I Don't Want a Cool Cat!

In this hilarious, heartfelt picture book, one little girl discovers just how difficult it can be to find the perfect pet Along the way, she meets a zany mix of cats with distinct personalities, but none of them are right for her After a comical cat chase, she finally finds a special one to call her very own In this follow up to I Don t Want a Posh Dog , Emma Dodd reminIn this hilarious, heartfelt picture book, one little girl discovers just how difficult it can be to find the perfect pet Along the way, she meets a zany mix of cats with distinct personalities, but none of them are right for her After a comical cat chase, she finally finds a special one to call her very own In this follow up to I Don t Want a Posh Dog , Emma Dodd reminds readers that, while there are many different kinds of pets to choose from, everyone of us can find a loveable four legged friend to share our hearts and hugs with With whimsical illustrations and playful rhyming text, I Don t Want a Cool Cat demonstrates the bond people share with their favorite feline friends the perfect read aloud for cat lovers and their little ones.
I Don t Want a Cool Cat In this hilarious heartfelt picture book one little girl discovers just how difficult it can be to find the perfect pet Along the way she meets a zany mix of cats with distinct personalities but n

  • Title: I Don't Want a Cool Cat!
  • Author: Emma Dodd
  • ISBN: 9780316036740
  • Page: 185
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1 thought on “I Don't Want a Cool Cat!”

    1. Bea (age 9) did not like this book. She thought it was prejudiced against different types of cats. She thinks you should let a cat pick you, instead of picking out a cat.I just didn't think it was anything special. The illustrations weren't inspiring either.

    2. Entertaining illustrations and a very pleasant rhyming scheme tell the story of a little girl describing all the cats she doesn't want, and finally the one she does want. It is ostensibly very cute, but I had some issues with the message behind it. I wish this book hadn't made the many types of cats seem negative but rather just expressed that the girl had one she really wanted and, while the others were worthy of love, she just had her heart set on one particular cat. There's nothing wrong with [...]

    3. Emma Dodd's unnamed little girl begins by pondering, finger to chin, as to what type of cat she would like. She immediately decides when surveying a cat reclining on the sofa that she doesn't was a cool cat or a treat-me-like-a-fool cat.Then an extremely hairy cat appears and she decides that she doesn't was a stuffy, huffy, over-fluffy cat; looking out of the window into the dark night she doesn't want a night cat or a looking-for-a-fight cat either.A big fat cat comes into view but she doesn't [...]

    4. The illustrations are adorable, but I'm not sure about the message. It's all well and good for a little girl to be looking for the perfect cat that suits what she wants, but when what she wants seems to be a fluffy puppy, perhaps the cat angle isn't ideal. The better lesson would be to teach kids to interact well with whatever pet they have, though perhaps that just means I should go reread the all-time great on that topic: Duncan and Dolores

    5. An option for a future cat storytime. I'm not crazy about it, but it's nice. It isn't too long and I like the art.

    6. The little girl in this book is very particular about what kind of cat she wants. My daughter loves kitties so she enjoyed it.

    7. On one hand, this book can be seen as a celebration of mixed-breed kittens over purchased purebreds: Most of the cats the girl brushes off as “not her type” are recognizable breeds: Siamese, Persian, Sphinx. At one point, the little girl also turns up her nose at a cat who’s bedecked in ribbons and surrounded by trophies: “I don’t want a prize cat…A best-money-can-buy cat.” There’s also a message here against the ownership of exotic wildlife as pets: the girl doesn’t want a “ [...]

    8. More reviews (and no fluff) on the blog surrealtalvi.wordpress/The story is about different cats that the main character doesn't want - she has a particular cat in mind to have as a pet. Each page introduces a type of cat (greedy, stuffy, cool, twiggy, etc.) and has a rhyme that describes why the little girl doesn't want that type of cat.In all, it is a cute book with large images and easy-to-read large text. It is a quick read and since the images are large and uncluttered, looking at the pictu [...]

    9. What a fun rhyming rhythm, and charming illustrations! Dodd proves how diverse a subject matter cats are with the artwork in this book. On the page with the text, "I don't want a stuffy cat. A huffy, over-fluffy cat," an enormous persian kitty frowns through its overwhelmingly fluffy-looking fur. Of course, the little girl narrating this quest for the perfect cat ends with a cat that just wants to be loved. C'est adorable.

    10. A little girl talks in rhyming text about the kind of cat she wants--not the breed, but the personality traits. For instance, she doesn't want a proud show cat, or a cat that constantly eats, or a standoffish cat. Emma Dodd's simple, bright, colorful illustrations make this a great readaloud for groups of preschool and kindergarten children. I think I have to agree with the little girl in this story--I like the same kind of cat she does. Recommended!

    11. My sister lives at my house now and has a cat Dexter, and Dexter is obnoxious, and fits all of the 'don't want cat" Categories. I would like to say he is a "purry cat, a small and furry cat" Dexter is not it. Oh well, Of you likes kids this is a quick book. Nothing really spectacular about it but fun and the pictures are good. It might be a good book if you child is begging for a cat! You can talk about what is cat is like and what is expected if you own one.

    12. This a short but sweet picture book on the search for the perfect cat for a choosy young girl. The variety of cats she comes across may be good for other people, but she's looking for that certain something that says, "a cat call my own cat." The illustrations are beautiful, and the words are easy enough to follow.Recommended for cat lovers and ages five and up.

    13. Cute illustrations and easy rhyming story about a little girl looking for the perfect cat. I really love Emma Dodd's illustrations- they are completely charming and adorable. My one complaint is that I found all of the cats worthy of a loveable home, being a cat lover myself, and they are presented rather negatively for the story to work.

    14. This book uses great descriptor words along with rhyme to describe the criteria for the perfect pet cat. The illustrations are silly fun for all! Compliments I Don’t Want A Posh Dog!Early Literacy Skills:Phonological AwarenessPrint AwarenessPrint MotivationVocabulary

    15. Lots of different types of cats--"huffy over-fluffy" ones, for instance, and "howly, yowly, scowly" ones, but also the most-lovable "glad-when-I-come-home cat." I like the way Dodd plays around with adjectives and sounds in the text, and her illustrations are, as ever, fun and nicely designed for group readings. Great choice for cat-lovers and storytimes.

    16. It was fun to read this book in rhyme with my son. It's short, it flows, the rhymes work and it's fun to look at the silly options of cats this little girl has to choose from, when all she really wants is a cat she can call her own. Loved it. A different type of Emma Dodd story for us.

    17. As a cat lover and owner, this book is so full of truth! Cat owners and young children will love the funny adjectives and picture uses in the book. The end leaves you warm and fuzzy, missing your own kitty cat at home!

    18. In her search to find the ultimate kitty companion, one little girl discovers that a perfect pet is hard to find. Along the way, she meets a zany mix of cats with a range of personalities, but none of them seem quite right for her. Will she ever find a feline friend to call her very own?

    19. I didn't really like this one. The little girl comes off a really snooty (snotty? - probably both). A message of 'conditional love' seems wrong in this type of book as well. I gave it two rather than one stars because the rhymes were OK and I liked the illustrations.

    20. This book is about a girl who seeks out to find the perfect pet cat, she describes all the kinds of cats she doesn’t want. This book I would definitely use in my classroom as a read aloud because it has play on words and rhyming words that can build children’s literacy.

    21. Wow, way too much reading into this one. It's a fun rhyming book, which my two year old loves because rhyming is pretty much her favorite thing. I didn't get all the nonsense about disliking certain cats, it was about a little girl choosing the right cat for herself.

    22. Very cute book about a girl looking for a cat, and all the different cats she plans to pass up. The illustrations are perfect. The only problem: she still wants a cat. (Friends of this reviewer will understand *smile*) Preschool.

    23. This is a very simple but fun book. You can talk about adjectives and how they add to a story and invented words and how you can make your own. This would be a great piece for children to write something similar too.

    24. I love Emma Dodd. And this is a pleasant follow up to I Don't Want a Posh Dog. I think it would work well in a preschool storytime about pets or cat & dogs.

    25. Very cute, adorable illustrations; a little girl describes what kinds of cat she doesn't want, then the kind that she does want. Very short, and suitable for story time.

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