Se o amor da sua vida lhe pedisse ajuda para morrer, que faria O comandante da pol cia de uma pequena cidade de Massachusetts, Cameron McDonald, faz a deten o mais dif cil da sua vida quando o seu primo Jamie lhe confessa ter matado a mulher, que sofria de uma doen a terminal, por compaix o Agora, um intenso julgamento por homic dio coloca a cidade em alvoro o e vem perSe o amor da sua vida lhe pedisse ajuda para morrer, que faria O comandante da pol cia de uma pequena cidade de Massachusetts, Cameron McDonald, faz a deten o mais dif cil da sua vida quando o seu primo Jamie lhe confessa ter matado a mulher, que sofria de uma doen a terminal, por compaix o Agora, um intenso julgamento por homic dio coloca a cidade em alvoro o e vem perturbar um casamento est vel Cameron, colaborando na acusa o contra Jamie, v se, de repente, em confronto com a sua mulher, Allie fascinada pela ideia de um homem amar tanto a mulher a ponto de lhe conceder todos os desejos, at mesmo o de acabar com a vida dela E quando uma atrac o inexplic vel leva a uma trai o chocante, Allie v se confrontada com as quest es sentimentais mais dif ceis quando que o amor ultrapassa os limites da obriga o moral e o que que significa amar verdadeiramente algu m
Compaix o Se o amor da sua vida lhe pedisse ajuda para morrer que faria O comandante da pol cia de uma pequena cidade de Massachusetts Cameron McDonald faz a deten o mais dif cil da sua vida quando o seu pri

  • Title: Compaixão
  • Author: Jodi Picoult
  • ISBN: 9789722627207
  • Page: 492
  • Format: Paperback
  • 1 thought on “Compaixão”

    1. DNF 64%I would’ve put Mercy down sooner, but I was at my grandmother’s for a couple days with nothing but this book, and I didn’t have anything else to read. Now that I’m home again, I don’t have to put up with this anymore. I can’t read another word of this book. I do not want to read in detail about how some asshole cheats on his wife and doesn’t even feel sorry.Cameron MacDonald should get the award for Worst Husband Ever. He has been married to his Allie for five years, but he [...]

    2. I am feeling completely sick. Why? Because this is Cam story. I was supposed to sympathies. I was supposed to understand him.But all I could think was: Wow, you are every woman’s nightmare husband!And the ending? His wife talking him back?Well, I know a lot of people that think a cheater romance can have a redeemable cheater that groveled and realized his wrong doing and that that would make it all alright.So, what happens when the cheater is not redeemed? What happens when he talks to a man t [...]

    3. I really wanted to like this book. I've heard rave reviews about J.P. and this was my first read from this author. Things I liked: The parts that focused on Maggie were heartbreaking. Jamie is a likable guy forced to make a life-changing decision that no one should ever have to make. Allie comes into her own and realizes she's stronger than she thought she was. The allegory of how the title "Mercy" is used in different contexts for different characters. Things I didn't like and the reason for on [...]

    4. I love Jodi Picoult books! However, this one was a real dispointment to me. I didn't find the book a pleasure to read until over halfway through and even then it wasn't gripping in the way her stories usually are. In fact as the book progressed I became increasingly annoyed at Cam.I found the numerous storylines distracting in a way since I found they detracted from rather than added to the main storyline. Also the character of Cam was so self centered that I actually felt sorry for Allie even b [...]

    5. If there had been half-stars, this book would have ratedd 2.5. It was better than ok, but I didn't really like it. I had read four or five Jodi Picoult novels and found, from the first high of My Sister's Keeper it to be a slow, downhill road and this book doesn't break that path. The first half, which took me three days to read, established the characters, none of whom I liked. There is the adulterous husband who feels guilty about never passing up an opportunity to screw his wife's strange emp [...]

    6. I was not really a fan of this book. It could be so much better, IMO. The flashbacks to Scotland were strange and I found it dragged quite a bit. Certainly nowhere near my favourite of Picoult.

    7. Absolutely HATED this book! I usually find a few things I like about a story and highlight them for a review but this one has nothing for me to recommend, at all. Truly. I hated the characters, the style of writing, and the storyline-that-never-was. This is supposed to be a book about assistated suicide but 99% of it seemed to be about arranging flowers and a sickening adulterous affair between a husband and his wife's co-worker/stranger-who-has-no-allegiance-to-her-friend-or-sense-of-decency-or [...]

    8. I could not put this book down- Jodi's writing is so deep and captivating that I found profound thoughts and insights on nearly every page. The story itself was ok, but what I liked about the book the most was how psychological it was- the insights and emotions of the characters, and how you could literally see through their eyes and understand their circumstances thanks to Jodi. She's so poetic and uses the most amazing imagery to describe how someone is feeling, or what they are thinking. The [...]

    9. I don't know if I've started to outgrow Jodi Picoult books, or whether the most recent books I've read by her just haven't been as good as some of her best ones. I really loved a few of her slightly older books (My Sister's Keeper, Nineteen Minutes, Perfect Match), but I haven't been a big fan of her oldest books (Songs of the Humpback Whale) or her newest ones (House Rules, Lone Wolf). I really wasn't a big fan of Mercy, and here's why.I couldn't really get into the Big Issue of this book. Jodi [...]

    10. I thoroughly enjoyed this book! I had forgotten what an emotional punch Picoult's books had. The subject of euthanasia has always intrigued me and so I was totally drawn in by this story. I also really enjoyed the other plot lines and how everything worked out in the end. I'm always a sucker for happy endings!

    11. I believe I read this book under false pretense. I thought the plot was dealing with the issue of euthanasia.In truth, that issue took a back seat to the shenanigans of the weak,ineffectual,selfish,hormone driven sheriff. Cameron Mac Donald is not only the sheriff of Wheelock, Massachusetts, he is also the laird of the clan that makes up a good deal of the population. Married to Allie,who literally paves the way for him through married life, has an affair with of all people, his wife's assistant [...]

    12. Jodi Picoult is probably one of my favorite authors, excluding Jane Austen, of course. I love the way her books grab a hold of you and don’t let you go until the very end. But probably my favorite thing is that she tackles tough moral issues in her novels.Throughout the novel, I got the distinct suspicion that I had already read Mercy but never finished it. Maybe that was a sign of things to come.I liked the story in Mercy and there certainly where some parts when Picoult grabbed at my heartst [...]

    13. When I began reading Mercy I had every intention of ripping Picoult's characters to shreds in this review. I just couldn't wrap my head around any of them, from Allie's self-esteem issues and emotional dependance on her husband to Cam's lack of concern for the woman he claimed to love and ego. And we mustn't forget the alduterous Mia who finds no qualms in going to work for a woman who opened up her home to her and then sleeping with that same woman's husband that night. While at one point or an [...]

    14. Having read quite a few Picoult books, I would absolutely label myself a fan of her work. But this book just didn't do it for me. There were two main story lines: one involving an affair between two characters, and one involving a man who kills his wife because she is dying of a terminal illness. The latter plot is the more compelling one, but unfortunately it is the former one that takes over the majority of the novel. There are constant allusions to the fact that the characters know each other [...]

    15. So so so disappointed with this book. The book wasn't really about mercy/euthanasia, that was merely a periphery subplot. The book was mostly about Cam, the selfish & immature police chief. I really disliked Cam's characterbut I kept readingwaiting for the "mercy" plot line. The "mercy" plot did not surface until almost the end of the book. Maybe Picoult didn't have enough substance to write a whole book about euthanasia, so she wrote a random book about Cam with the euthanasia subplot.? Thi [...]

    16. I'm kinda all over the place after reading this book - so, I hope this review makes sense. At first, I didn't like Cameron or Allie. Then after Allie realized her husband is lower than the scum of the earth because he was cheating on her with her assistant, I liked her. I loved her rage. Hell, I would've done even more damage.Out of the whole MacDonald family, I disliked Cameron the most. Sorry NOT SORRY. I liked Jamie even though he killed his wife. But he only did that because she asked him to [...]

    17. O pior livro da JodiJá tinha o livro Compaixão da Jodi Picoult desde que saiu em maio de 2010. Por nenhuma razão em concreto ele foi ficando na estante e a leitura era sempre adiada até que surgiu o projecto desenvolvido pela Elisa do blogue "A Miúda Geek", a Dora do canal "Books & Movies" e a Isa do "Jardim de Mil Histórias" "Um ano com a Jodi". Mas, e apesar de gostar muito da autora, esta foi uma leitura decepcionante. Não houve uma pessoa no grupo que gostasse da história e da fo [...]

    18. This book starts with a man killing his wife because she is dying, very painfully, and he doesn't want her to suffer. A good and mostly believable storyline. Where the author lost me was with the sherrif and his complete lack of regard for his wife. I may be a prude when it comes to marriage, but I don’t find anything in the least romantic about infidelity. If your wife isn’t your “soul mate” then end that relationship first.

    19. Mercy is a novel that rings Jodi Picoult: a novel about love, about death, about the grey area between what is right and what is wrong. It's set in a small town and starts when Cameron MacDonald, the town's chief police encountered his cousin, a man who claimed that he killed his wife out of mercy. The story revolves around the trial to prove whether the cousin deserves to die or be imprisoned for his love of his dying wife, and also between Cam and his wife Allie's relationship. It's a deep and [...]

    20. Having read most of Picoult's novels, I'm now heartily familiar with her tone and style of writing. Mercy did not disappoint on that front, however I prefer, structurally, her later style of writing as I find it easier to follow and interpret. Police chief Cam and his devoted wife Allie live a fairly mundane existence in their respective roles in the heart of New England. Quite suddenly, a distant cousin of Cam's appears in his town and confesses to murdering his wife who was slowly and painfull [...]

    21. This was a very thought-provoking novel that includes the severe topic of right and wrong, the act of killing someone to end their suffering, and the conspiracies and difficult questions that arise in such a situation. Also included is a sub plot where one of the characters is tempted to commit an act of infidelity. Again, the difficult questions of what is morally right or wrong come into play here. Although with this subplot I admit that I have very strong opinions that tend to lean towards th [...]

    22. The book is about a man who "mercy-kills" his wife who has cancer. It's also about the man's cousin, Cam and his wife Allie as well as a selfish vagaband, Mia.Basically, I felt really uncomfortable throughout the whole book. Adultery is never okay. If there is something irrepairable in your marriage or relationship, break it off don't have an affair. I felt Piccoult was trying to romantcize the cheating which really bothered me. I thought Mia was a bitch, pardon my language, but when you go into [...]

    23. Ne, ne, ne. Ovakve chick-lit knjige jednostavno nisu za mene. Na jedvite jade sam ovo dovršio. Dugo vremena već nisam naletio na ovako lošu i predvidljivu priču.

    24. This book should've been called "Selfish," or "I'm a horribly insensitive person," or, well, you get the idea. I generally enjoy the formulaic writing style of Jodi Picoult. She takes an ethical dilemma, throws in a court case and sympathetic, complicated characters, and that's the story. In "Mercy," the ethical issue should have been euthanasia. Jamie MacDonald kills his wife, who is painfully suffering from terminal cancer, because she asks him to do so. Instead, Picoult spends most of her tim [...]

    25. My introduction to Picoult - I wasn't disappointed (yes, the validation of traditional mid-afternoon-cup-of-tea-after-picking-the-kids-up-from-school values work for me) but I was bored. The beginning was slow and annoyingly drawn out. I wanted to slap all the characters, especially Allie for being such a goody-two-shoes non-adventurous little house-frau. The middle of the book wasn't any more riveting, but the Cam-Mia affair was actually hot and sweet. The most interesting part, however, was th [...]

    26. I only read it a few weeks ago and can't really remember anything of the story. Didn't make much of an impression at all, but was good at distracting me from the fact that I was a passenger of an eight hour drive.

    27. I'm on the same boat as ALOT of reviewers on this one: I adore JP's writing and the way she unfolds the story, but this particular story won't be on my Favorites list. I was very interested in the Maggie/Jamie storyline and kept the pages turning to see what the outcome of the trial would be. I found myself a little distracted by Uncle Angus and his deal with his flashbacks and suchI know these women exist, but I was a little annoyed by Allie's naivety and complete devotion to Cam, and unquestio [...]

    28. There are two main interesting things that happen in this story – murder, and adultery.I’m gonna talk about the murder trial first – JP is doing her thing here. You know, how she brings up a social issue and makes us think about it… The issue of the day in this one is – assisted suicide. If a loved one wanted to kill him/herself and asked you for help, would you do it? The general answer would be of course not. What if the loved one was at the end stages of a terminal illness and was i [...]

    29. Ugh, this book. Ugh. I knew from the moment I picked it up I knew I was going to regret reading it. Jodi Picoult has great ideas, but her execution always leaves me wanting. She also never seems to know how to end her stories. It's like she gets bored with writing and just wants to finish the novel.The characters droves me nuts. Cam is a jerk, Mia is a jerk and Allie needs to grow a backbone. The only character I liked at all was Ellen, and she didn't have nearly enough to do in the novel. I lik [...]

    30. Another volume in my Picoult obsession I'm starting to see the formula: ripped-from-the-headlines story; three or four characters presenting their point of view; a trial. Even knowing sort of what to expect, I still get caught up in the narratives.I think I had the most visceral response to this book out of five or so others I have now read I felt for the wife of the police and clan chief, who loved her husband more than he did. But also for her husband, who was so caught up in his attraction to [...]

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