Scaredy-Cat, Splat!

It s Halloween, and Splat is determined to be the scariest cat in the class Unfortunately he s just too much of a scaredy cat He s afraid of a little spider, and everyone says his costume looks silly than scary And when Mrs Wimpydimple tells a ghost story in the dark, Splat gets so frightened that he tips over his jack o lantern But when the lights go back on, tIt s Halloween, and Splat is determined to be the scariest cat in the class Unfortunately he s just too much of a scaredy cat He s afraid of a little spider, and everyone says his costume looks silly than scary And when Mrs Wimpydimple tells a ghost story in the dark, Splat gets so frightened that he tips over his jack o lantern But when the lights go back on, the entire class is scared silly by a small, black, furry creature with a big pumpkin head Whooooo can it be
Scaredy Cat Splat It s Halloween and Splat is determined to be the scariest cat in the class Unfortunately he s just too much of a scaredy cat He s afraid of a little spider and everyone says his costume looks silly

  • Title: Scaredy-Cat, Splat!
  • Author: Rob Scotton
  • ISBN: 9780061177606
  • Page: 449
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. Well that was actually pretty hilarious! Very well read by Phil Jupitus & lots of special effects. Comes highly recommended by 6 year old Ethan :-)

    2. Originally posted on Creative Madness Mama.Splat the Cat is such a silly cat, he's always up to some sort of planning for a school themed-activity. This time he wants to be the scariest and not scared-est cat and of course Seymour is there to help! This is a good 9x9" hardcover to add to the seasonal shelf. Friendship, working through things when they don't go exactly as planned, and fun Halloween ideas. If you're interested, there is a Splat the Cat costume out there in the world! Ahh!!! This r [...]

    3. This book is about a cat attempting to be the scariest cat in his class. Unfortunately, he is too much of a scaredy cat to carry out his plan of spooking the rest of his class. I would read this to younger children as it gets closer to Halloween because it does have some humor children would enjoy. I recommend this story for 1-3 grade children.

    4. I really enjoy the Splat series. A clumsy, silly black cat with a lot of themed books makes for easy shelf-fillers and fun read alouds. Kids relate to Splat and find the illustrations and stories humorous and easy to read. I have my October display stockpiled and this was one of the first books I chose to read aloud to my kiddos. It was a good time as we kick off October reads!

    5. This silly Halloween story is sure to get a giggle from young readers as they find out who’s going to win the scariest-cat contest at cat school. Splat seems to be afraid of everything and everyone, but he really wants to win the contest. Colorful, humorous illustrations help make this a fun book to share with kids as Halloween approaches.

    6. It’s Halloween and splat has the best costume. He is going a witches cat. And her really wants to take his new spider friend to school. But when splat breaks his broom he will draw new inspiration from his many legged friend to come up with the scariest cat costume ever.

    7. This is a funny book for Halloween. Kids will laugh at Splat's attempts to be scary.The pictures are wonderful.

    8. Summary:Splat, a young cat, sees a spider on his jack-o-lantern. Splat’s mom catches the spider under a glass to protect him. Splat asks to take the spider to school because he wanted to be the scariest cat. At first, he began to dress as a witch, but his broom broke. Then he changed and dressed as a scary spider. As Splat was going to school he saw some of his friends and thought they looked scarier than him. Splat’s teacher, Mrs. Wimpydimple, told a very scary story so all the kids jumped [...]

    9. This was a cute story about a cat who dressed up for school for Halloween to win the scariest costume competition.

    10. "Scaredy-Cat, Splat!" by Rob Scotton is just one of many books in the Splat the Cat book series. In this book, Splat is brainstorming costume ideas for his school's Halloween party. Splat wants to really scare his classmates, because the scariest costume will win a special prize from the teacher. Splat really wants to win the prize, so he decides to dress up as a spooky eight legged spider. Yet, when he arrives at school, his classmates merely giggle at his silly costume. Then when it comes time [...]

    11. Splat is a black cat, and it's Halloween. You wouldn't think he'd need much of a costume. You'd also think nothing could scare him. Think again. He's a scaredy-cat that's afraid of spiders and a scaredy-cat that needs a scary costume for his classroom Halloween party so he can win the scariest cat prize. He tries to come up with the perfect scary costume, and finally decides to dress as a spider with green and orange sock legs. Sadly, his peers don't find him all that scary, and he mopes about t [...]

    12. Splat wants to be the scariest cat in school during his class' Halloween party, but doesn't have a scary costume. Splat is a bit of a scaredy-cat himself and finds that all of his friends costumes scare him more than his own. When his teacher reads a scary story in class, Splat get so scared he topples over his jack-0-lantern. When the lights come back on, the class is scared of a new creature in class! But it turns out to just be Splat with his own jack-o-lantern stuck on his head. The class lo [...]

    13. Originally Reviewed at my blog here! Click to visit!Splat is a big and clumsy cat who is the star of Rob Scotton’s series, Splat. These picture books are funny and short, offering a comical look at a young cat who always falls into trouble. In this installment of the series, Scaredy Cat, Splat, it’s Halloween. We find Splat at school with his classmates who are competing for the title of Scariest Cat. While Splat is more scared then scary, he spooks his whole class and then sends them into a [...]

    14. This review originally published at The Children's Book and Media ReviewSplat the Cat wants to be the scariest cat in his class. However, this is difficult when Splat is scared of things himself. He’s scared of things like spiders with their scary eyes. When he decides the spider is not as scary as he originally thought, he wants to take the spider to school to go alone with his scary witch’s hat costume. His costume is ruined, so he has to change his costume and no one thinks his new costum [...]

    15. There’s no humour without good timing and Rob Scotton has both.A very cute story made wonderful by its illustrations.As with all of the Splat series, nothing ever works out as clumsy Splat the cat hopes it will. But his misadventures always turn out for the best.This time it’s Halloween. The ever loveable and always frazzled Splat hopes to win the prize for the scariest Halloween costume at school. So he dresses up as a spider. But Spike, dressed as a mummy and Plank, dressed as a skeleton, [...]

    16. Back in 2008, Splat the cat burst onto the scene with his first adventure. Since that time he has fallen in love and enjoyed a Merry Christmas. Now, Splat is ready to celebrate Halloween and wishing to be the scarriest cat at the school party. Can he do it?! With his ever present mouse friend Seymour and wise advice from his mom, Splat heads off to school determined to scare. Scotton's latest Splat adventure is begging to be read aloud with all the enthusiasm and dramatics befitting this funny f [...]

    17. A new book for my fall classroom ritual. This adorable, funny book about a cat who wants to win the award for "Scariest Cat" at school, had us laughing out loud at Barnes and Noble. The book incorporates the wonderful, tried and true "Dark, Dark House" story that fills my music classroom with glee every October. I can't wait to introduce the story to my students this year because I will do so in the middle of reading this book. Perfect. And if you don't have a need for a children's book about a [...]

    18. Review posted 11/18/2011 at Owl Tell You About It.Okay, so Halloween is long over and we’re gearing up for the next holiday. Still, I had to go ahead and read this (along with every other Splat the Cat book). Rob Scotton does not disappoint. This book was precious. I was expecting Splat to be afraid of something, but this was even better. His mom comes up with the perfect DIY spider costume and I love his scary spider face. I still have a few more Splat the Cat books to read, but this is alrea [...]

    19. Splat is just a little scaredy-cat, but he wants to be the SCARIEST cat in this Halloween Splat the Cat book. Splat's getting ready for his class's Halloween Party. He needs a Jack-o-Lantern and a costume. Splat decides to dress up as a scaaaary spider. How can Splat become the scariest when he's scared of just about everything? Read the book to find out!With just the kind of misadventures and fun that any kid can relate to, "Scaredy-Cat Splat" is a perfect book for young readers in the Hallowee [...]

    20. Scaredy-Cat, Splat was our first experience with the adorable kitty known as Splat. Since reading this we’ve also added Merry Christmas, Splat to our children’s book collection. My daughters absolutely adore both. I’ve lost count of how many times we’ve read Scaredy-Cat, Splat since it arrived on our doorstep. A fun story that encourages child interaction and provokes out of control giggling. Super cute illustrations that feature Splat and his friends. This is a great book to share with [...]

    21. Splat SO wanted to be the scariest cat in his class for Halloween.After finding a scary spider at his home in the morning, he went to school dressed as a spider. But no one thought he was very scary. Plank, as a mummy, and Spike, as a skeleton, were scarier.Mrs. Wimpydimple turned down the lights and told a ghost story. The class screamed with fright at the end, which startled Splat. His jack o'lantern flew into the air and landed on his head! As Splat stumbled around the room, the class shrieke [...]

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