Rose of Rapture

Rose of Rapture
Rose of Rapture Rose of Rapture

  • Title: Rose of Rapture
  • Author: Rebecca Brandewyne
  • ISBN: 9780446356527
  • Page: 341
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. 4.5 starsI love me some Rebecca Brandewyne. She's got sex scenes with prose so purple that reading it is like getting jumped by randy grapes. There's bold swords and hidden valleys and unfurling petals and swollen folds and, my new favorite, "the little bud that flourished upon the valley's knoll without." Well, "clitoris" is pretty dull and clinical. And at least it wasn't "nubbin."The sex hits the reader right out of the gate as the prologue shows our heroine Isabella Ashley and an unnamed her [...]

    2. Superb Medieval Romance Steeped in War of the Roses HistoryI knew this story, set in the 15th century, was going to make me cry when at the beginning Isabella, age 25, is saying goodbye to the ghosts that haunt herl those who died in what would become known as the War of the Rosesl those she loved. And then we are sent back 20 years to where it began, when she was just a young child raised among the nobility. With the death of her parents, she became the mistress of Rushden Castle. She and her t [...]

    3. Loved, loved, loved Rose of Rapture by new to me author Rebecca Brandewyne. 4.5 stars that I was sorely tempted to round out to 5. This may be a bodice ripper with loltastic purple prose but this woman doesn't just write about lust, she knows how to write about love, and she does it in an affecting way. love, true love, never comes in a blinding flash of glory Instead, it grows slowly, like a rose, from a seed that gradually sprouts, buds, and unfurls its petals beneath the sun-and the rain. Aye [...]

    4. The description doesn't do this book justice. While there are quite a few X-rated portions this is no fluff piece. Well researched & so rich in detail I fell into the life of the main character, laughing and crying right along with her. I'm thrilled that the author took a highly despised historical figure(King Richard III) and brought light to a lesser known but (in my opinion) more probable history of the war of the roses & King Richard himself. Aside from Isabella he was(and remains)a [...]

    5. Definitely a favourite 5-star read! This is by far one of the most heart-breaking historical romance novels I've ever read or came upon. This is also my very first time reading Brandewyne and I am captivated by her skillful writing and her ability to make her characters come to life. Rose of Rapture is one fast-paced, addictive page-turner that compels you to forget the present and even forget who and where you are. I felt like I was lost in time while reading this!**SPOILER**I know it will prob [...]

    6. 13:00 - I found the sex scene between Lionel and Isabella in the first part so distasteful.Personally, I do not like to read a heroine made love with some other man in storypecially before hero. It's kinda unfair :)17:00 - Ugh!the ultra sugary idiot heroine- I'll be bald through pulling my hair out.17:23 - The middle of the book is very bored. I am on chapter 23.Heroine still loves OM!Ugh! There definitely should have been love for the main characters by now.18:15 -still boredChapter 25 and I am [...]

    7. I'm not a fan normally of romance, I generally avoid it in any genre. I read this at a friends house I was staying at years ago, and was suprised at how much I really loved it. Recently I sawit at a thrift store and picked it up again and it's just as good now a it was then, it also remains the only romance book I've ever really enjoyed. Its not the most well written book, or the most plot driven, yet it has a certain charm. It just comes together right, and really stands out.

    8. The story captivated me but the sex scenes were so overdone. It started getting annoying reading a five-page description of how earthshattering the lovemaking was between Warrick and Isabelle EVERY single time!

    9. my first romance novel ever read, stolen from my mom in 7th grade while home for days with acute bronchitis.

    10. 4.5 Stars Definitely read this if you want a great romance set in a real historical setting. The history was heavy and realistic, which I loved. It really brought me into Isabella's world, I felt like I was getting a glimpse of noble life was like in the late 1400s. The romance was solid and believable but just a tiny bit melodramatic at times. But that isn't necessarily a bad thing for romance. Both of the leads are likable but not the overly perfect or unrealistic "modern mindset" characters t [...]

    11. halfway through the book, i got very bored! it contained too many plots involving a lot of secondary characters, navigating around politics instead of focusing on the romance side. dats what bothered me! else i wud have given a higher rating! warrick did not rape isabella. he gave her the necessary time to get used to him. she was a lovely person, warm and generous. it broke my heart when she lost her baby and when her brother died. she had been through so much already! she did not deserve dat o [...]

    12. What is the death toll in this book? It really didn't leave me feeling very well at all. If they didn't die they were abused. This book has it's romance and funny moments. I did love the characters in it. why it's really difficult when most of them die in the end. Not the bad guys, of course they deserved to die. She may have got her true love in the end, but it sure was at a high price.

    13. Strange as it may seem, this isn't a romance book. Yep, some romance - but also War of the Roses in full swing - and that war wasn't romantic in the least.

    14. During the time of Richard III a romance of the old school. Lady Isabella Ashley, an orphan protected by King Richard III, becomes caught up in deadly political intrigues during the War of the Roses.

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