The Hobbit: An Illustrated Edition of the Fantasy Classic (Graphic Novel)

First published over 50 years ago, J.R.R Tolkien s The Hobbit has become one of the best loved books of all time Now Tolkien s fantasy classic has been adapted into a fully painted graphic novel The Hobbit is the story of Bilbo Baggins a quiet and contented hobbit whose life is turned upside down when he joins the wizard Gandalf and thirteen dwarves on their quest toFirst published over 50 years ago, J.R.R Tolkien s The Hobbit has become one of the best loved books of all time Now Tolkien s fantasy classic has been adapted into a fully painted graphic novel The Hobbit is the story of Bilbo Baggins a quiet and contented hobbit whose life is turned upside down when he joins the wizard Gandalf and thirteen dwarves on their quest to reclaim the dwarves stolen treasure It is a journey fraught with danger and in the end it is Bilbo alone who must face the guardian of this treasure, the most dreaded dragon Smaug.Illustrated in full colour throughout, and accompanied by the carefully abridged text of the original novel, this handsome authorised edition will introduce new generations to a magical masterpiece and be treasured by Hobbit fans of all ages, everywhere.
The Hobbit An Illustrated Edition of the Fantasy Classic Graphic Novel First published over years ago J R R Tolkien s The Hobbit has become one of the best loved books of all time Now Tolkien s fantasy classic has been adapted into a fully painted graphic novel The H

  • Title: The Hobbit: An Illustrated Edition of the Fantasy Classic (Graphic Novel)
  • Author: Chuck Dixon J.R.R. Tolkien David Wenzel Sean Deming
  • ISBN: 9780613536844
  • Page: 253
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. When I picked this up I was not impressed. I took a fleeting look at the pages and saw artwork that was unglamorous; it was basic and unadorned. The story just looked like a simplified version of the original. So, I stuck it back on my shelf and there it remained for many months. I had not time for it. I didn't want time for it. I looked at it again recently. I then read it through and realised how perfect it is in its simplicity. I was so wrong the first time. I think the movie had altered my p [...]

    2. Please note that this review is for a graphic adaptation of The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien. For my review of the original book, please link here:Jean's reviewThis graphic adaptation of The Hobbit was first published in 1990. The artwork is by David Wenzel, and J.R.R. Tolkien’s story was abridged and adapted by Chuck Dixon. A new edition followed, for which David Wenzel made improvements and additions to the original edition, including a completely new cover design.Just as The Hobbit was an immed [...]

    3. The Hobbit: Graphic Novel, Adapter: Chuck Dixon, Creator: J.R.R. Tolkien, Illustrator: David Wenzel, Adapter: Sean Deming

    4. Not like the book definitely but it's "an adventure" to travel with Bilbo in the illustrated story. Characters are not exactly how I imagined them the first time I read the book, yet anyway, it's a great graphic novel. For all Middle-Earth fans, do not have second thoughts! :)

    5. As a long time fan of Tolkien since I was a child (having even been a TA in a college-level Tolkien studies class), I'm always interested in how Tolkien is adapted. When I saw this graphic novel edition of the Hobbit, I was very curious as to how the story would play in the medium of the "comic". And I'm actually happy to say that the novel itself comes across really well. The story, characters and plot are all evenly handled. However, a fundmental problem with the medium of comic books would de [...]

    6. I picked this up on a Tolkien-high, interested in reading the graphic adaptation of the beloved novel it was based on. It had been a while since I read The Hobbit and had quite forgotten a few things, so I figured it was time to dive in.The biggest problem with this graphic novel is the amount of words per page. Comics almost never have multiple text boxes spread across a page, let alone a full novel's worth. Some pages were littered with these boxes, much to my annoyance. And some of these were [...]

    7. This graphic novel sticks very close to Tolkien's text, even including much of the narration, which is nice, but means it's not really an adaptation, like I was sort of hoping. As it says on the cover, it's "an illustrated edition of the fantasy classic". It took me a little while to get used to the artwork, but I thought lots of it was very well done -- it fits the comic tone of The Hobbit a lot better than Alan Lee's epic artwork, even if I prefer Alan Lee as an artist.

    8. A faithful rendition, though it naturally loses some of the richness of the book.Wenzel's artwork is certainly proficient, and I enjoyed the look of his watercolour technique but (you knew there was a but coming!) I was less enamoured of his characterisations. Bilbo looked a little too homely - perhaps an indication of my own prejudice in regard to what a 'heroic protagonist' should look like - the elves not ethereal or other-worldly enough. Gandalf and the dwarves were very good, though, and th [...]

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    10. I forgot to add this book; I read it recently because my boys were interested in it and I wanted to make sure it was not too complex or scary. I never read it as a child. I LOVED it! What a great story and well-written. My oldest son read it after me, and my second son is reading it now (as a matter of fact, as we speak!). They are begging to start the Lord of the Rings Trilogy next. Ordered the series in paperback yesterday . . . :)

    11. I decided to read this book because I wanted to read it before the movie came out but couldn't be bothered reading the real thing. After reading this I might actually read the real Hobbit novel. This book completed the graphic novel square on my bingo board.I usually enjoy reading graphic novels and this was no exception, even if it was a bit more complex than others I had read before.I thought this book had a great story and was pretty epic overall. I am really looking forward to when the movie [...]

    12. Maravillosa adaptación a comic de ésta gran obra de Tolkien.Chuck Dixon mantiene el espíritu del autor original con diálogos y narración exactos, que junto al precioso dibujo en acuarela de David Wenzel, nos invitan a formar parte de ésta increíble aventura de Bilbo Bolsón, Gandalf y los enanos para recuperar el tesoro del malvado dragón Smaug en la Montaña Solitaria, con la fuerza de las imágenes. Imprescindible para fans de la Tierra Media.

    13. This was an okay read. I liked this better than the original novel as I found that the art added a lot to the story. The drawings were beautiful. I did get a bit bored about halfway through, just like when I read the original.

    14. Thanks to Cory Anthony, reading the Hobbit became an annual autumn tradition. The kind of book you can read in a day but encapsulates some of the best sentiments of Thoreau, On The Road, and the kind of wonder that makes kids take off on bikes to explore the places beyond their hometown's city limits; to find Trolls frozen in stone, hidden and lost secrets in the deep woods waiting to be found, and new horizons yet to be discovered or imagined. A book to read as a kid, but hopefully one you'll n [...]

    15. Heather StewartGraphic NovelThis version of the popular novel was very accurate to the original. The graphics were absolutely amazing and very colorful. They really brought the story to life. It tells the tale of Bilbo Baggins and his adventure to the Lonely Mountain with a group of dwarves. On the trip he finds himself lost in a cave where he meets Gollum and finds the ring. The rest of the tale tells of Bilbo’s cunning to rescue the dwarves from captivity and lead them to the mountain to sla [...]

    16. This is a classic that I read recently (as a novel) and I fell in love with it, instantly!When I saw the graphic novel I knew I HAD TO READ IT TOO!!!It was amazing!Beautiful artwork, with lines from the original book itself.I think it is great for any kid who hates reading but loves comics and graphic novels. THIS will get them into reading actual books, trust me!I think that this is the second book (first is Harry Potter, obviously) that I'm going to flip through whenever I feel bad, just to co [...]

    17. I originally read the Hobbit when I was 11 in my English lessons which was great as I had already been a fan of Lord of the Rings for a couple of years, so I was very excited to spot this in a charity shop!As I have been exposed to Peter Jackson's film creations for the formative years of my child/teenhood and spoilt by John Howe and Alan Lee's artwork, I did find the depictions of the characters a little difficult to get behind initially as I have a strong image in my mind already - but it was [...]

    18. The Hobbit is a medieval fantasy story about a little hobbit(small Halfling) named Bilbo goes on an adventure with 13 dwarfs and the mighty wizard Gandalf. They travel through caves full of goblins, elf towns, towns of men and dark forests infested with spiders. The dwarfs are on a mission to get their home mountain filled with gold and jewels back from a greedy dragon, but they encounter many difficulties on the way slowing their long journey even more. When the finally reach the mountain the w [...]

    19. An adaptation that is very true to the original. Very.This is a great companion to Tolkien's novel, and the art is as atmospheric as you would expect. It's been a while since Middle Earth looked this good. That said, don't expect Alan Lee or John Howe - The Hobbit doesn't have quite the same epic, or dark, overtones as The Lord of the Rings.Recommended.

    20. The little guy with big hairy feet goes on an adventure with creatures that have nads of excessive weight, and gets nads of his own. He traverses the world he knows to parts yet unknown, gets lost in an underworld of sorts, matches wits with the witless, and keeps a precious, endless, golden secret. He overcomes minions, and saves the ones who tease him and finds his place in the scheme of things. He overcomes amazing obstacles, and diligence his small size vanquishes the enemy. Life is an amazi [...]

    21. The 4/5 star rating is based on my feeling that "the Hobbit" as a story is a five. However, I wasn't super crazy about this particular representation/presentation of the timeless Tolkein masterpiece. Hence the knock down to 4. I'm sure most of us hardcore Hobbit/LOTR fans will appreciate this format, to some degree, but NOTHING beats the original imho.

    22. I really liked this book, I thought it was one of the better fictional books that I have read. I actually went and saw the movie not to long ago, it ran right alongside the story line. I would definitely recommend this book to the people that may have not of read it yet. This is a great book with some really interesting parts, I think it is a must read book.

    23. So, graphic novels seem to either tell the story through the art, tell it with good art and story, or go the route of this rendering of the Hobbit and tell it with a whole lotta words and art that seems a bit of an afterthought. Don’t get me wrong, when it comes to Tolkien, we all want the text-it’s great. And the art here is simple and doesn’t pull away from the story. At times it’s bit jumbled (when Bilbo initially gets separated from his dwarven companions in the mountain with the gob [...]

    24. "The Hobbit or There and Back Again" is the first story of Middle-Earth that was ever read by the masses. And to this day it remains a beloved favorite due to Tolkien's exceptional writing, realistic and lovable characters, and the fantastic, complicated world with its unlikely hero: a fuzzy-footed hobbit.Bilbo Baggins lives a pleasantly stodgy and dull life in the Shire, in a luxurious hole under a hill. ("It was a hobbit hole, and that means comfort") But his life is completely turned upside-d [...]

    25. The hobbit is a good book with a lot of description, some humor, good information, and not much rambling off. The book gets to the point and doesn't often waste time telling you something that doesn't relate to the book. It describes feelings of characters in great detail so you can really feel and imagine what they did. Not only all of what I mentioned but this book so far is great, but it also says kind things to people. When they said: "There is more in you of good than you know, child of the [...]

    26. Original review posted at Layers of Thought in a graphic novel trio review.3.5 starts actually!An epic story, with cute and colorful drawings about the famous Tolkien hobbit, who finds one of the fabled rings which become an important part of the continuing saga of The Lord of the Rings.About: Bilbo Baggins is happy with his quiet life in his little cottage when the wizard Gandalf and a group of dwarves invite themselves for tea and drag him along on an incredible adventure. Unbeknown to him, he [...]

    27. The HobbitThere and back againHow could I resist returning to Middle Earth for an adventure? Especially since I've co-authored a fantasy/adventure set in New Zealand myself. Truth be told. I remember reading (well, sort of skimming) The Hobbit in my childhood and sadly I didn't appreciate J.R.R. Tolkien's flawless storytelling back then. But this time as I followed little Bilbo Baggins on his dangerous journey I was in awe of the author's rich and imaginative use of words. But I also couldn't he [...]

    28. At 15:57 I finished it while in my mulberry tree listen to Florence + The Machine, Ceremonials, "All This and Heaven Too" and it describes how I can't describe how wonderful, sweet, adventurous, enjoyable, and EVERYTHING this book is! Every author, this is the baseline that they all try to achieve. This is the incarnate reason why the human race reads and enjoys books, it perfectly demonstrates why books were ever written in the first place. It leaves you so happy in the end. What a tale! And it [...]

    29. 3/5Hacía mucho tiempo que no leía un cómic y qué mejor que una adaptación de El hobbit para retomar la costumbre. De todas formas, me llevé una desilusión, esperaba mucho más. Las ilustraciones no me convencieron, me parecieron un poco cutres aunque el color las animaba un poco. Y la traducción es pésima¿desde cuándo a los orcos se les llama trasgos? Además me parece que la historia está mal organizada, le dan mucha importancia (y muchas hojas) a detalles que no aportan nada a la h [...]

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