And the Shofar Blew

In the Old Testament, God called his people to action with the blast of the shofar, a ram s horn God still calls his people today.
And the Shofar Blew In the Old Testament God called his people to action with the blast of the shofar a ram s horn God still calls his people today

  • Title: And the Shofar Blew
  • Author: Francine Rivers
  • ISBN: 9781414304861
  • Page: 400
  • Format: ebook
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    1. I don't read a lot of Christian fiction but I loved this book as it speaks of a reality that few people talk about.A young, enthusiastic and dynamic pastor is given too much power and has too little accountability in a growing church. He justifies this on the basis that if it is growing it must be a sign of God's blessing and so he continues to move forward gradually using more and more of his own strength and less and less of God's. The change happens over a long period so is less obvious to ac [...]

    2. I'm not a huge fan of Christian fiction (sorry!) because I think much of it is not well written. Add to that the fact that I'm not a romance novel fan at all and it's a wonder that I like Francine Rivers Mrs. Rivers is a former romance novelist-turned-born-again-Christian novelist. I first read her Redeeming Love more than a year ago and just recently picked up "And the Shofar Blew."Shofar is about what a church really means. Is it the building and numbers/goals or is it people who are gathered [...]

    3. This book was one of those ones which I just couldn’t put down, and I was speechless when I finished it. There were several concepts happening in the book, one of which was the breakdown of a marriage which was like watching a train wreck - I didn’t want to look, but I couldn’t look away!But I loved getting an insight into the different characters’ relationships with God and how they developed over time. It was tragic to watch how the main male character, Paul, rationalised things as his [...]

    4. WOW! I REALLY enjoyed this book. It is rather thick with very small print so it took me awhile. It really made me think. As you all know the church I attend as had declining attendance for several years. I have been thinking and praying for more people to come. This book made me see its not really the numbers but seeing that you are right with GOD. Living the way, walking the walk, and talking the talk. I think I will try some other books by this author! I don't know if this "review" makes much [...]

    5. I am really having trouble putting to words my feelings about this book was an emotionally heavy and depressing read for me through much of the first three quarters or so and I can't pinpoint exactly what affected me the mostI don't know if it was grief for Eunice and Timothy because of the ugliness of Paul and what he turned into or if it was the aspects of Paul that I could identify with; the same false motives and selfish attitudes that I know I have operated under before in my own life. Oh h [...]

    6. I lived 33 years in the same community as Francine Rivers and saw this story happen "in real life." It must have been her inspiration. I wondered how she fictionalized and treated the story. So I listened to the audio book on CD and found it insightful, sympathetic, and ringing true to experience and scripture. Stylistically I was impressed with how she developed a big story scene by scene, moving the conflict and themes forward succinctly, smoothly, and engagingly. The story is layered, as life [...]

    7. This was a painful and difficult book to read in many ways because it was so realistic about what can go in in churches and with ministers and their wives. It was hard to read about the kind of pride that leads to this kind of thing I am so glad Francine wrote it though, as I think it is an honest look at the problem which we only have a chance of fixing by being honest. But I think many don't want to think this IS a problem. We need to seek God, seek God, seek God and His will for our lives. If [...]

    8. i would love to say i enjoyed this book, or that it made me feel great but unfortunately the book is too well written. i couldn't put it down but francine has such accurate insight into the modern church that it hurt.i read someone's review that they believed this book to be full of cliches but this was the first book i've read that addressed such common battles within churches. maybe i've just been reading 'feel-good' books?however, i'm glad i read it and it put some serious issues on my heart [...]

    9. MY REVIEW:This is the story of a young Pastor and his wife who accept the call to a small dying church. They begin this new chapter of life with zeal, passion, and love for one another. Then just as you fall in love with them and the other sweet characters of this story, the tale twists and the reality of sin becomes all too visible to the reader. This story - while fictional - is sadly all too true of many churches across America. Francine once again expertly captures your imagination and your [...]

    10. I'd never read anything by this author and have missed a lot. This is an all time favorite of ours. My husband and I listened to this together. I laughed and cried. This would be an excellent book for all Christians to read. This is a powerful and riveting book which shows the sad path many of our churches are taking today. The story spans 16 years and tells the story of 3 generations of characters. The narration was divine. I look forward to listening to all of the books I can find by this auth [...]

    11. This book made me cry, As a pastor's daughter, it felt like Francine was telling my story, what my mother went through, my brothers became rebellious, my dad falling ill and dying in the middle of all my parents separated. The case of another woman in the picture broke my mothers heart. Church folks didnt help either. This is a lesson for all. It's all about God, not your ambition. Let God be the center of it all. I wish I could re-write my family's story, but God knows best. Thanks Francine for [...]

    12. Trapped between the huge success of his father’s ministry and his unending search for the acceptance and self-esteem missing from his childhood, Paul Hudson is on a mission but is the road to success as straightforward as he thinks?Wounding both new and old members of his congregation, ignoring his son Paul's needs and placing his marriage in jeopardy are only a few of the many mistakes Paul makes in this contemporary Christian novel about the seeker-sensitive movement so popular with many chu [...]

    13. This is the first book I've read by Ms. Rivers, but it won't be the last. She gets to the heart of being a Christian--with all the temptations, blessings, struggles, and decisions we make. I enjoyed the story, and found the plot to be compelling. I sympathized and understood the characters and their actions. I wanted this book to be a 5 star, indeed, the excellent writing and spiritual theme deserved it, but in the end Paul and Eunice bothered me too much to give it higher than a four. Paul was [...]

    14. Absolutely amazing. A great narrative on the struggles of Christian life. I always learn so much from Francine Rivers' writing about the heart and character of the Lord.

    15. Șofarul este un instrument de suflat folosit în vechime pentru a anunța, a alerta sau a avertiza de pericol, pentru a chema la luptă sau pentru a chema la acțiune."Chemarea șofarului" spune povestea unei biserici pe punctul de a se destrăma care primește o nouă șansă când un tânăr plin de pasiune acceptă să vină în comunitate cu familia și să preia responsabilitatea. Țelul lui este să "zidească biserica", dar trecutul cu un tată absent în umbra căruia a crescut, ambiți [...]

    16. Francine Rivers is such an amazing storytellerbut this one was not my favorite. Kind of too far fetched. I think I like her historical books waaaaaay more. The wife in this story was not believable to me--no one could put with that much from her husband and remain so stoic. The husband was just such a jerk that I spent the whole book being annoyed with him.

    17. I have been a fan of Francine Rivers - but I really didn't like this book much. Sure, it sucks you in and makes you want to read it. But it was also depressing, a little un-realistic, and very much shoving Christianity (and her opinions about what Christianity should look like)in your face.

    18. So ready for this book to be over! How much more can she drag this out?! I'm about to die from near boredom with this drug-out storylineI finally finished I didn't know if I could bear it anymore. :/ The Scarlet Thread by Rivers is far better.I think I might of liked this book if it wasn't as long! Also, the book was full of cliche's. There's only so much of that I can handle. Okay, the characters' names were creative (although I think a little cheesy)Samuel- is one of the elders in the fledglin [...]

    19. Another great book by Francine Rivers! How does she do it? I procrastinated in starting this book, I am not sure why, maybe it was the cover, or the title? I am soooo glad that I did finally pick it up! Once I did, I could not put it down! So many nuances and layers to this story; from marriage,and woman's intuition, to the fact that a pastor, with all that he is, is still a man, human and capable of sin. My heart broke, and my spirit rejoiced all with one book! Very relatable for all Christian [...]

    20. Many are familiar with the great line from Spiderman: With great power comes great responsibility. Often, the reverse is also true:with great responsibility comes great power. The question for those in power is how to maintain humility and accountability. Francine Rivers presents and then answers these questions very well in her book And the Shofar Blew.As I read the book, I could see the train wrecks coming. Paul building his platform and losing his family, a wife attracted to an available male [...]

    21. Very nice story that doesn't throw religion down your throat. Francine Rivers has a way of conveying right from wrong without the overly, push it in your face, preachy sermon type novels. I really enjoyed this book!From back cover:"He seemed like the perfect pastor to lead Centerville Christian Church. She was the perfect pastor's wife.When Paul Hudson accepted the call to pastor the struggling church, he had no idea what to expect. But it didn't take long for Paul to turn Centerville Christian [...]

    22. After I read Redeeming Love I got kind of obsessed with Francine Rivers. This is the third book in a row I've read of hers (and I just started a fourth). They are all very readable with very sympathetic characters, and she deals with serious questions. Her books are very much a cut above the average Christian fiction genre. I liked this one a little less than her others, and almost gave it 3 stars but decided on 4 because I think she gets points for dealing with a really difficult subject of how [...]

    23. The storyline held my attention, but I grew very tired of disliking the main male character. I was eager to get to the part where he would have a change of heart seemed like it took forever to get there! The book was a good reminder of what it means to build a church and follow God's leading (and what it looks like when you get it all wrong!) Lord, let me never stop hearing your still, small voice. I don't want to ever get to the point that it would take the loud blast of a shofar to get my atte [...]

    24. Another excellent book from Francine Rivers, rich in thought provoking truth. This book should be a must read for all pastors.

    25. Francine Rivers is a slight cut above the typical Christian author talent and style, so when I want an easy read without any sex and a reasonably intelligent handling of some interesting ideas I read her. I finished this book last night and I didn't want to put it down because I really wanted to see Pastor Paul burn. Unfortunately, he didn't. Rivers did a good job of making her characters a realistic mixture of good and bad, but halfway through the story you can't remember any reason to like Pau [...]

    26. My pastor's daughter actually recommended this book to me. The first few chapters were kind of boring, but I guess it was necessary for Rivers to write that way to establish the following plots. The character development was just splendid. Paul started off being a godly and righteous man, always placing God first, being the perfect husband and son. But personal ambition and pride really changed his character and his way of life. and turned him into a rather horrible person. I really felt like sl [...]

    27. Wow. This book was long. And heartbreaking. And frustrating. But it was GOOD!Let me say first that I really enjoy reading Francine Rivers. As a reader I appreciate that she really weaves you into the lives of the characters with such detail. Yes, this typically makes for longer books, but I always feel as though I know these people I am reading about. I can practically see their face, hear their voice. I miss them when the book is over! As a Christian, I also appreciate that she writes stories r [...]

    28. And the Shofar Blew tells the story of Paul Hudson, a young pastor who helps the struggling Centerville Christian Church of 50 members turn into a quickly growing church. But amidst the new growth, his wife, Eunice, feels like something isn't rightmething that hasn't been right for a while. Where can a pastor's wife go for help when her marriage is failing and her life is out of control? This novel addresses several important topics, such as the different ways people hear God's voice (sometimes [...]

    29. Francine Rivers is my favorite author. This book made me cry. I'm learning, though, that the characters in her stories can go through some pretty tough times and sometimes they're almost too unbearable for me to read. I think this book is intended to parallel the disobedience of the Isrealites and God calling them out of the darkness of their lives of idolatry and self gratification, calling them with a trumpet call to worship Him alone. In this story, a minister husband is caught up in "buildin [...]

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