Tressed to Kill

First in the brand new Southern Beauty Shop mystery series St Elizabeth, Georgia, offers charm, Southern hospitality and, most recently, murder When hairdresser Grace Terhune and her mother, Violetta, gussy up all the high society ladies attending the town meeting, they find their snobbiest client dead The police believe the mother daughter duo did her in But beforeFirst in the brand new Southern Beauty Shop mystery series St Elizabeth, Georgia, offers charm, Southern hospitality and, most recently, murder When hairdresser Grace Terhune and her mother, Violetta, gussy up all the high society ladies attending the town meeting, they find their snobbiest client dead The police believe the mother daughter duo did her in But before things get snarled beyond repair, Grace sets out to clear their names.
Tressed to Kill First in the brand new Southern Beauty Shop mystery series St Elizabeth Georgia offers charm Southern hospitality and most recently murder When hairdresser Grace Terhune and her mother Violetta

  • Title: Tressed to Kill
  • Author: Lila Dare
  • ISBN: 9780425234747
  • Page: 447
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
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    1. This was a truly fun southern cozy mystery with a great cast of entertaining characters. I thought it was well written and quite hilarious at times; it was a good, fast read. I look forward to reading more of this series.

    2. 2.5 stars. Tressed to Kill is a decent read, but I found it largely unremarkable. It’s not bad, but not amazing, either. You have your typical small town cast of characters, with the hateful rich woman on the town council who gets offed and the nosy protagonist (who’s only nosing around to protect those she cares about, of course, even though the law enforcement people seem perfectly capable of investigating it by themselves). It seems to be the current trend to give female amateur detective [...]

    3. I grew to enjoy this book almost immediately and I wasn't sure of that when I began due to the 'beauty parlour' theme. The characters were instantly likeable and the mystery was more complex than appeared at the beginning. I was satisfied with the solution and now am awaiting the next book!

    4. Much like the pilot episode of a television series, Tressed to Kill is a good introduction to a promised series of cozy mysteries set around a southern beauty shop. Grace Terhune makes for an interesting main character and all the ladies that work with her at her mother's beauty shop are good distinct characters. However, like a pilot episode I felt there was almost too much being introduced to the reader. Quirky locals, dashing agents, intrepid reporters, and annoying ex husbands fought for spa [...]

    5. With all the recent new cozy series, it's been interesting weeding out the good ones from the bad onesis is definitely one of the good ones! I enjoy series set in the South, but was a bit hesitant with this one since it's billed as the "Southern Beauty Shop" series. I thought that might detract from the mystery. Wrong! Violetta's served as a great back drop, and the main characters were all instantly likeable. The mystery kept me guessing for awhile, and it ended up having a couple of layers to [...]

    6. A quick and fun read! I really enjoyed this start to a great series. I am looking forward to reading more of the series.

    7. Actual rating 3.5I enjoyed the book, it kept me entertained but didn’t wow me. I will continue on with the series bc I did enjoy the characters enough to see what develops in the upcoming books.

    8. This was actually a lot of fun! Ingenious way to get around things, and I love how everything fit together in the end.

    9. Light and fun cozy mystery. Likable characters. It's sort of a Steel Magnolias mystery since it centers around a beauty shop.

    10. This is the first in the Southern Beauty Shop Mystery series, and it was rather fun read that included organic beauty recipes.Grace Terhune and her mother Violetta run a beauty shop in a small town in Georgia. The action all starts one day when the high society ladies pack the house getting their hair done in anticipation of an important town hall meeting. However, one of the most important ladies in the town (whose appointment in high-end salon was cancelled and, therefore she was forced to "sl [...]

    11. Grace Terhune is a divorced beautician who has moved back from Atlanta to her childhood hometown St. Elizabeth and currently works at her mother's Beauty Salon Violetta's. As with all small southern towns, everyone knows everybody and as per usual, there is the town Bitch who has pissed everyone off at some point. So, when she's murdered, it's not hard to find suspects.Except that the police seem to think that it was Grace and Violetta, specifically Violetta. Grace's ex-husband Hank is part of t [...]

    12. I was really looking forward to this book. The cover and the blurb had made it sound like a light-hearted good time and I was really missing that from my cozy books. However upon reading this story I found it to be a lot heavier in tone and mood than I initially thought. I respected and to some degree tip my hat to the author for doing a cozy with such a well rounded story with much going on. And there wasn't a whole bunch of silliness happening save for a few places. But I don't know if it was [...]

    13. I picked this book up on a whim the other day at the library while the kids were looking for books to pick out for their summer reading.I started reading it the other night, and finished it today while i was sitting out at the Radio merit Badge day.I have a thing for series that revolve around a theme, the book shop mysteries, the knitting mysteries, the scrapbooking mysteries. So this was a natural to pick up off the shelf fast.The main characters are Grace and her mother, Violetta who run a be [...]

    14. There's something about a beauty parlor. Maybe they're like this all over the country but here, in the south, beauty parlors are a mecca for women and gossip. You know the ladies I mean, those who get their hair "done" once a week on Friday mornings, like my grandmother, who spend half their day underneath a hair dryer but can still hear and read lips like nobody's business. Grace Terhune has stepped in it, and she's drowning. It starts with a murder -- that's how it always starts, people -- of [...]

    15. A charming southern town where everyone seems to know everything about everyone So why is it so difficult to uncover who in this small town would be capable of murder?Grace has been through a lot; she moved to the 'big city', divorced her high school sweetheart for cheating on her, earned her Master Cosmetology License, moved back to her home town (St. Elizabeth), and started working in her mother's salon (Violetta's) So when the most influential woman in St. Elizabeth is killed just hours after [...]

    16. Very cute first in a new series. The southern setting is charming and the author doesn’t overdo it by interjecting too many cutesy southernisms. The premise is that the protagonist, Grace, has returned home from a life and marriage in Atlanta to the small town she grew up in and where her mother,Violetta, still lives. She now works in her mother’s salon and is attempting to start over.One of the town’s leading ladies is murdered after a public argument with Violetta, which makes Violetta t [...]

    17. This is one of the best new "cozy series" debuts that I have read in a long time! I picked up this book and when I started reading it, I simply could not put it down. Dare has done an amazing job of capturing life in a small Georgia town. It is almost as if St. Elizabeth springs to life from the pages of this book. Grace Terhune works in her mother's beauty salon in downtown St. Elizabeth. When one of the town's most prominent citizens, Constance DuBois, is unceremoniously murdered, following an [...]

    18. I really enjoyed this book- it wasn't the kind of book that keeps you rushing through the pages and staying up all night, but I did keep going back to it again and again and I finished it rather quickly. The main character, Grace, works at a hair salon with her mother and a few other friends. When a disgruntled society lady vows to shut the place down, then is found dead a few hours later, police start looking at the mother/daughter duo. There are a lot of terrifying moments that made me grab th [...]

    19. Since I don't normally write reviews unless I have something specific to say, here's the break down of how I rate my books1 star This book was bad, so bad I may have given up and skipped to the end. I will avoid this author like the plague in the future.2 stars This book was not very good, and I won't be reading any more from the author.3 stars This book was ok, but I won't go out of my way to read more, But if I find another book by the author for under a dollar I'd pick it up.4 stars I really [...]

    20. GGrace has returned to her coastal Georgia hometown of St. Elizabeth. There she is working at her mother's beauty shop, Violetta's. When the most influential and wealthy woman in town, Constance DuBois, threatens to close the shop after a bad dye job, Grace and her mother are not too concerned. But when they are the ones that find Constance's murdered body, that threat becomes a motive. I enjoyed this mystery. The characters are nice and I loved the town. I would like to see more of it in the ne [...]

    21. Books set in the South are among my favorites, be they Southern humor a la Mary Kay Andrews or Celia Rivenbark or Southern Gothic by Amanda Stevens or Daniel Hecht or a cozy mystery set in the South like this one. There's a fab mystery, a good reason for the main characters to get involved in the solving of the mystery, and the unique euphemisms of the South abound throughout. The story is tight in a good way. No loose ends or what thements. I loved the good guy characters and wanted to smack th [...]

    22. Adding this series to my list of Cozy Mystery Must-Reads. This book has all the qualities I look for in a good cozy; charming characters, a light-hearted air and a good mystery. The writing was good, not at all elementary as some cozy mysteries can be. I also enjoyed the Readaholics cozy by the same author (Lila Dare/Laura DiSilverio). I will definitely be picking up the next book in the series, and would recommend this title to anyone who enjoys a good cozy. One small warning to those who prefe [...]

    23. Not bad for a first in the series, it reads a bit like "Steel Magnolias" meets a "Who done it" mystery. I liked the characters and I liked the plot even though I think they should have stopped using last names after the first chapter lol! All in all it wasn't bad for 5 sassy southern beauticians and a crazy small town murder mystery. I am interested in seeing how the second book in the series is and am also excited to see who Grace my pick as her own southern gentleman caller will it be quirky b [...]

    24. I found this book to be quite interesting and hard to put down. I was shifting through the bookstore to find a new 'cozy' mystery to add to my collection and found "Tressed to Kill". The characters were all likeable and colorful except Hank, Grace's ex-husband. He seemed like the boyfriend who never got the hint. Simone rattled my brains a bit, but in the end, I let it go. I'll never have to deal with her in real life. The plot was well thought out and each chapter kept me wanting more. In the e [...]

    25. With an engaging cast of characters, a Southern setting, and an intriguing murder to solve, Tressed to Kill offers a strong debut for the Southern Beauty Shop Series. Hairstylist Grace Terbune is working in her mom’s salon with in walks haughty Constance DuBois, threatening to shut them down. When Constance turns up dead in the parking lot, Grace inherits a heap of trouble. Never mind that many members of the town would benefit from Constance’s death. It’s her mother who the police target [...]

    26. It isn't too many pages before you are into the murder of the snobbiest person in town, and an arch enemy of Grace Ann and her mother Violetta Terhune, and friend Anthea who own a local beauty salon.The story moves along and develops the characters, who are all likeable in their own ways. There are many twists and turns in the plot, and, of course, a hunky detective who could possibly become the love interest as the series continues.The mystery didn't seem all that complex in the beginning, but [...]

    27. This book was the first in a new series by Lila Dare and I think she's off to a great start! What better place for gossip, mayhem, and murder than a southern beauty shop. This small town will never be the same! Back in her small town after a divorce, Grace took a job in her mother's hair salon. Unbeknownst to her, she finds herself and her mother smack in the middle of a murder mystery. While trying to clear her family's name, she stumbles into small town secrets and revenge that someone's willi [...]

    28. I don't know what brought about the recent rash of themed mysteries but I like them! Mind you, most of them aren't mind-stunning as fas as the mystery goes. Even so the varied settings and interesting tidbits are pleasant "girl-reads". This is one of those. Obviously set in a beauty parlor in the south, it was easy reading - pleasant and enough interesting to keep reading. The plus - some organic recipes! Am looking for more of these for light reading.

    29. Very good! I did not like it as much as the 4th book in the series that I read 1st! LOL But I still enjoyed it a lot. Will def be reading the 2nd and 3rd in this series and hoping for a 5th! All the reasons I liked the 4th book apply to this book as well. For some reason though, it was just a tad slower paced and harder to get me sucked into the story. I was able to put this one down and walk away is what I guess I am saying. :-D Still highly recommend!

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