The Annotated Bee And Me

The Annotated Bee And Me None

  • Title: The Annotated Bee And Me
  • Author: Tim Bowling
  • ISBN: 9781554470860
  • Page: 307
  • Format: None
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    1. I adored this book, which is a slim and beautiful volume of poetry published by Gaspereau press. The book itself is a work of art.Bowling, an Edmonton based author, finds a guide on bee keeping written by an older relative (Great aunt?) He uses this guide to explore beekeeping and his family history. This is a beautiful book on family, history, record keeping and memory, complete with lots of facts on bees and bee keeping.I love bees and was thrilled to read this little book. Right after I read [...]

    2. An interesting take on family memoir as poetry. I'm quite interested in bee keeping, as my sister worked with honey farmers for several summers. As always, Tim Bowling's language is wonderful.

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