Death Is Not the End

For readers unfamiliar with the blistering plots and language of Ian Rankin s longer works, this special edition novella is the perfect opportunity to get to know Rankin and his unforgettable creation, Inspector John Rebus For longtime Rebus fans, it is an opportunity to follow him as he explores a subplot from his most recent outing, Dead Souls When his high school swFor readers unfamiliar with the blistering plots and language of Ian Rankin s longer works, this special edition novella is the perfect opportunity to get to know Rankin and his unforgettable creation, Inspector John Rebus For longtime Rebus fans, it is an opportunity to follow him as he explores a subplot from his most recent outing, Dead Souls When his high school sweetheart calls him out of the blue, Rebus agrees to track down her missing son, who was last seen at a bar owned by some shady mob linked gangsters His pursuit takes him through an Edinburgh beyond the tartan tearooms and cobbled streets of the tourist brochures, a modern city boasting a variety of criminals and their victims As Rebus contemplates the lurking immortality of his own city, Rankin offers readers page turning suspense and astonishing literary grace.
Death Is Not the End For readers unfamiliar with the blistering plots and language of Ian Rankin s longer works this special edition novella is the perfect opportunity to get to know Rankin and his unforgettable creation

  • Title: Death Is Not the End
  • Author: Ian Rankin
  • ISBN: 9780312261429
  • Page: 457
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. Having enjoyed several Ian Rankin books and Inspector Rebus in particular in the past, I decided to read a few more starting with this novella. I thought it would be a good choice in order to refresh my memory of Rebus and to get me back into the series. Unfortunately it never really worked out that way for me and I was disappointed with the story itself but found little consolation with the writing style which I enjoy.The story itself is a sub plot from another of Rankin's novels 'Dead Souls' w [...]

    2. This originally appeared at The Irresponsible Reader.--- I used ' ordering of the Rebus series to determine when I read this novella -- other sites might have led me to read this before Dead Souls, as it was published. I might have gotten more out of this book if I'd read it in that order, but it might have hurt the novel. I'm not sure. Basically, this is one of the subplots of Dead Souls -- Rebus' looking for the missing son of a people he knew in school -- in its original form. It'd be modifie [...]

    3. FRom BBC Radio 4 Extra:Inspector Rebus is asked by his childhood sweetheart to find her missing son. Adaptation of Ian Rankin's novella, read by Douglas Henshall.

    4. This little novella would be a good introduction for people to Ian Rankin's Inspector Rebus series. The novella is a direct link to a full-length book in the series (Dead Souls). I had already read Dead Souls, so no surprises here for me, but what a great idea-write a small little book that can be read on its own outside of the series, and get more fans to your series! Ian Rankin is one of the best crime writers out there today in my opinion. His series is wonderful-great character development, [...]

    5. 2 The hard-nosed cop is offered a bribe to halt his investigations into a missing teenager.Bland fayre.

    6. Set in Scotland, this short novella is one of Rankin's Detective Rebus crime stories. It's about gambling and, despite its title, no one dies. Perhaps Rankin's longer works are more satisfying.

    7. Novella that is a subplot to "Dead Souls." Inspector Rebus is one of my favorite series. Well worth the read.

    8. This is a hard to find expensive novella (just over seventy pages), only available in hardback. Over half of the content is repeated, with a few minor changes, in his later book 'Dead Souls'. Apart from discovering what happened to his old school friend’s son who goes missing in Dead Souls (and this book is the only place to locate that detail), there is a further short integral story. Whilst that is good, Rankin could have just included the additional detail in the full length book, albeit De [...]

    9. Another great Inspector Rebus concoction. Once you translate the strange Scots vernacular you have a typical crime story written in Ian Rankin's distinctive entertaining style.

    10. This is an alternate treatment of the key plot point -- son of Rebus' high-school girlfriend goes missing -- of the full-length Rankin novel, "Dead Souls." The girlfriend looks up Rebus after many years, having heard of his detective skills. (He moved long ago fr. the old neighborhood; she's stayed put.) In this version, the son turns up at the end. The side plot involves the casino scene, and a particular dealer, Mattie Paine. Paine has hooked up w. an old classmate who's become a pro athlete; [...]

    11. This novella by Ian Rankin explores a subplot from his novel, Dead Souls. His high school sweetheart contacts him after her son has gone missing from a local nightclub. He collects footage and watches as the boy is on the video tape one minute and gone the next. A subplot follows two men who had been classmates in high school and reconnect. Steve is a football hero and Matty a regular guy who rides the coat tails of his famous friend. Mattie works in a casino and is asked to offer Steve forgiven [...]

    12. This is the first of Ian Rankin's Inspector Rebus stories that left me seriously disappointed. But it's only 80 pages long, so maybe that's why. Rebus is asked by an old high school flame and her hubby to find their son, and his search leads to another kind of crime that's going on. The story starts strong, but it peters out by the ending. I understand Rankin refashioned the plot and fleshed it out more for another full-length novel, so I look forward to reading that one sometime and seeing if h [...]

    13. This was a really satisfying mystery story, the intersection of a missing persons case and a gambling/ sports fixing plot. The writing is good crisp stuff, the detective (John Rebus) is tolerably interesting and reflective without being a dick, in spite of a pretty diff name. And the Edinburgh setting seems pretty well utilized. In other words, I would, and I will, read more from Rankin. Nicely done!

    14. Just what I needed to get the taste of a bad book out of my mouth. A very quick read. John is asked by an old school friend to help find his 20ish son who disappeared. The friend is married to an ex-girlfriend of John's. of course there has to be another subplot. John's super wants him to get information about a local man suspected of criminal activities. John succeeds with both. This novella is a teaser for the next book in the series which is checked out at the library

    15. I had a feeling of deja vu while reading this Rebus novella about Rebus's search for the missing (grown) son of his high school sweetheart.They broke up on prom night, Rebus enlisted and never looked back. Come to find out she married one of the class dweebs, and her son may be involved with shady characters.Not sure which came first, this or "Dead Souls," which I read fist, but the characters are subplots are similar, and Rankin admits he "cannabalized material."

    16. It was a short novella but it displays Inspector Rebus' skill as a detective to meet his supervisor's birthday wish. At the same time he tries to find the missing son of an old school chum, not knowing that this would provide clues for the first case. This obviously is a condensed British mystery, but it is a nice quick read.

    17. This was the only Rebus story of Ian Rankin's that I hadn't read. I came across it in a second hand book shop, bought it and read it in one sitting (it is only 73 pages!). It was good to read a Rebus story again, but it wasn't his best. The story isn't particularly strong, though it is a good exploration of the Rebus character.

    18. I'd actually do like 3 1/2 stars, but since it won't let me I'll just do 4. This was kind of a cheesy book, but needed a mystery for summer reading and this was a quick read. It is good for anyone looking for a quick read, but honestly didn't think the title went well with the book about a guy who disappeared, people running casinos and a detective. Oh well, it is what it is.

    19. The philosophical question about the connection between memory and loss promised a profound start, and the idea of a 'missing person' epitomising this double meaning assured a neat enquiry. However everything got distilled by a bad story.

    20. Novellas are great avenues to get you hooked on an author or character. I'd listened to a Rebus novel while reading this one and I won't say I was instantly transported to his world, but it kept me interested enough to want to pick up other Rankin books from time to time.

    21. This novella was written focusing on a sub plot from Dead Souls. Having already read Dead Souls, this was basically a "skim" for me. A good story for those who are looking for an introduction to Ian Rankin and his John Rebus character.

    22. It had a good story, but it was very short and all of a sudden the thing is over and all solved. I understand that he re-wrote his and developed it into a full length novel, but I am not sure I can see the point of reading it?3 stars for effort.

    23. Crime SeriesGlad I did not pay for this "novella". It was 80 pages of large print and was really a glorified short story. Two interesting sub plots but not sure why Rankin wrote it.No Canadian or pharmacy references - no time for them.

    24. On its own, Death is Not the End is a good story but I felt as though I'd already read this particular one's just too close to the plotline in Dead Souls.

    25. Not bad but disappointing anyway. It's a retelling of a part of Dead Souls and I'd rather re-read Dead Souls any day.

    26. Big fan of Rebus but this didn't grab me so much. Prefer Rebus in a longer form, personally. Part of the plot was used in Dead Souls (which I liked) as well. For completists only, maybe

    27. All the ingredients of a Rankin John Rebus novel but shorter time span and fewer characters. A good break - a bit more revealed about Rebus's background.

    28. After getting sucked into the complicated nature of all of Rankin's other Rebus novels, this just didn't seem like enough. I was glad to have another one to read, but it was over too quick.

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