once past the mumble-science the story has no where to go except to start killing off either the subjects or protagonists (not a bad idea fo [...]

    12. Bagian permulaannya seru, waktu mereka bertemu dengan kelompok neanderthal yang jahat. Cerita jadi sedikit membosankan waktu Matt dan Susan tinggal di tempat neanderthal yang baik.Penjelasan ilmiah tentang neanderthal terlalu panjang, rasanya buku yg kupegang bukan nover berlatar belakang arkeologi dan antropologi tapi pelajaran arkeologi dan antropologi berbentuk novel.Cerita penyelamatan Van dan Susan benar-benar anti-klimaks. Dan cerita ini berakhir dengan biasa - biasa saja.Terkadang terjema [...]

    13. Although this book came out more than a decade ago, it's still a fascinating read. Starting from how a group could potentially survive (Yeti, anyone?) to how they would communicate and what kind of social dynamics they would have. Also, the question of what we should do if we encountered a creature like that. Do nothing, right? But what if lives were on the line? This is a book I would read over and over every several years. It's really close to 5 stars, but it just won't measure up to Les Miser [...]

    14. Part 1 was interesting. Susan and Matt discover a tribe of Neanderthals in the mountains of Turkmenistan! They aren't extinct after all!! And then this book starts to drag ass like no other book I have ever read. They're captured! Then they escape! Theney are captured! And theney escape! And on and on and on. Christ! I definitely do not recommend this book unless your some kind of Anthropology freak (Paige??).

    15. My Original Notes (1996):Should make a great movie! I had a little trouble getting into the book, but stuck with it. The last third was the most interesting and suspenseful. Reminded me a bit of Jurassic Park.My Current Thoughts:I only have a very vague recollection of this thriller, and since I no longer own a copy and it's not a title we carry in the store, I won't be able to thumb through it to refresh my memory.

    16. When researchers are 'sent for' by a former colleague who is currently looking for existing neanderthals, there's a thrill of discovery that keeps the pages turning. Almost too much like Jurassic Park at times- but still quite a good story. The beginning (the mystery, the wonderment, unanswered questions) is much better than the end (post-discovery)- but it's a quick read and it's decent. A thought-provoking look into the pastd maybe the future.

    17. Every anthropologist must read this book! Great and scary adventure about our ancient (or actually about the remains of them) cousins - neanderthals. Adventure about the moral in science too, about a "secret" which reveals the real story of the extinction of these brothers of ours and about the awful side of our nature, the ability to lie and cheat

    18. I liked the idea behind the story; the actual story, not so much. The boik kept bogging itself down. I finally decided that if I want to read about Neanderthals I'll go back toClan of the Cave Bear.

    19. This book is fabulous! Action packed and mysterious. I've listened to it on CD also, and George Guidall is a master at narrating. Ill listen to anything he narrates,

    20. “That must be their deity. A zoomorphic godhead. Look how it shimmers with hatred. Whoever – or whatever – created that is evil, purely and simply evil. It’s a pagan god of death and malice.”On the ground floor of Smithsonian’s Museum of Natural History, there is a display on human origins. Skulls, skeletons, and life-size statues of mankind’s forebears stare back at the visitor in a creepy tableau, dead off-shoots of the humanoid species on display alongside lost ancestors of mode [...]

    21. Scientists go in search of discovery of neanderthal life following a growing number of unexplained disappearances in the mountains of Tajikistan.Archaeological philosophy is the main feature of discussion. What caused the neanderthals to become extinct? Or did the blood lines mix and form a new species? The story is well-researched and covers a storyline based on known prehistoric traditions and rituals as well as adding an element of modern curiosity and debate.The characters are quite basic an [...]

    22. My second attempt at reading this book. I quit about 50% of the way through the first time. But I pushed all the way to the end this time. The storyline was good--who wouldn't want there to be Neanderthals still alive in some remote place? But the characters were a bit wooden and the plot started to fall apart once the "good" Neanderthals were taught to fight the "bad" ones. Some good action by the Neanderthals at least. Meh, not the worst thing I've ever read--but not the best.

    23. Not as well developed as Darnton's later work "The Darwin Conspiricy" but much the same plot. I found the characters to be shallow & not well developed.The premise of a surviving population of Neanderthals is interesting & Darnton provides anthropological background to flesh out the story but the secret government agency wanting to utilize the Neanderthals to develop remote viewing soldiers is a bit to fantastic & shallow.

    24. This was a jolly good adventure story! The plot was incredible, to say the least: the hero and heroine Matt & Susan, long-parted lovers, are lured by the CIA to the Pamirs (mountains in one of those roof-of-the-world Russian republics) to seek out a colleague who disappeared on a hunt for Neanderthals. There's a series of heart-stopping encounters with the tribe that turns out to be the most advanced because they've learned to kill, but Matt & Simon escape to live with a highly idealised [...]

    25. I bought this book in 1996. It was an impulse buy. I was really into novels with a science component. Mostly this consisted of Michael Crichton novels. I spotted this book on the new release shelf and thought it might be good. I took it home and put it on the shelf but never got around to reading it. It came with me through half a dozen moves waiting to be read. I finally decided to read it so I could get rid of it. Not that I knew if it was good or bad but somewhere along the way I just lost in [...]

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