Brunettes Strike Back

Sequel to I Was A Non Blonde Cheerleader from New York Times bestseller Kieran Scott New Jersey transplant and spunky brunette Annisa and her sand Dune High cheerleading squad are headed to nationals Just when she thinks her blonde teammates have accepted her, some of the girls have suddenly made it their mission to convert Annisa to the blonde side Annisa thinks her lucSequel to I Was A Non Blonde Cheerleader from New York Times bestseller Kieran Scott New Jersey transplant and spunky brunette Annisa and her sand Dune High cheerleading squad are headed to nationals Just when she thinks her blonde teammates have accepted her, some of the girls have suddenly made it their mission to convert Annisa to the blonde side Annisa thinks her luck is finally changing when her old squad makes a surprise appearance at nationals, but soon it turns into a Jersey versus Florida turf battle torn between two worlds, and two hair colors, can one non blonde cheerleader make it through the sea of highlights and rock nationals her own way
Brunettes Strike Back Sequel to I Was A Non Blonde Cheerleader from New York Times bestseller Kieran Scott New Jersey transplant and spunky brunette Annisa and her sand Dune High cheerleading squad are headed to nationals

  • Title: Brunettes Strike Back
  • Author: Kieran Scott
  • ISBN: 9780142407783
  • Page: 463
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Honestly, Annisa annoyed the hell out of me in this on, but I still read it quickly and enjoyed it (for the most part). This series is such a quick, light, and fluffy summer read!Happy reading!

    2. Whoops. I skipped this one But funny thing I understood the third book with out it Boring, predictable plot, but a good read when your wanting a laugh I suppose.

    3. Brunettes Strike Back starts where the last book in the series left off. The main character Annisa is trying to lead her team to victory at nationals. Throughout the story, her teammates are pressuring her to fit in with them by dying her hair blonde. They think this would help them look more like a team. Annisa is trying to avoid their peer pressure and when her old team shows up at nationals, it makes it easier. Annisa tries to fit back in with her old teammates and friends, but her new ones n [...]

    4. At last all seems to be going well for Annisa. Her teammates are finally starting to accept her, its smooth sailing for her and Daniel, and her team is about to vie to attend nationals. Then her world is flipped upside down when she grows suspicious of Daniel and his relationship with Sage, his ex. She releases her emotions during her performance helping her to perform better than ever. The Sand Dunes are going to Nationals! She tries to let go of the boy friend drama and focus on cheerleading [...]

    5. I had read the first book, and thought that it was pretty good. When I found out that the story continues, I thought I might as well read it. In my opinion, the first book was reall good, it was pretty pradictable about what was going to happen. Well, when the book ened,and I found out that there was a second book, I was trying to think what this one was going to be about. This one was less predicable, and sounded like it was going to be good. When I read the tittle, Brunnetes Strike Back, I was [...]

    6. This book can be read as a standalone, but the characters' behavior is more understandable if you've read the first book in the trilogy, I Was a Non-Blonde Cheerleader.The Sand Dune High Fighting Crabs are back, this time at the national cheerleading competition, which is being held in a hotel within driving distance of their hometown. The hotel setting opens up all kinds of opportunities for sneaking out and sneaking around, and the squad makes the most of their chances--with disastrous results [...]

    7. In this book, I read about cheerleaders. I've always thought of teenagers as mean and snobby (b-word)s. In this book, I guess the main character learns about teamwork and I've learned even more about not judging about another person. The main character learns about teamwork because of the problems she faced. She faced prejudice because she was a new member and her hair her hair stood out from the others. She was a brunette while everyone else in the squad were blondies. I guess that's why teamwo [...]

    8. finish this book last night. i like the book , it's funny and focused more on the friendship and cheerleading. which is cool. i can relate to annisa so, well bcoz my friends at my uni is like polar opposite of my hometown friend. they're more conservative and crazy( like her new squad) but can be nice too(sometimes) compared to my laid back friends from hometown. the romance was bleh. CAPITAL WORD BLEH. i mean annisa has more chemistry with steven i dont get it only at the end (that guy [...]

    9. In this sequel to I Was a Non-Blonde Cheerleader, Annisa and her cheerleading squad go to the nationals competition, where she is thrilled to see her old New Jersey team. But Annisa is torn by old loyalties and new commitments, when all she wants to do is spend time with her new boyfriend.All the pressure makes Annisa behave badly – especially after her team tries to bleach her brunette hair to match the rest of the squad. She cuts out on them, sneaks around, and has a bad attitude that is ove [...]

    10. Brunettes strike back by Kieran Scott is about a high school cheerleader who has just made the squad as the only brunette on the team. In the novel she has to learn to deal with the peer pressure from her fellow team mates who want to dye her hair blonde and learn the importance of a team.On their way to cheer camp, Jordan's team has to go up against the fierce Black bears, the best squad there and her old squad the Beavers. She begins to fall back into her old lifestyle hanging with her old fri [...]

    11. Wow ok. Let me try to think of some words that will fit this storyPredictable?Have you seen the Bring it on movies? Well imagine that, only lose the humor and the cool dances. Just simply cheerleading and some seriously dim witted girls. Our main character is sarcastic (which I like) stands up for herself (which I like) and is absolutely head over heels for a boy. (Which I don't like)I realize this is a sequel, but I never saw why Daniel was "the perfect guy". I never trust guys in stories who a [...]

    12. It was good. Not the best book ever but oh well. My friend let me borrow this book two years ago. It's still sitting on my bookshelf, begging to be given back but the friend that lent the book to me moved away. A year ago. :) She totally forgot I had it. Along with five other books she had given to me to read over the summer. Brunettes Strike Back was a book that was full of morals. Like: Never give in to peer pressure! or Always be yourself!orCheerleaders are crazy! Morals aside, the storyline [...]

    13. This novel was okay but there was too much scenes in the book that are too romantic which kinda makes me wanna puke. I mean seriously, the main characters are only in high school but why did the author make them seem to act like they are twenty years old. However, I love how the main character that was intensively bullied in the beginning hot more confident and stood up for herself. She also showed the boys in the football team up. Thus, I would recommend people who like to read about dramatic l [...]

    14. This was a really cute sequel to I Was a Non-Blonde Cheerleader! Annisa is on the brink of a new relationship and finally seems to be fitting in with her squad—who are on their way to nationals! But when her teammates suddenly want her to go blonde for "uniformity", she sites her almost-sorta-maybe boyfriend chatting with his ex, and gets thrown in between her new squad and her old friends, will she make it out in one piece? Read and find out! :)

    15. I have read the first series of this book, and I do like it a lot too. I love how Annisa knows what her mistakes are and fixes her mistakes. She traces back her own step to find where and when did the fighting starts. Then she knew and stop her teammates' fight and unite them just in time to win the nationals. I love how the ending doesn't come to quickly like other books, it came slowly and in-time. THe happy ending came when she realizes that she was wrong.

    16. This book was good but kind of a let down after the first . I felt like the author kept writing about the first books events and she kind of used the same plot annisa bringing the team back together . Yet it was still good . My favorite part in the book was probably when the Daniel drama happened and stephen kissed annisa !! That was a good part . Overall i would say you should get this book is a nice book to have around .

    17. The book title is Brunettes Strike Back and The author is Kieran Scott. You will like this book if you like a story about cheerleading, high school and drama. The story is set in New Jersey and Annisa faces a challenge of being the only brunette in the Sand Dune High cheerleading squad. One part I like was when this other girl in her cheerleading squad who was blonde stop this girl from coloring Annisa’s hair blonde.

    18. The sequel to I was a Non-blonde cheerleader. I like these fluffy books, but, then again, I was a cheerleader in high school. [return][return]Still the only non-blonde on her Florida cheerleading squad, sixteen-year-old Annisa makes some decisions about how far she will go to fit in with her team while also staying true to herself.

    19. I read "I was a Non-Blond Cheerleader" which was the prequel to this book, and loved it! My mom and I began reading this together, but we somehow got sidetracked and I hadn't picked it up in a few years. So, while trying to find a happy, funny book to read, I re-discovered this, and am dying to know how the story ends!

    20. This book was better than the first book in some ways but not all. I like the drama and the characters seemed a little quirkier in this book than the first book. Overall, a pretty good book with laughs and some really great scenes.

    21. Very good sequel to I WAS A NON-BLONDE CHEERLEADER. This follows the life of a brunette from New Jersey who moves to Florida to become a champion cheerleader. There is a lot of drama- and some excessive whining- but a fun ending that readers will love. I give this book a B.

    22. Another hilarious book by Kieran Scott! This time Annisa's newly found Florida world collides with her old Jersey world. Chaos ensues at the national cheerleading competition, with drama around every corner.

    23. i staped reading this halfway throught in disgust. throught the whole book her cheer captain has been trying to get her to dye her hair so she finally does it ans i belive she did it just to prove something i'm not sure any way she has lost my respect as a brunette cheerleader

    24. Brunettes Strike Back is a teen noble written by Kieran Scott. This book discribes all the changes and dessicions she has to make for her cheerleading squad. it also discribes what most teenagers go through in High School.

    25. The story takes place in a high school and the protagnist is a girl who is in the cheerleading team. The book is basically about what happened to her in high school and I found really connected to some of the things that she experienced. It's a great and funny book!

    26. Tottaly awsome! It was really intresting to read. I stayed up all night to read the last few chapters! Although I don't enjoy cheerleading, it was still a intresting book to read. It was humorous and descriptive, and I really liked this book. 5 STARS!!! :D

    27. Same as the first only I started getting bored with it and annoyed that the author couldn't give the teenager a little more credit in maturity.

    28. soI love this trilogy. it's easy, cute, funny, and I always wanted to be a cheerleader. I'm starting the final book tonight. super quick light read.

    29. I got this book for Katie for Christmas and when there was no books for me to read and it was a lazy day, I read it! LOL

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