In These Great Times: A Karl Kraus Reader

In These Great Times A Karl Kraus Reader None

  • Title: In These Great Times: A Karl Kraus Reader
  • Author: Karl Kraus Harry Zohn Joseph Fabry Max Knight
  • ISBN: 9780226452661
  • Page: 205
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Of Protective Custody"Sometimes one day is said to be enough. These people obviously cannot testify to this themselves - for one this because they are not allowed to, and for another because the spiritual transformation which often occurs at a stroke not infrequently results in unconsciousness or atleast an impaired memory, and because astonishment at unaccustomed things may result in speech disorders." "Consequently, since Dachau, Durgoy and Sonneburg not only equal boarding schools but practic [...]

    2. This is probably a 3.5. Perhaps a different translation would appeal more to me.The collection includes about a twenty newspaper pieces, two dozen poems, and selections from the play The Last Days of Mankind.Kause is acid. Many of his pieces could be printed as current writing, especially those on the press creating news. There is a devastating piece on 'protective custody' written in 1933. The play follows WWI from the shooting of the archduke to the last gasp of starving armies and still-thriv [...]

    3. Harry Zohn is an excellent translator who selects key essays of Kraus and captures their essence with a minimum of necessary footnotes to explain recondite references in the texts. He also provides the German original of Kraus's poetry that he translates. Kraus not enough known among the general English-language literate public, but he expresses the emergent contradictions of the age in which he lived, which have flowered fully and are now rotting in our own age. Perhaps his best-known aphorism, [...]

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