Sophie Simon Solves Them All

For a third grader, Sophie Simon is one smart cookie She enjoys teaching herself advanced calculus and has performed successful heart surgery on an earthworm She s also very clever when it comes to dealing with her clueless parents But Sophie is no genius when it comes to calculating the high value of friendship until, that is, she has to use her incredible IQ to helpFor a third grader, Sophie Simon is one smart cookie She enjoys teaching herself advanced calculus and has performed successful heart surgery on an earthworm She s also very clever when it comes to dealing with her clueless parents But Sophie is no genius when it comes to calculating the high value of friendship until, that is, she has to use her incredible IQ to help out some classmates with their own parental troubles.
Sophie Simon Solves Them All For a third grader Sophie Simon is one smart cookie She enjoys teaching herself advanced calculus and has performed successful heart surgery on an earthworm She s also very clever when it comes to de

  • Title: Sophie Simon Solves Them All
  • Author: Lisa Graff Jason Beene
  • ISBN: 9780374371258
  • Page: 367
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. Sophie is brilliant- stratospherically brilliant. In third grade, she is reading college texts-- her parents are clueless, her teacher is clueless, her classmates uninterested in and uninteresting to Sophie- all fine with her until she realizes that her calculus text is useless without a $100 graphing calculator. Her classmates are having parent problems of their own and realize a brainiac like Sophie should be able to figure out how to help. Ever logical (a somewhat unappealing) Sophie has no i [...]

    2. A quick read (less than a hundred pages), and humorous good fun. Well written and easy going, with Lisa Graff's usual skill. We were able to read it in two days, two sittings, and everybody loved it. Not a profound novel, but clever, creative, and cute.

    3. Sophie Simon is a quirky, 3rd-grade genius. Sophie wants two things in life -- 1) a graphing calculator so she can teach herself calculus; and 2) for her parents to accept and feel proud of who she is. What Sophie doesn't think she needs are friends. In this tale of interwoven character lives, Lisa Graff reminds us that many times in life we have to rely on other people to accomplish our goals and solve problems that seem insurmountable on our own.I read Graff's more recent TANGLE OF KNOTS befor [...]

    4. This book is absolutely adorable. I immediately loved Sophie Simon (who is smarter than I am, and probably has been her entire life) and---while she doesn't have any friends---she knows pretty much everything and once you do know essentially everything, who needs friends anyway?Except it turns out Sophie does, because she wants a graphing calculator, which is $100, and her parents won't buy it for her. (Well-adjusted children don't want a graphing calculator because well-adjusted children hate m [...]

    5. This is a rather annoying book, filled with stereotypes, unsympathetic adults, and bratty or stupidly portrayed children. The stereotype that hits home most with me is the characterization of Sophie, the gifted genius. Her nose is always in a book, she has no interest in friends or people at all, she only helps the other kids, because she wants money to buy a graphing calculator, so she can teach herself calculus. The second most annoying caricature is Sophie's parents, clueless grownups who cal [...]

    6. Sophie Simon is a genius. Her parents are discouraged that their child is not normal. When other kids want to play outside, she wants to be reading. When other kids are asking for the new toys to play with, she's asking for a graphing calculator. Her parents are not happy. So when she wants the calculator, her parents refuse her. Now she has to solve her problem to figure out how to get it on her own. She finds friends that need her help and realize that they will pay her for her help and she ca [...]

    7. This was an odd book. I got it as a read aloud for my 1st grade daughter. She LOVED this book. There were things I liked about this book - good writing, an unexpected story, a girl not afraid of being smart and exactly who she is - and things I didn't like about this book. The adults were cartoonish buffoons. The kids were, while not stereotypes, cartoonish as well. The story revolved around Sophie Simon, girl genius who would rather not relate to people, solving other kids' problems to secretly [...]

    8. Sophie can't be bothered with things like friends. She's got more important things to think about--like complicated math equations. Only for the kind of math she's interested in, she needs a special graphing calculator: the Pembo Q-60, which costs $100. But when her classmates come to her hoping she can help solve their problems, Sophie just might find a way to get her calculatord make a few friends along the way.For fan of Lisa Graff(, ), mathletes, and any who feels like their loved ones just [...]

    9. Sophie Simon would be a GREAT read aloud for 2nd - 4th graders! Cute short little story about a 3rd grade genius, who just wants to read and to have her own Pembo Q-60 calculator. Her parents worry she has no friends. A few classmates approach Sophie for help, either to get out of a ballet recital, or to try to get a rabbit for a birthday. All ends well for Sophie, her parents and classmates. A cute little story will have children laughing at loud when teacher Mr. St. Cupid goes over his ever ex [...]

    10. I've always wanted to like Lisa Graff's books but none of them have really ever grabbed me. Until now. Sophie Simon is a uniquely self-interested genius who wants only one thing: a brand new graphing calculator. Trouble is, she has moron parents who would sooner drop dead than give her own. Meanwhile, three of Sophie's schoolmates have problems of their own. It's possible that if Sophie solves their problems, she'll be able to make enough for her calculator. What she doesn't count on is the poss [...]

    11. Sophie Simon is VERY advanced academically for a 3rd grader. She loves calculus and psychology, but her parents want her to be "normal" and giggle with her friends; her teacher wants only rote compliance. Sophie wants a graphing calculator. In the course of the story, Sophie finds that some of her classmates have problems, too, problems that she can help solve. In the end, Sophie finds there is a place for her in school and and in life and that sometimes her classmates can help her to get her he [...]

    12. This book won me over with its humor (a similar tone to the Mercy Watson books) and some puzzle solving that was just complicated enough to keep the reader's attention and yet not frustrate the intended age group. I appreciate that Lisa Graff created a character that is so resolutely into what she is into that her social life suffers. The vast majority of girl characters in books do not swing this way, and its good to see one that knows what she likes to do and is very smart. This has the making [...]

    13. This book is adorable and perfect for 3rd graders who are just starting to delve into longer chapter books. It just makes the required length of 100 pages! It's a fun, somewhat silly book, but it has a message of some depth underneath--parents should let children be who they are. We used it for a lunchtime book club and had fun with snacks that corresponded to the many endearments Sophie's parents use with her--everything from dill pickles to snickerdoodles! Lisa Graff seems to have her pulse on [...]

    14. Sophie is a smart kiddo who sees the world a little differently than most of her peers. When her one goal can be accomplished by helping others meet theirs, Sophie finds out that it actually is nice to have friends after all. The story is funny with clever bits. I thought Sophie Simon's Encyclopedia of Things She Can't Believe You Don't Know Already was a fun conclusion. My only problem with the book was that absolutely every adult was baffoonish or out of touch with kids. Was that really necess [...]

    15. When all the grown up reviewers start going on about "cute" and "adorable" my alarm warning of approaching saccharine begins to beep. And sure enough, by the time I'd read the first chapter it was beeping loudly.There are lots of jokes here for the grownups about helicopter parents, wrapped around a slight story about a kid who resembles Roald Dahl's Matilda in her genius. Only Matilda really WAS adorable and likeable, and Sophie isn't. And I'm not sure there's as much kid appeal here as there i [...]

    16. A novel about independence and making friends, and figuring out how to help others.Sophie is very smart, so smart that everybody makes fun of her and she has no friends. Her smarts make her the go-to person when a few kids have a dilemma that they need a way to solve. Sophie helps them all solve their problem, and one of her own at the same time.But mainly, Sophie learns how to make friends, and what friends are all about.Great story.

    17. This is another Battle of the Books selection for the grade 3-4 team. Sophie is a highly academically gifted girl who is determined to obtain a graphing calculator - total focus on her goal. Graff weaves in many threads about how parents' hopes, dreams and expectations for their children often differ from those of the child. Driven by her own personal goal, Sophie helps parents and children come into closer alignment. Lots to discuss with your child if you read the book together.

    18. Sophie is a genius with few social skills. She solves the problem of the dance recital with the mean ballet teacher, and the boy who wants a rabbit whose parents pay no attention to what he wants. And she gets the graphing calculator she wants. It was funny and clever, though I didn't feel a strong connection to the main character. She feels kind of distant.

    19. Accessible to slightly younger audience than her usual work. At times it tries a little too hard to be flippant or clever resulting in a condescending tone for adults & confusing one for kids.Fun story with some highly desirable silliness and a satisfying conclusion. Interesting character & character growth in Sophie. I have used it with great success as a read-aloud choice in 3rd Grade.

    20. I have the joy of working in an elementary school media center this year so am fitting in some of our sunshine state books and decided to start with this little gem! This book was really cute and shows how friends are important and can help each other out even when you least expect it! Is an excellent read for 3-5 graders!

    21. Cute book on an anti-social child prodigy. Pretty harmless for most parents but probably not one I'd let my kids read:(. Adults and/or teachers are depicted as dumb almost idiotic. It's done in a comical and silly way but does not encourage respectful behavior, particularly to your own parents or teacher. Cute book but kinda a bummer for me.

    22. Adorable story about a girl who values learning over friendship and how her life is impacted by the people who need her brains to help them with their problems. This was a short, enjoyable read.This was an ARC received from the author for review on my blog.

    23. Nice to see a "girl genius" for students of this age. This book is definitely intended for a high 2nd grader, 3rd grader - but I wonder if the content would be interesting to them? Will definitely recommend this to my little guys and see what they think.

    24. Such a fun story about a genius, Sophie, who only wants a graphing calculator and not friends. There are three students in her class who need help to solve their problems, problems only a genius can solve! Very humorous and full of genius skills!

    25. This is a quick and whimsical story told from the view point of 5 different students. Though I feel it would be hard for students to delve into the character's development it was recommended by a couple of fourth grade students. Bonus that it has a female protagonist who is a genius.

    26. I really enjoyed this book and so did my students! It enabled them to make meaningful connections between characters and truly practice their inferencing skills through those relationships. Good Read!

    27. its about Sophie Simon really wants a new caculator,but her parents want her to have friends (because she didn't have any).Sophie ignores them and earns the money,but she still has to go to Oscar's birthday party the end she ends up not getting the caculator,and makes some friends.

    28. We read this together as a read aloud and were all laughing the entire way. The kids still talk about the teacher, Mr. St. Cupid. But the aspect of this story I liked is the message for kids that are gifted, have Aspergers, or are just a bit quirky all need and can make friends, too.

    29. Have liked Graff's more recent books much better. This was too cartoonish for me. I think the different characters of Daisy, Sophie, and Julia might be a little confusing to students, especially since Sophie is the title character, but the book begins with Daisy.

    30. Sophie wants a calculator. Owen wants a rabbit. Daisy doesn't want to be a ballerina. And Julie needs a spectacular story. A story of kids who find an unexpected solution to their problems and maybe a little friendship along the way.

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