The Mud Fairy

Wearing pink and tiptoing through the dewdrops is for wimps Emmelina would rather play with her friends, the frogs But can a fairy with an independent streak earn her wings if she goes against the fairy code Warm, humorous, and with just the right amount of pink and mud , here s a book that will capture the hearts of girly girls and tomboys alike.
The Mud Fairy Wearing pink and tiptoing through the dewdrops is for wimps Emmelina would rather play with her friends the frogs But can a fairy with an independent streak earn her wings if she goes against the fai

  • Title: The Mud Fairy
  • Author: Amy Young
  • ISBN: 9781599903125
  • Page: 436
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. The Mud Fairy might be a rather unassuming title, but this is truly a magical little gem of a picture book, presenting a fun, lively, thought provoking narrative, accompanied by bright, expressive (and fortunately not too pink and girly) illustrations. Basically a tale about how tomboyish fairy Emmelina gains her fairy wings with high honours, I love the message promoted by the fairy queen that everyone is good at something and that Emmelina will find her talent, that she simply has to be a bit [...]

    2. 3.5 stars. Very much enjoyed; more than I thought I would. Of course the message is earnest, but it's not strident. And the art is pink, but still fun and the expressions on the faces of Emmalina, and the queen, are delightful. Certainly it's ridiculous to imply that fairies are responsible for rainbows, blossoms, and metamorphosis, but it's all part of the silly fantasy so it's ok. The (only slightly) deeper truth is that everyone has a niche, everyone can contribute from their own strengths. T [...]

    3. I loved this book! The Mud Fairy really wants to earn her fairy wings, but she can't get flowers to open or create a rainbow. She likes to play in the mud and spend time with the frogs. She just isn't like the other fairies even though she tries hard to imitate them. But things turn out in the end and the Mud Fairy's talents are just as important even if (or perhaps because) they are unique.I love the illustrations! I love, especially, seeing the Mud Fairy's attempts to recreate others' talents. [...]

    4. Emmalina the fairy wants her readers to know that "fairy life is not all that it's cracked up to be." She is expected to stay clean, sit up straight, be polite and dainty; no running or jumping or splashing in the mud, which are all the things Emmalina loves to do. She tries to imitate the behavior of the other fairies with disastrous results. She can't do anything important. How will she ever earn her wings? Cute book about finding your place and doing what you love. Girls will love it, especia [...]

    5. This was a cute story with cute and lively illustrations. As I was reading it, I was reminded of The Fairiest Fairy, which I read earlier the same day: the fairy who can't do what the other fairies find easy to do, until she finds her own talent. One difference is that The Mud Fairy is told in the first person, in prose; while the Fairiest Fairy is a rhyming story in the third person. However, Mud Fairy was published in 2010 and Fairiest Fairy in 2015. But it was interesting how similar they wer [...]

    6. This is a cute book and one my daughter really enjoys. Its about Emmalina a fairy who is trying to earn her wings. But she isn't your typical fairy and it seems like she isn't good at things that most fairys are good at and she wonders if she will ever earn her wings. The fairy queen says that every fairy is really good at one thing and Emmalina will find her one thing. As I said before she isn't good at things most fairys are good at, she doesn't even enjoy what most fairys enjoyse enjoys mud a [...]

    7. Emmalina is a year old fairy and now she must earn her fairy wings- but she wants YOU to know that being a fairy isn’t all it’s cracked up to be! Her friends have earned their wings by doing things like opening flowers or making rainbows but when Emmalina tries those things it doesn’t work out well-like she pulls the flower off its stem. Emmalina is about to give up when she goes to visit her friends, the frogs and helps them out. Find out if Emmalina does enough to finally get her wings o [...]

    8. The Mud Fairy offers a nice fairy tale alternative to being a pretty fairy princess all the time. The message is great, but I found the execution of the story to be a bit lacking. Young gets very creative with Emmalina's attempts to earn her wings, but comes up short on the final reason. Frogs don't know their babies are tadpoles? It took a fairy to tell them that? Up until that point how did frogs grow up? Otherwise it was great. Illustrations and dialogue are all done with a flair.

    9. Such a sweet, fun story about doing the things you love! I enjoyed Emmalina's sweet, matter-of-fact approach to being who she is. Just because fairies generally like pink, flowers, and dancing, doesn't mean all of them do. And just because Emmalina plays in the mud and likes frogs, doesn't mean she's not a fairy. I would have loved this story as a little girl, as I was more inclined to watch Super hero's and play with "swords" than Barbies and dolls.

    10. This book is about a little girl who wants to earn her fairy wings like the rest of the girls but in order to do so she has to be good at something. All the other fairies are good at something and she just can’t find anything she is good at. After trying and trying to be good at something the big fairy realized that she was good at something the whole time and that is being in the mud and helping the frogs. I was a good book, I would definitely read it again.

    11. My 5 and a half year old has declared this is her (current) favorite book. She loves it and wants to read it often. It's a cute, simple little book about a little fairy who doesn't quite fit the mold and prefers to be dirty rather than dainty. A sweet, simple book that shows sometimes the thing you try to change to conform is actually one of your best features. A "dare to be different" story but without a lot of tension, and with a lot of fairies. ;)

    12. A big hit with the preschool story time crowd especially timely as it is Spring and it is tadpoles and baby turtles in the large ponds near the library and so much of the froggy area resembles our lovely outdoor setting here at the library. An great story that takes some of the pink gunk out of fairies and shows a girl triumphing using her individuality, her compassion, and her smarts. A definite buy for the library.

    13. Cute book! This book is about a fairy who need to find her calling. After seeing what other fairy did she found her calling, protecting the frogs and hence the Mud Fairy. I like the pictures and I like the story. I also like that the fairy's name is Emmalina. My niece is named Emilee, we call her Emee for short but my mom calls her Emmalina (like Ballerina) I have never seen a book about an Emmalina so fun one

    14. The fairies in this little world have to earn their wings but being good and fairy-like (tidy, neat, useful). The narrator despairs of ever earning her wings because her favorite things are frogs, mud, and so forth. In the end she unwittingly gets her wings by teaching frogs how to be frogs (go figure!).Okay illustrations.

    15. This is a good book. It is about a little fairy living among other fairies who are good at many things but she can't seem to figure out what she is good at. Then she discovers she is good with animals and she is deemed the Mud Fairy. Good book.

    16. This book finds that perfect balance between telling a story and sending a message (in this case that each of us has special talents). I think the kiddos totally miss the message and just love that it has a happy (messy) ending. Bits of it have been coming up in their conversations all week.

    17. One of our new favorite books! As a mother, I love the message in the story. Emmalina is a character that many girls, including my daughter, can relate to well. She is empowering and shows that it's okay to be yourself and that others will recognize the "awesomeness that is you!"

    18. Emmalina is trying to earn her wings and figure out her talent. Just when she thinks that she will be in trouble for being muddy after teaching frogs to play leapfrog and catch flies she earns her wings from the Queen and title “Mud Fairy, Protector of Frogs.”

    19. This book has gorgeous illustrations and wording. I would use this book cross-curricular for science (nature) and literacy. Great fantasy book that is very entertaining.

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